Pereira talks about controversial calls in Saints-Vikings overtime

During the on-air portion of the “Official Review” segment of NFL Network’s Total Access, V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira admitted that a flag should have wiped out the third-quarter interception thrown by Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, due to a low hit applied by Saints defensive end Bobby McCray.  (MDS has more on the non-call right here.)

It’s possible that referee Pete Morelli swallowed the whistle because he had called a roughing the passer penalty only a few plays earlier, extending the drive.  But Pereira explained that the driving of Favre into the ground was “poster-child” evidence of a personal foul, despite the fact that FOX’s Troy Aikman strongly disagreed with the call.  So there should have been no need for a make-up call — especially since the hit to Favre’s lower legs was obvious.

During the online-only portion of the “Official Review” feature, Pereira talked about several other disputed plays from the game.  Specifically, he addressed two key decisions from the sole drive of overtime.

First, he discussed a catch by Saints receiver Robert Meachem that moved the game-winning field goal attempt to 40 yards.  The ball seemed to hit the ground — and move — as Meachem tried to secure possession.  Pereira explained that insufficient visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field, regardless of whether the call on the field had been that the pass was complete or incomplete.

In this regard, we agreed with the decision.  Though it appears that the call was wrong, the “100 drunks in a bar” standard requires clear evidence to overturn the real-time ruling.  And clear evidence was not available.

Pereira also talked about the key fourth-down plunge by running back Pierre Thomas, during which the helmet of linebacker Chad Greenway seemed to dislodge the ball after Thomas achieved forward progress.  Pereira again explained that insufficient visual evidence existed to permit an accurate re-spotting of the ball, even if it were determined that he lost possession and then recovered possession while in the air.  (As to the possible loss of possession, Pereira accurately observed that Thomas might have maintained sufficient possession with his right hand.)  The problem is that Thomas was in the air, which makes it virtually impossible to establish the kind of reference point needed to spot the ball anywhere other than where it had been spotted on the field.

So, again, the call might have been bad, but the application of the replay rules was accurate.

Finally, Pereira said nothing at all about a pass interference call on Vikings linebacker Ben Leber on a ball that seemed to be uncatchable — unless Saints tight end David Thomas were 10-feet tall.

Of course, nothing said by Pereira or anyone else after the fact really matters.  Vikings fans will continue to believe that their team got a raw deal, and Saints fans will continue to point to the final score and/or the Vikings’ many turnovers and/or calls that went against the home team. 

Still, we hope that the NFL will aspire to reach a level of officiating that allows no team to legitimately believe that they lost a game due to anything other than the superiority of the opponent.  We also hope that, someday, the NFL will reach that goal, on a consistent basis.

140 responses to “Pereira talks about controversial calls in Saints-Vikings overtime

  1. i am just curious if viking fans would like to change their stance on the rodgers facemask call.
    sucks when questionable calls effect the outcome of such a close game, eh?

  2. The Refs sucked this year all away around. In the end the Vikes lost the game with their turnovers. Saints proved themselves to be cheap shot artists and I look forward to watching them lose to the Colts in the SB

  3. Vikings were ROBBED! The Katrina effect in play.
    Dirty play by Saints also alowed Favre to be late hit play after play everyone saw this.

  4. What face mask call? That wasn’t a face mask unless you’re an ignorant fan with understanding of the new face mask rules.
    He did mention the PI on Leber later on, not only was it not totally uncatchable if no interference, but Leber did not play the ball and stepped on his foot. He went on to explain that it was incidental contact, but incidental contact only works if the defender is playing the ball. Which Leber clearly wasn’t.

  5. Thank you Mike Florio. Bringing the truth to light isn’t easy. I can honestly say that if the Vikings were at home and won the way the Saints did,I wouldn’t be very proud. Gods honest truth. Take your SB BrewOrleans,too bad after 100,000 years your first one is so riddled with crap.

  6. “In this regard, we agreed with the decision. Though it appears that the call was wrong, the “100 drunks in a bar” standard requires clear evidence to overturn the real-time ruling. And clear evidence was not available.” You have to be blind? Everyone saw that was not a catch…ball moving not in control hits the ground! Didn’t even need HD to see it.

