McNabb says he wants to stay in Philly

DonovanMcNabb.jpgFrom the practice field on Wednesday in Miami, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb spoke about speculation that he might be traded in the offseason.

“I knew you was gonna throw that in there,” he told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen once the topic came up.

“You said that,” McNabb later said as to the talk of a trade.

“I might have been one of them,” Mort conceded, before asking McNabb whether he believes that he’ll be back.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” McNabb said.  “We’ve been going through this the last two or three years, and I’ve been in one spot.  I don’t want to be anywhere else but Philly.  Andy came out to say it, and the guys want me back, and that’s the most important thing. . . .

“I believe in starting somewhere and finishing what you started.  My goal is to win a Super Bowl, bring it back to Philadelphia.  I think they deserve it.  We’ve given them some great years, but we just haven’t been able to finish.  I think good things ought to happen pretty soon.”

Still, we won’t rule out a trade until McNabb’s contract is extended beyond the 2010 season.  We believe that the Eagles would be willing to move him, for the right price.  And with the Vikings, Cardinals, Browns, Rams, Seahawks, and other teams possibly looking for a new starter, the Eagles can sit back and wait for the offers to come.

Frankly, we’d be shocked if the Vikings get into the mix.  Even if Brett Favre tells them that he definitely is done in March, we’ve seen Favre change his mind twice.  So for 2010 the Vikings are more likely to proceed as if Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels will be the candidates.  And then if Favre decides to return after training camp, Chilly can fire up the SUV and drive to the airport.

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  1. Obviously the Eagles would not trade him to a contender like the Vikings.
    And obviously McNabb will say he wants to stay in Philly as long as bad teams like Buffalo show an interest.

  2. I would like to see McNabb stay in Philly and finish out his contract. Why not give him one more year and if it doesn’t end in a Super Bowl win then let him go.
    Kolb is going to be the QB of the future, he has waited a few years and needs to get a contract extension soon, but he can wait one more year.
    I dont want to see McNabb go to the Vikings or Cardinals and then have to play them in the playoffs….Not yet at least.

  3. The entire story is nothing more than a preamble to the last paragraph, huh Florio?
    Brooking calls this story “classless” and “B.S.”

  4. I’d bet they try to trade Vick first. Hell, they might get a better deal for Vick than McNabb. After all, he’s had less wear and tear, he still has the arm and he showed that once he got into football shape he could still play (albeit, in a limited role). McNabb is definitely the better of the two, but there’s probably an owner or two who’ll think Vick is the guy to get the fans excited.

  5. I am so sick of hearing about the “McNabb trade” ever since they drafted Kolb. PLEASE STOP. If they trade McNabb, who do they have? Noodle arm Kolb and dog killer Vick. Please. They are not ready to go 3-13 with Kolb. He hasn’t proven anything. If McNabb is traded and Kolb stinks up the joint, what are they left with? Please don’t say conVick.

  6. “I knew you was gonna throw that in there”
    Remind me not to send my kids to Syracuse University.

  7. Vikes won’t bring in McNabb, Sage is sitting there making 2 + mill as the back up, thats why they brought him in, to compete with T-Joke.

  8. Why would he want to leave. His overally fat coach allows his to be out of shape. Stay there buddy, that way you can keep eating chicken wings!

  9. @ nfcbeast
    I would love to see McNabb stay in Philly. Getting at least 2 wins for the Cowboys every year will be great.

  10. Why would he? Why would Reid want to let him go and start over? Reid and McNabb have been together a long time. Sounds like one of those stories the media makes up. SWAG here, SWAG there. Better beat the Favre story into the ground again. Hacks!

  11. @ sea-hawk
    Winning doesnt mean anything if you dont win the big one. He also chokes year after year, twice as many times as Romo and Favre.

  12. @Chapnasty…
    The Cowboyws get 2 wins with or without McNabb in there.
    Define “win”. Is it getting so far, then choking? Is it losing as a favorite in the NFC Title Game 3 times? Or is it winning the Super Bowl?

  13. “bring it back to Philadelphia”
    wtf … I’m not a McNabb or Eagles hater but the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl

  14. Why mention the Vikings as possible candidate a paragraph earlier if you’re just going to refute them?
    McNabb’s gone. For the good of both parties the Eagles and Donovan need to separate.

  15. Just saw Mort’s interview with McNabb. Mort you’re a dick! Bring on Ed Werder who makes OJ blush with his lies.

  16. A QB that doesn’t know the basic rules of the game and a coach that couldn’t manage a game to save his overrated ass. McNabb’s a perfect fit in Philly.

  17. This is a tough call for Philly, they have his replacement waiting it the wings and McNabb isn’t getting any younger. Still, i don’t see the vikings paying the price, McNabb already knows childress is a joke, mcnabb probably isn’t as interested in Childress weaing a dress like Favre was, and McNabb never needs a ride from the airport, so the Vikings are out.

  18. McNabb doesn’t get enough respect.
    I can’t see Philly rolling the dice on Kolb/Vick, unless with Westbrooke heading for the sunset its got them thinking re-build time. Be a waste of Desean Jackson.
    McNabb in Minnesota would be great. Read a bunch of talk about him for AD, I doubt that. Chester Taylor & picks/cash + Tjock as a kicker…maybe.
    Vick cannot be that valuable. He threw 1 pass on a gadget play in a playoff game. That’s it.

  19. So I come on here to read about McNabb and you found a way to bash Favre and the Vikings huh Florio. Anywhere you can get a cheap shot at them, even if its a story with made up rumors. You are joke.

