Ochocinco says he'll punt, kick field goals in Pro Bowl


When Chad Ochocinco kicked an extra point during the preseason, he promised our own Tom Curran that an entertaining season was on the way. Ochocinco didn’t lie.

Now with the season set to come to a close, the Bengals receiver is ready to kick again in a meaningless game.  (Although they are playing for cash this weekend.)

Ochocinco hit punts during the AFC’s Pro Bowl practice Wednesday, and says he will punt and kick field goals at some point in the game. He says he’s good on field goals to 48 yards.  This being OCNN, it’s probably best to get confirmation of the news from Norv Turner. 

When Ochocinco wasn’t interviewing players for NFL Network or searching for Tony Romo, he took grief from Deion Sanders for his effort against Darrelle Revis in his final two games.

“Child please on that first game,” Ochocinco said.  “Okay, he had a good game. I’ve done what I’ve done over a long time. . . . Nobody talks about the front line putting on the pressure within two seconds so the ball gotta get out of there.”

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  1. child please ochocinco, you got owned by revis twice in one week and you’re too big of a baby to admit it

  2. The NFL has to do away with the Pro Bowl all together….it’s like watching a box match scrimmage. Yeah, I know: no such thing. Football, like boxing, is not something you can do at half-speed. It’s violent. It’s intense. Pro’s won’t play at that level in a PB b/c of the obvious risk of injury. Also, most fans like us don’t enjoy watching b/c it’s not authentic.
    Do away w/it altogether. It will not be missed. Don’t believe me? Check the ratings.

  3. I’d like to see them race(even though cj2k would win). Chad unlike other people doesn’t give a crap and will kick field goals, race, whatever…

  4. The Pro Bowl would be a lot cooler if they did events for doing cool catches out of the mechanical ball thrower thing or for players that don’t play kicker kicking the ball. Maybe a celebrity two hand touch game — something besides the actual game. The Home Run derby and Slam Dunk Contests get great ratings usually…

  5. Well the new Ocho-Stinko lasted exactly one regular season. I’m sure his O-Line appreciated being thrown under the bus 2 1/2 weeks after their season ended.
    They can’t be surprised that it was a teammate that did it . . . especially Ocho-Stinko. The rats are massing on the ship’s deck . . .

  6. I’d really prefer not to hear him talk anymore.
    Can somebody please just grease up the bench bar before Chad does his reps?

  7. Love him or hate him, Chad is good for the NFL. It’s stuff like this that shows us that there are still guys who want to have fun. We need more guys who don’t just treat the NFL as a job. Roger may want to keep this as the No Fun League but Ocho is the one who might be able to change that. Or he just doesn’t care about the stupid rules.
    I say let him play QB too.

  8. minhw0714 how do you get “thrown under the bus”? He’s telling the simple truth. The o-line couldn’t pass block to save their life, or season for that matter. They deserve the criticism for it. Go back and watch that first game and see how long Carson had to through. Chad is right on the money.

  9. I would not take issue with him except for the fact that he got owned when it counted. Dude needs to have a come to Jesus moment this offseason and realize the WINDOW IS CLOSING.

  10. It would be nice to hear Chad talking about preparing for the championship game, because then he would have something to talk about. Chad doesn’t care why he gets attention. He just wants it.

  11. I couldnt stand him for a while but im starting to enjoy him again. The guy has fun and cares about the game. As long as he isnt whining about a trade or more money, then enjoy him for the character he is. Its better than listening to boring guys like Peyton Manning or guys like Brett Favre pretend to give a crap about anyone but himself

  12. kevnz, winning teams don’t publicly criticize the deficient units on their own team.
    That’s why locker rooms have doors.
    it’s fair to question his agenda, is it about winning or “hey look at me”? He asked for Revis Island and he got it.

  13. Maybe if this clown had spent as much time watching tape and preparing for games as he does planning his next attention whoring stunt, the Bungles might not have been one-and-done in the playoffs. Dude’s a tool.

  14. All of the OchoStinko remarks are so tired and childish that it makes you wonder if whomever writes this inmature rant has been permanently stuck in 2008. Chad is not only an amazing athlete but a wonderful humanitarian, anyone that is so blinded by envy that they don’t see this is sad but also scarely lost. I hope you grow up.

  15. Annuvin- shows how ignorant you are. That dude spends more time watching tape and preparing for the game than almost anyone in the league. He’s the first one at the stadium and the last one to leave. He’s one of the hardest workers on this team. So he likes to have little celebrations when something good happens. Who cares? He makes the game fun to watch b/c he has fun playing it.
    And to everyone else that’s blasting him b/c he’s not preparing for the “big game”, you’re stupid. Seriously. The Bengals made it to the playoffs this year. Who expected that? And you really think it’s Chad’s fault that we went one and done? Really? Our QB is way overrated, our O-line couldn’t hold off a bunch of elderly with walkers and our offensive coordinator is unbelievably predictable. So now tell me it’s Chad’s fault we went one and done. Get a life boys. You’re team is more than likely one of those that only played 16 games. lol

  16. I could care less for this kind of stuff. I will say he and the Bengals need some help at wide-out. Chad is a #1 reciever, but even a #1 needs better compliments around him than Laverneous Coles and Andre Caldwell. Look for Cincy to go WR as early as Round #1 in the draft.

  17. Chad is on the right track. They should do away with a pro bowl game. What they should do, is have all the players who make the pro bowl compete in individual competitions. The competitions could include throwing accuracy, throwing distance, catching, running, blocking, kicking and so on. The NFL network did something similar a few years back, and I bet that fans would watch this over a meaningless game.

  18. Chad’s right. Revis is just like that guy from Pittsburgh. What’s his name? Remember how great he was last year? You know that corner they had who was shutting down everybody. Taylor or something. Yeah, that’s it . Ike Taylor. How’d he do this year with no pass rush? Revis is a good CB but no where near as good as people make him out to be.

  19. Chad, can you please stop this “child please” line? It’s super annoying. Thanks. Oh, and you got owned by Revis. That’s from someone who’s not a Jets fan.

  20. I say let Chad play all of the positions for at least one or two plays. At least he wants to have fun. I mean, anybody who changes their name to the numbers on their jersey has to be somewhat of a fun guy, huh? As interesting as that might be, I still wouldn’t watch the Pro Bowl. It’s a meaningless game, whether it’s before, after, or in the middle of the NFL season. Crap is crap, no matter when it is expelled.

  21. thehoodedone says:
    Revis is a good CB but no where near as good as people make him out to be.
    Learn yourself how to read and come back when you check the list of recivers who he shut down
    this year or ask Reggie Wayne how he did in the AFC Champioship game.
    Now run along and play dolly house.

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