  7. I really don’t see why people complain about bad calls…
    There will be missed tackles, dropped balls, missed assignments, bad coaching decisions, and bad calls in EVERY game, deal with it…some will go your way, some won’t!

  8. has taken down close up video of these plays off the website? I wonder why? Saints win=tainted win!

  9. Mike Florio = crying. It would be nice, Mike, if you would come out of your purple & yellow closet.

  10. Ya know, “100 drunks in a bar” is a good reference point. As a Denver fan, I think, at this point, I’d rather have a drunk,20 season Green Bay fan than ANYBODY NFL. Ed Hockuli-and-the-gun-show can all kiss my ass. BAD CALLS AND WHERE’S JOE BUCK? A KNOW-SHOW.

  11. Did he discuss the flag that was picked up at the end of the first or third quarter? It appeared to be for illegal touching. Both officials had thrown their hats indicating a player had left the playing field. The flag would have been for that player being the first to touch the ball after returning to the field of play. Morelli’s explanation was the the foul occurred after the quarter had expired. The quarter extends through the end of the play. Morelli seem confused and rattled at times during the game.
    The PI was a horrible call. The problem is that the determination of catchability is too difficult for the officials to make. I have seen numerous balls that hit ten feet out of bounds which would make it nearly impossible to be caught, yet PI is called. I am not sure what the solution is, but perhaps it should be illegal contact if the ball does not hit right around the receiver unless it is an intentional PI where the player just tackles the player or grabs him to prevent him from moving.

  12. Saints fan here. I admit, the McCray hit on Fave was low and would usually be called. However, there was a bad roughing the passer call on Hargrove earlier in the game. The refs were protecting their golden boy. Favre is one tough hombre, though. Anyway, offsetting penalties. Replay the down.

  13. The catch and the 4th down play were clearly non-reversible…
    The “PI” on the other hand was downright horrendous. On of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in a playoff game. Forget about whether the ball was catchable, there was NO contact…terrible, terrible call.

  14. The refs did a piss poor job of officiating the whole game. This only gives the Vikes more to cry about.

  15. Vikings fans I feel for you with those bad calls. It must have brought back bad memories of getting robbed in Pittsburgh too. Welcome to the world of playing against Pittsburgh…the team that gets all the “calls”.

  16. Quite the vitriol here. If I were a Vikes fan, I’d feel the same way. Can’t blame em. With that said, a team with 5 turnovers has no business winning a game. And yet, they still almost won. Don’t like the Saint’s chances in Miami. Got a feeling the Saints won’t be able to duplicate that outstanding 5 turnover defensive performance.

  17. Benchthack is a loser. Get over it. Punks like you who talk crap to other teams thens cries foul when it hits home. You Viking fans are the worst in the NFL. Nobody can standyou. That’s why, even though you have a winning team, your team still isn’t in the top ten among NFL fans. That’s why you babies will be going to LA. Try buying tickets and not being obnoxious. Two ingredients to a successful NFL franchise. Neither of which your team has. Hahahaha.

  18. Dirty play by Saints also alowed Favre to be late hit play after play everyone saw this.
    So karma is a beeotch… Thats what happens when favre tries to blow up Eugene Wilsons knee in a meaningless preseason game. You got beat…. Look forward to Tavaris running the show next year.

  19. I’m going to invest in Kleenex companies with all these Viking fans crying about the refs. Minnesota fumbled SIX TIMES. It’s natural for fans of the losing team in a big game to search for some kind of scapegoat with the refs. Quit your whining, man up, and move forward.

  20. Florio, 1 million drunks in a bar saw that it wasn’t a catch.
    All this is excuses by the officials. If the Saints don’t have the referees marching them down the field in overtime, they are stopped, and the Vikings go on to win the game.

