Mort: League, Colts resolve Pro Bowl issue

Well, there’s won’t be a boycott of the Pro Bowl by the AFC champs, after all.

Instead, the Colts and the league have worked out their differences.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Colts will send their Pro Bowlers to Miami via charter jet (reimbursed by the league), and that the players will spend Sunday night in South Florida while they wait for the rest of the team to arrive on Monday.  This will allow any injured players to get treatment and to avoid two unnecessary flights between Miami and Indianapolis.

It’s unknown whether the Saints will employ a similar approach.

21 responses to “Mort: League, Colts resolve Pro Bowl issue

  1. wow great, so to kill the boredom they will hit up the south beach night life.
    Foresee an upcoming Stallworth incident.

  2. If this were an exhibition game (and it is), the league wouldn’t give two rats’ asses about whether the players show up or not. Will any Colt or Saint that shows up even cause someone to decide to turn on the game instead of avoiding it like they do? I know that it certainly won’t mean anything to me. I’m more concerned about the game NEXT week….

  3. I really wish Roger would get the hell out of the commissioners office, he has everything all f’ed up…the probowl before the superbowl, how stupid is that

  4. Always watched or recorded the Pro Bowl though I never paid much attention to the game. Great Hawaii scenery. Enjoyed hearing players talk about retirement/free agency plans. Was my annual farewell to live football.
    Won’t watch or record this year.
    No Hawaiian landscapes. Best players won’t be there. And instead of a relaxed farewell, it’s the bye before the Super Bowl with a lot of stupid drama about the Super Bowl teams. Forget it.

  5. Stupid move, moving the Pro Bowl to the bye week before the Super Bowl in the first place. Goodell is trying too hard.

  6. This cracks me up……..the NFL is run by wanna-be politicaians who could not get anything right if they tried……..Goodell is a moron and is so narrow-minded it is unbelieveable.

  7. I feel like I’m a minority in thinking Goodell has done more bad than good, and it drives me crazy that more people don’t agree with me.
    His top concerns are:
    1. Player safety: Under Goodell, more players than ever are getting hurt.
    2. Expanding the brand: Still no team in the biggest market, NFL Europe has been shut down, Probowl moved from Hawaii to Miami.
    3. Protecting the image: Ridiculous fines/suspensions have not prevented Mike Vick, Pacman, Tank, and any of the other thugs from being thugs. Any turning touchdown celebrations into penalties has done nothing but take away part of what makes the game FUN to watch. You know… the sport, that people watch, because it’s fun…

  8. Having the Pro Bowl this weekend is such a bad idea – you’re pulling the players from the two best teams, and players from the losing Conference games are too sore to play. So you end up with Danny Weurfel playing QB.

  9. “Well, there’s won’t be a boycott” – Emmitt Smith called, he wants his copy of hooked on phonics back.

  10. BenRapistberger, you’re preaching to the choir, here. 🙂
    I’ve called him the Golden Weasel and Roger GoToHell for a LONG time and too many people are taken in by his slick shtick. He can fine players for whatever they do and YET, he won’t do the same thing for owners who violate the Rooney Rule. He cares far more about PR than the players (One reason that I believe that the league has steadfastly kept pooh poohing the impact of concussions on long term player health. I like it to the tobacco companies that would NEVER admit that smoking caused cancer and other diseases).
    What really torques me is that the cities have paid for these guys palaces and yet, he has no compunction to remove a home game from a team to play in London in his fantasy of world domination.

  11. When are Vikings heading to Miam ……uhhhhhhh sorry ….there arent going lololololololol so close yet so far VE

  12. Seriously, Goodell is a fauken moron for moving the Probowl to this Sunday. All the best players can’t play because they’re either in the game or too sore to play or seriously don’t feel like playing because it’s not a free Hawaii vacation.
    This has to rank up there with some of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised he didn’t put it outdoors in Chicago in -20 weather.

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