Patriots' Shawn Springs ponders retirement

New England Patriots cornerback Shawn Springs just finished his 13th NFL season. He’s not sure if he’ll be back for a 14th.

I don’t know yet,” Springs said when asked on ESPN First Take whether he’s done playing football.

Springs said he has a great relationship with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, referring to him as “the nicest guy.” But he said he has other things he’d like to do with his life.

“I have so many options right now,” Springs said. “I still really enjoy playing football. Law school would be a great option. Maybe I could negotiate with some of the owners and GMs in the NFL about some of these players coming out. Maybe I could be an agent.”

Springs played in 12 games for the Patriots in 2009, starting eight. He previously played for the Redskins from 2004 to 2008 and for the Seahawks from 1997 to 2003.

10 responses to “Patriots' Shawn Springs ponders retirement

  1. Considering he was a healthy scratch many times this season then retirement would make sense. At least then the pats won’t have to pay him the remainder of his contract.

  2. Shawn if you have any doubt, walk away now.
    The league is too competitive for guys who aren’t sure.
    Just look at that Favre guy in Green Bay…err New York….err..Minnesota. How’d that turn out?
    Okay. Bad example. Don’t look at him….

  3. Production has been spotty since he was busted for roids back in 01. Had a good season in 04 and 07 otherwise is on IR or on the inactive list for injuries. Hes gotta be mid 30’s by now…time to hang it up.

  4. I liked him this season. I think he was a healthy scratch to keep him healthy for a playoff streatch. That obviously didn’t work out so well. But I belive that was the plan. Get the young corners equal time to get some experiance, and to evaluate them (young CB’s) , and keep the vet freash. It just didn’t work out. I wouldn’t mind haveing him back.

  5. I was big on Springs coming to Foxboro, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen someone whiff so consistently on tackles. He was a healthy scratch because when he wasn’t getting torched in coverage, he was getting run over. If Johnathan Wilhite was anyone besides Johnathan Wilhite then I’d have to assume the Pats would have cut him instead of bringing him back.

  6. “Law school would be a great option.”
    I wonder if he realizes that, since he will not be playing a major college sport, he will need to actually show up & do the classwork?

  7. @quagmire:
    Yeah. He’s intelligent and well spoken. I’m sure that’s just an anomaly though. I mean there’s no way in hell any athlete can be anything more than a lummox, right?

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