  21. First off Viking fan here. While I did not agree with many of these calls I can’t fault the refs for them except for two, and while those two were wrong they did not cost the Viking’s the game. The Viking’s lost the game themselves with turnovers and the 12 man huddle.
    The two calls to me that were wrong were…
    1. The above mentioned hit on Favre’s ankles. How is that missed?
    2. The bad replay coverage of the Saint’s 2nd touchdown. They only showed two angles of the back being tackled, each a few times, until after the extra point and TV break. After that they showed the angle which clearly showed the back was down at the 1. So the TV grew gave the Viking’s booth coaches no evidence to call for the red flag until too late. How does this happend in a championship game with 100 network cameras covering the game?
    Again, while I think these were badly missed calls, the Vikings lost the game. Bad calls are a part of the game. Don’t be in a position to let them affcet the game if you are the better team.

  22. when are you gonna start talking about all the horrible calls that went the queenies way for most of the game …. how about the sure interception the Saints would have had when Betty threw the ball right to the Saints DB but Sidney Rice ran by and grabbed the defenders arm well before the ball was there so it was dropped …. how about the other missed penalty in OT on the last play before the FG when the queenie DB tackled the receiver well before the ball was there ?? wasn’t it really odd that there wasn’t a holding call the whole game …. when there is holding on every damn play …. wasn’t the penalty count like 8 Saints 2 queenies into the 4th quarter

  23. Well, Who Dat Nation, Be proud your inferior team played dirty and cheated their way into the superbowl. Have fun getting worked over by Peyton Manning. Favre will be back, and the Vikings will win the superbowl next year. Who Dat Nation is a joke!

  24. The facts are this 5 turnovers the Vikings lost the game… There is no recovery for that. Before the game Sean Peyton says ” if we are going to win this game we need to protect the football.” Childress ” we are going to show the Saints that we are the better team inside these white lines.” Peytons plan worked Chilly ran his suck!!!!! If you are diasecting a game with referees you are looking for closure. Here is the closure YOU LOST done deal!!!!! If San Diego could of had those 3 FG’s back the jets weren’t supposed to win…. Here it is thats why they play the games!!!!!! The 2 number one seeds are in!!!!

  25. this explanation MAKES NO SENSE. i saw the angles available; they were the best, ahem, available AKA good enough. under this corrupt official lackey’s excuse, no bad call that was called incorrectly on the field can be overturned unless PERFECT video exists, which that he says can not be gotten at all. he defines perfect as unattainable.

  26. Pereira did discuss the Leber pass interference call during Replay on NFLN. He defended the call saying that a)because Leber didn’t look back for the ball and b)that Leber stepped on Thomas’s foot which caused him to go to the turf therefore the call was justified.

  27. I would have loved the Rogers penalty.
    Than AR could have gotten beat to a pulp in NO. Chico was not big enough for AR but GB hickville is just about right.
    The GB staff is starting to clear out at first chance.
    Hopefully, BF comes back as he knows his team no.
    The Vikings will win both games by 32 points.

  28. Aren’t all those whiners the same people who said the Hawks had no complaints about SB XL. Guess the purple tinted glasses change everything. Guess what….tomorrow….you STILL won’t be in the SB.

  29. Look forward to the saints getting embarrassed in Miami. Poor networks.Hoping for a Favre vs Manning. Even colts fans wanted that excitement. Oh well, Fumbles and Refs a song like Boats n Hoes. We lost the famous battle of Fumblaya. Never get 2 gifts…Manning will will scorch them.

  30. I am not a Fan of either team and the Saints were handed the overtime win by the NFL. You are not talking about one call here but a group of calls or non calls that allowed the Saints to move into FG range and win the game.
    So wish all you like, the Vikings did not loose the game as much as the refs put on Saints helmets and played for the Saints on the winning drive.
    The owner of the Saints should be sure to have some extra rings made should they win the Super Bowl and send them to the NFL offices
    This happens way to often anymore in big games where the winner is determined by the refs and not the players. I pay my money to see the game determined by the teams playing not the refs.
    As for the catch that was not a catch at all, if that was the Raiders the called catch would have been overturned and that you can bet your life. All that talk about visual evidence is nothing but bull, they change it as they see fit.

  31. The Saints are going to the Superbowl.
    The officiating sucked from the very first play.
    Watch Will Smith getting held the entire game, not one call.
    You wanted the biggest drama queen in football for
    a QB and you got him.
    Live by the fjord, die by the fjord.