  20. I hate Philly more than any other team(or at least tied with was and nyg)…but part of that reason is because of Mcnabb so let philly dump him. i’ll take my chances with kolb and vick…
    if we can slap them around and they have mcnabb…we brutalize them when they throw out kolb and/or vick. so do what you wanna do philly
    (and no, I don’t mean let your kids run a drug empire, while the Cowboys take the division…AGAIN!!!)

  21. # Chapnasty2 says: January 27, 2010 4:57 PM
    @ nfcbeast
    I would love to see McNabb stay in Philly. Getting at least 2 wins for the Cowboys every year will be great.
    Isn’t it hilarious that for the last what, 10+years Dallas has been the Eagles bitch, Dallas fans can only say “well we won SB’s eons ago with players that aren’t even on the team anymore, so take that you jerk!!!”.
    Yet now that Dallas finally wins against the Eagles, they make it out like it’s an annual thing lol. Like Donovan McNabb hasn’t been beating the Cowboys like a red headed step child for 10+ years. Dallas fans, so petty and so fairweather.
    I hope Donovan gets another shot because the multiple injuries were really a factor for the Eagles last year. And even though the schedule is tough this year, at least the Eagles get what should be their toughest non-division opponents – Indy, Houston, Minnesota, Green Bay and Atlanta – at home. I don’t think Kolb is ready to just step in and give a double digit win season in the East on his first try, especially with that schedule. But I do think with time Kolb can be good, and I don’t think he’s as “noodle arm” as some make him out to be.
    If McNabb gets traded, we better be getting Eric Berry out of the deal. That’s all I gotta say.

  22. chapnasty: mcnabb is 11-7 against the cowboys with 26 td’s and 13 ints
    so i don’t where you begin to explain that its 2 wins every year for the cowboys.
    the cowboys did get the better of the eagles this year no doubt….but seriously you guys have won 1 playoff game in 13 years…you should be a little more humble…I do believe it is time for a change in philly but mcnabb has won a lot of games for the eagles and has a lot of playoff wins unlike Romo who has 1 in 4 years

  23. You Cowboy fans are bold. The Eagles are 13-7 in the regular season against the Cowboys since McNabb became the fulltime starter. You sweep a season series against a rival and win ONE playoff game and think your team is god’s gift. You guys crack me up.

  24. hes a really great guy but honestly hes shit awful and if another team thinks hed be good there, by all means, send him out there. were done dealing with his inaccuracy and inconsistency.

  25. Good to see the Cowboys fans chalking up “at least” two wins against the Eagles if McNabb stays. I guess we throw his 11-9 lifetime record against the Cowboys (including the three losses this year) out the window then? It’s amazing what one playoff win followed by a pasting will do for the size of your stones when you’re not used to it.
    The Eagles would be well-advised to keep McNabb. Let him play out his contract and then decide what to do. He has one year left on his contract, and their chances to go deep in the playoffs for that one year are certainly better with him than with Kolb, even if he’s the guy going forward. And Vick? Really?

  26. Chapnasty2 says:
    He also chokes year after year, twice as many times as Romo and Favre.
    Yeah, his playoff record doesn’t compare with Rhomo.

  27. Well .. it looks like you Cryboys fans may get you wish.
    according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,:
    Rams seriously considering trade for Vick
    The Rams wouldn’t have to give up much to get Vick and adding him would allow them to focus on filling their many other gaping holes. Vick knows Rams GM Billy Devaney from their time together in Atlanta and would bring instant excitment/controversy to a dormant Rams franchise.

  28. If Favre retires, I can guarantee that Chilly will be interested in McNabb. The reason they brought injh Favre was because they saw what they had in T-Joke and Rosenfels and were un-impressed.
    McNabb has worked with Chilly before, he knows the offense, etc.

  29. # Chapnasty2 says: January 27, 2010 4:49 PM
    “I knew you was gonna throw that in there”
    Remind me not to send my kids to Syracuse University.
    Kids? You? Last time I checked people weren’t allowed to send their Dukes of Hazzard action figures to college.

  30. It all depends what other teams offer for him (or Kolb for that matter). They have the luxury of waiting for someone to make them an offer they can’t refuse.
    As for Vick, he’s not a starting caliber NFL QB anymore.

  31. McNabb to the Bears, Cutler to the Rams, Rams 2nd 1st rounder to the Eagles. Everybody is happy (except Cutler, who is never happy anyway).

  32. # toe-to-toe bird law says: January 27, 2010 8:56 PM
    # Chapnasty2 says: January 27, 2010 4:49 PM
    “I knew you was gonna throw that in there”
    Remind me not to send my kids to Syracuse University.
    Kids? You? Last time I checked people weren’t allowed to send their Dukes of Hazzard action figures to college.
    You sir, are a King amongst men

  33. Starting T-Joke or Rosenfels would be taking ten steps backwards and reserving a plane ticket to Los Angeles. Nobody will pay to watch that crap again. They certainly won’t buy a new stadium for the priviledge of watching it.
    Either Favre comes back or McNabb arrives, and we draft Colt McCoy.

  34. Wake up people, you think the lose to dallas was bad imagine Kolb trying to avoid the pass rush in that game he would have been sacked 7 times in the first quarter and start throwing many interceptions by the second. The O-line was a mess, injury after injury killed it
    McNabb is the only chance the Eagles have at a super bowl run next year
    As for the delusional dallas fans i can’t belive your hear talking trash after being imbarrased by the vikings. Eagles didn’t stand a chance against them anyway, we couldn’t have beaten any team with a decient D-line
    I am a huge Eagles fan and I can see that McNabb is our best chance to win, now rebuild the O-line and get our LB ready and we can make a run

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