  32. Okay, whatever…
    but how is this joker Pereira going to explain the two non-calls when Mark Sanchez was rocked in the helmet/facemask by the Colts in the first half?
    How come for some teams/QBs… the officials are “supposed to be looking for those things, it’s a QB league and we need to protect our QBs”
    in games like this, NONE of the officials see it? Twice?
    YEEEEAH, just admit the games are rigged, staged, and these guys are all just acting. The betting money is how you really pay all these athletes and unproven 1st round draft picks. Ticket sales and concessions only go so far.

  33. When you lose a fight there is two options: feel like the other man was better and slink away or demand a rematch. Hope to see the Aints again!

  34. RealPervyHarvin put down the Ripple wine and step away from the keyboard. Sober up and try to think of something that makes some kind of sense here, thank you. You call me a punk and a loser? Do you read your stuff after you write it?

  35. Bad calls are part of the game BUT three QUESTONABLE calls ALL on the same drive in a championship game in OT is total BS.

  36. One of the worst years of officiating I can remember in more than 40 years of watching NFL games.
    The league needs to transition to full time refs who are required to study film and work together during the offseason to bring the consistency and standards of calls to a much higher standard.
    As it stands now we have a sport that generates billions in revenue and yet the referees are little better than a group of half trained monkeys.

  37. Forget the fact that the ball was 10 ft over Thomas’ head, Leber doesn’t even touch him.
    The 4th down play where Greenway jars the ball loose was horrible too. The shot from the sideline shows where the ball should’ve been spotted, 1/2 yd short.
    Meachems “catch” hits the ground and moves. Clear evidence that he doesn’t maintain control all the way to the ground.
    Fumbles, INTs, and 12 men made it possible for these calls to be missed in the first place, but damn, we got hosed.

  38. snnyjcbs says: “This happens way to often anymore in big games where the winner is determined by the refs and not the players. I pay my money to see the game determined by the teams playing not the refs.”
    This game was determined by the Saints forcing fumbles and intercepting passes.
    Also, as those above have said, NFL Replay shows Leber stepping on the receiver’s foot, which caused him to fall and rendered the ball uncatchable. Without the fall, the ball is catchable, without the trip, there is no fall. Hence, pass interference.
    Also, why isn’t anyone whining about the out-of-bounds hit on Brees on the reverse, or the slamming of Brees into the ground on the overtime drive. Those weren’t called either, but they should have been. The refs did what they could to keep the Vikes in the game, but Minny couldn’t execute and take advantage.

  39. The Vikings turned the ball over too many times. AND they got a raw deal from the refs. Both of these things are true.
    The turnovers put them in a position to lose the game. The bad calls sealed the deal on them losing the game. (Funny how most of the bad calls came at the very end of regulation and in overtime…)
    I don’t know one way or the other about conspiracies. The Vikings have to work to do better to avoid these situations to begin with.
    And the NFL has to work with its officials to make sure this kind of crummy officiating doesn’t continue. Every year a new batch of fans becomes cynical and bitter toward the refs, and even in this impossible age of digital micro-managing, they’ve earned it–a lot of the game-changing bad calls in this season’s playoffs were stunningly blatant, even without a dozen slo-mo replays.

  40. Whatevs Florio. As Mora once said, “Coulda, woulda, shoulda.” “The good teams come in and get it done.” Also, how quickly you forget how the patsies got to their first SB with boy brady.
    The Meachem catch was most certainly a catch, if there was a camera angle that showed different, the call would’ve been reversed. It doesn’t matter if the ball moved, only if it hit the ground, and it certainly did not hit the ground.
    The Leber PI looked like face guarding to me.

  41. In these uncertain times, we’re forced to look for comfort in the few things that are always predictable.
    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Brett Favre turnovers at the WORST time
    4. Conspiracy theorists and none-so-blind-as-he-who-will-not-see crybabies claiming their team was cheated
    5. Pervy Harvin talking smack about other teams, dismissing their every achievement and making bold but ultimately untrue predictions about glory just over the horizon for his team
    It’s all so reassuring in its own sad way.

  42. Well, Who Dat Nation, Be proud your inferior team played dirty and cheated their way into the superbowl. Have fun getting worked over by Peyton Manning. Favre will be back, and the Vikings will win the superbowl next year. Who Dat Nation is a joke!
    You watched him do it to the Packers for years, and saw him do it to your team this year and you still believe Brett Favre can bring you to the Super Bowl? I see Viking fan might just have a terminal case of BFAS( Brett Favre Apologist Syndrom). I think it’s affecting your brain and by listening to Paul Allen today your not the only one. Everyone knows Brett Favre can’t win a big playoff game. You better hope the divisional game isn’t close at the end because you won’t even make the championship game if it is.

  43. Geez…more whining. Perhaps if the Vikings didn’t turn the ball over a handful of times, they could’ve won. This game should’ve actually been a BLOWOUT in the Saints’ favor.
    New Orleans’ offense didn’t play very well, and they still put up 31 points. Face it…Favre is a fraud and he won’t be back next year. The Vikings’ window is now CLOSED.
    This is what they get for running up the score on the Cowboys. Karma is a b*tch huh?

  44. what city has the worst fans, how about the ghetto who dat nation. i remember all the blacked out home games with 15,000 poor sports wearing bags over thier heads while the dome was full of banners calling your team the aint’s. just because your team sucked so bad for so long, it was rewarded with high draft orders is the only time i hear about real fans in who dat nation. no baseball no hockey no pro championships to speak of, unless standing with your hand out waiting for the rest of the tax payers to pay to rebuild your city that smells like a sewer is considered a sport

  45. actually Florio, Perreira did comment on the PI call on Leber. I don’t know if it was on his official review bit on Total Access, but they did show it during the replay of the game on NFL Replay.
    Not only did he say that the ball was catchable, which is absolutely preposterous, he said that it was absolutely a PI call. He said that Leber wasn’t look for the ball, and he stepped on Thomas’ foot. They then showed a replay of the play, and not once did Leber step on his foot, but even if he did, since when does stepping on a foot equal pass interference?
    I’ve seen a hundred times players getting their feet stepped on and tangled up, and it’s never called. And in most cases, the player isn’t looking at the ball, so I don’t see how he can even try to rationalize that BS

  46. My problem is the “uncatchable” rule. Really you have to throw the ball into another ocunty for it to be ruled “uncatchable” and I’m not just talking the championship game. I think you can find two to three calls a week where no one human (or Randy Moss) is going to catch the ball, but interference is called. And while I’m at it, I think Leber got nailed for “face guarding”. Since DB’s can’t breathe without getting hit with passinterference, take a cue from the college game and allow face guarding.

  47. I think the Meacham call was correct. The Thomas call almost surely was wrong and it makes no sense what they are saying. It should have been overturned. I am a Packer fan saying this. I was rooting for Saints but call was awful.

  48. For everyone talking about 5 turnovers.
    One of the turnovers, Favre’s first interception came on the play that the NFL itself has no admitted should not have been an interception, because of the low hit on Favre. It should have been personal foul, defense, 15 yards, fresh set of downs, offense. Vikings ball, in business.
    The score was tied 28-28 at the end of regulation. Yet if that one call had been made correctly, the Vikings likely would have won outright.
    So don’t talk to me about five turnovers. The Vikings were robbed.

  49. I have to agree, if that last so called “catch” was by a raider player I have no doubt they would have overturned it and called it (correctly) incomplete.

  50. No doubt the Saints got some calls, but what about the calls the Vikings got. Punter drops the ball after the fair catch and the Saints tackle him, the ball is live so why was there a 15 yard penalty? What about Drew being driven into the ground the same way Favre was, not call. The Saints won because they created turnovers. Vikings should have held onto the ball and they would have won. I have to wonder how many teams mad it to the super bowl after winning games on a turnover. Do those teams suck? Most of yall will say that if the Saints loose, they didn’t belong in the game. Well they’re there so either deal with it or don’t watch.

  51. 1. The low blow on Favre’s 1st INT should’ve been roughing under the new Brady Rule.
    2. It was a good makeup non-call that erased the extremely weak Roughing penalty earlier in the same drive that would’ve brought up 4th down and a punt. The two plays even out.
    3. It looked like Meachem’s hand was probably under the ball when he almost droppped it. No evidence to overturn that call.
    4. The pass interference contact on David Thomas is what held him back and made the ball uncatchable. Yes, it was 10 feet over his head, but if he hadn’t been tackled while the ball was in mid-air he may have been able to make a play on that ball. For refs to rule a pass uncatchable it pretty much has to be thrown into the 1st row of the stands. They’re actually pretty consistent on this. I can’t even remember a handful of PI calls that were waived off for being uncatchable passes all season.
    5. No way to re-spot that Pierre Thomas carry. It’s basically impossible to tell if he had the 1st down or not with the bobble. He looked to pretty clearly have had it with the initial lunge. No camera angle was definitive though.
    6. All that said it’s a tough pill to swallow for Vikes fans. A lot of close 50/50 calls late in the game seemed to go the other way. I didn’t see anything that was blatantly wrong though. Just a lot of plays that could’ve honestly been called either way but the majority of which fell to the Saints. The officiating wasn’t even remotely as sketchy as what the Cardinals had to put up with in Super Bowl XLIII or what the Raiders have to choke down on a weekly basis.

  52. It’s possible that referee Pete Morelli swallowed the whistle because he had called a roughing the passer penalty only a few plays earlier, extending the drive. But Pereira explained that the driving of Favre into the ground was “poster-child” evidence of a personal foul, despite the fact that FOX’s Troy Aikman strongly disagreed with the call. So there should have been no need for a make-up call — especially since the hit to Favre’s lower legs was obvious.
    He seems to not make any mention of the 2 hits on Brees that were identical to the one that Favre got his “poster child” penalty call on that were not called. I am not a Saints fan, but it was pretty obvious that Favre got the calls that Brees didn’t.

  53. Ojectively did the Vikings get hosed to hell in OT….heck yes. Even some of my buddies who are Bear and Packer fans were amazed at the terrible calls. BUT….Farve threw 2 picks and Peterson dropped the ball non stop. Were the Saints a better team that day…not even close. Did the Vikings hand it to them on a silver platter?? Hell yes. Farve should have been sitting on the bench half way thru the 4th quarter not trying to make a play after a incredibly stupid coaching move and having 12 men in the huddle.

  54. Well how the tide has turned!!!!! @ weeks ago all PAckers fan heard from the classless fans in purple was Wah wah get over it Green Bay fans quit your crying about the officials. Well now all i can say is this “shut the F%$K up about the game, at least the officiating in your game was bad on both sides!

  55. Colts are going to win anyways. You can give Manning a game with two min left on the clock 40pts down no running back and he still finds a way to win.

  56. When the Niners played the VIkings in Minn. the very first play from scrimmage Jared Allen was about a mile offsides and forced a fumble on Shuan Hill. The Niners recovered but the damage was done, they were so far back toward their own goal line they were forced to just run the ball. Frank Gore was injured for three weeks a play later. The Niners lost all three of those games. When its just me and my best friend talking about the Niners we think that missed call is the reason the Niners missed the playoffs. This is clearly far from a fact, and impossible to prove but its how we feel. It is much nicer to blame the officials in that game because the shoulders of the officials doesn’t have a golden ‘SF’ logo on the side. I have loved the Niners every moment of life I can recall and have never easily thrusted blame on to my beloved team. The sad truth however is that blaming the officials changes nothing. It doesn’t make the Niners QB situation better, it doesn’t improve our return game, or give us a good left guard all it does is provide a small amount of comfort and a topic to commiserate over.
    For the people trashing the Vikings fans as whiners don’t do it. Have you never blamed a loss on officials? I hated the Vikings (this season only because of Favre) as much as all of you, and laughed loudly when the PI penalty was called (horrible call) and even louder when Brett looked like he was really hurt. But the Vikings are a team that has had more bad luck thrust upon them than most NFL teams and this year could have been their year. Yes they probably wouldn’t have won anyway with all the turnovers, and yes the Favre interception was the worst thing I have seen since, well since Alex Smith threw a pass, but you can’t blame them for wanting to shift blame from the QB who won them games with 3 seconds left, or the RB who trucked Willie Gay (I also love the Steelers so don’t get upset Sixburgh) or the WR who shined as a rookie in the return game and looks to be a solid WR for years to come. Allow them this right to ease the pain of this loss. I know you Packer backers are relishing in this but you need not add to it. You have a franchise QB who will probably be league MVP one day, and the Bears probably have a much brighter future than we all think. Lions fans, go ahead and make fun of the Vikings you guys can make fun of whoever you want because your franchise is god-awful from top too bottom.
    Vikings fans: Complain about the officials among your friends, on PF, where ever but I would not stop making a huge fuss about trying to get Chilly out of town.
    I don’t how many people will read this all the way through but for those that did thank you. And please feel free to critique my points.

  57. I think I just figured out why the Viking’s fans are so upset…There’s NOTHING to do over there! Once the Vikings lost, their whole year is shot!
    I can’t wait for my vacation to come up so I can go to Minneapolis! We’re going to eat at the Denny’s over there…
    I went there with some REAL Vikings… They were bored as hell…The biggest high-light was visiting Wal-Mart…
    As for the calls, or non-calls – get over it!
    The Hargrove penalty was ridiculous…The same happened to Brees, and no call.
    I saw Favre about to get slammed by Will Smith, blatant holding – no call…
    Meachem did catch the ball…The replays showed his hand under the ball, with no CLEAR evidence that it hit the ground.
    I know it’s a little embarrassing when you get beat by a team with the most players on IR in the league…
    Here’s some advice for the Vikings: HOLD ON TO THE BALL!
    What are they suppose to do? Pick it up and hand it back? ‘Here you go Mr. Peterson, you dropped this! Because this is not suppose to happen to YOU…’
    Is Jared Allen still on the team? I didn’t hear him name called all day…He was supposed to beat Bushrod on every play…He was a non-factor.
    Enough with all the Katrina bashing…It’s easy to make fun of a hurricane tragedy when you live near the Canadian border and NEVER experienced one.
    How would people in Minnesota feel if someone from New Orleans made fun of your bridge collapsing? Remember that? Was there anything funny about that?
    The Vikings had their chance to win and it didn’t happen…they lost their poise and were out-coached. Was it the Saints fault they had 12 men in the huddle on the most crucial play in the game? Did the refs make Favre throw that stupid interception? It was a bone-headed play by Favre. That’s when the Vikings lost the game.
    The facts: Saints are playing in the Super Bowl and the Vikings will be watching at home.

  58. Isn’t it interesting that the Viking fan can complain about a bad calls. I guess that they will need a state judge to create some fake law that the NFL can’t call a pass interference penalty next year. The truth is that they were lucky to be in the Championship game in the first place. The two tackles should have been serving a 4 game bad for breaking the rules.
    Viking Fan what retread from the Packers do you want next year. Maybe Ted T used jock? It’s so sad that you have so much Packer envy.

  59. jeremiah says:
    January 27, 2010 10:45 PM
    i am just curious if viking fans would like to change their stance on the rodgers facemask call.
    sucks when questionable calls effect the outcome of such a close game, eh?
    Jeremiah, you are lost, child

  60. There were quite a few inconclusive calls.
    I say, call it inconclusive and replay the down.
    Note though that if the vikings didn’t drop so many balls it wouldn’t have been close.

  61. I’m a Cowboys fan and although I’d love to back the Vikings up in this situation, I can’t.
    Sure, the refs blew several calls at the end of the game and in OT, but the REAL issue here…the continuous flaw to the ever-so-awesome offense the Vikings possess…is AP fumbling the goddam ball!
    This guy couldn’t be less clutch at a worse time in his CAREER. The only good thing he did was recover the ball the 3rd time he fumbled it.
    Terrible AP should never be considered the best RB in the league again.

  62. Vikings fans are so pathetic. Get off the library computers and go back to your trailers.

  63. All this is excuses by the officials. If the Saints don’t have the referees marching them down the field in overtime, they are stopped, and the Vikings go on to win the game.
    Quit blaming the refs what amounted to the utterly inept and abysmal play by Minnesota when they needed it the most.
    If the Bi-Queens hadn’t put the ball on the ground so the Saints could recover on the 7th and score their final TD, the Queens would be going to Miami. That being said, it is quite clear that N’awlins didn’t beat the Purple Pansies, the Purple Pansies found a way to lose YET AGAIN.
    Peterson did what he did best all season by putting the ball on the ground, Harvin fumbled at a time when it cost them the most, and Favre put the final nail in the coffin by ending the game in a fashion we were becoming far too accustomed to in Green Bay. What were you honestly expecting? The only people who didn’t see a meltdown like this is the Bi-Queens themselves, along with their whiny, obnoxious fanbase.
    Par for the course, I’d say.

  64. I want the referees to admit that those 89 interceptions by Delhomme were all bad calls. Panther fever! Catch it!

  65. How many refs does it take to call an NFL game??? 40 friggin cameras recording everything in sight from a gazillion angles, slow motion, stop action, instant replay, cameras everywhere and they still can’t get it right! What’s wrong with this picture.
    If this game has become this complicated maybe it’s time to simplify the game because, NFL, your officials can’t even get it right anymore!
    All this technology was supposed to help but in my opinion it’s just making things worse and your officiating is becoming a joke and ruining the game.

  66. Were the ref’s perfect? Hell no, but as many of these posters have noted, there were calls missed or blown both ways. I believe that the calls tend to balance out over the course of a season and in a very high percentage, even within the game.
    Its interesting to observe that the Viking fans are among the loudest complainers. Spending the whole season proclaiming that you are going to the Superbowl when your sorry ass franchise hasn’t won anything in 43 years is bad enough, to blame the refs when it doesn’t happen is laughable. The symbolic image of their head coach wearing a dress sums up the Biqueens, they are always someone else’s bitch.

  67. I don’t mind that they low hit on Favre wasn’t called because the low hit on QBs rule is beyond stupid. You can’t so much as graze thier heads and now you can’t tackle thier legs? When did QBs stop being football players? Whenever anyone else is blind sided, or ‘blowed up’ they end up on a segment called ‘jacked up’ and everyone cheers; but if you so much as fart too loudly near a QB it is a personal foul.
    Two of the Vikings scoring drives in regulation were extended by ball calls against the Saints. The bottom line is that the Vikings had 4 quarters to win the game and failed to do so and now people want to complain about overtime calls.
    The assumption that the Vikings would have won if the Saints had to punt discounts all of the turnovers that the Vikes had in regulation. Who is to say Favre wouldn’t have tossed a pick in overtime or Peterson wouldn’t have put the ball on the ground again. The 40 yard FG was good from much further back so they may have gotten it anyway. Assuming Vikings victory without the questionable calls is meaningless conjecture.
    “If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass hopping.” Well, he doesn’t so he does…what is, is and the Vikings are better off focusing on teaching Peterson to hold on to the ball and finding a QB for next season.

  68. No mention of the non-call when a Vik DE picked up Brees and drove him to the ground towards the end of the game?
    That was a virtual replay of the hit on Lord FavRay, yet it was totally ignored by both the refs and the broadcasters.

  69. Only one team moved the ball in the overtime. They did so against a Viking defense that was helpless to stop them. That team was the refs. The overtime was ruined by their inability to enforce the rules in a manner that had one football team or the other determine the outcome of the game. The overtime was not football. I am a Steelers fan, and could care less which team won. Bottom line, the Saints did not win the game. It was a gift. They did not deserve the win. Because of this, they still dont have the victory. There is a difference.

  70. “Though it appears that the call was wrong, the “100 drunks in a bar” standard requires clear evidence to overturn the real-time ruling. And clear evidence was not available.”
    And yet, they only trot out this excuse on plays they decide not to overturn because only 90 out of 100 drunks in a bar would have overturned it. The rest of the time, the official makes his best guess based on the replays and ignores the “indisputable evidence” rule.

  71. “Finally, Pereira said nothing at all about a pass interference call on Vikings linebacker Ben Leber on a ball that seemed to be uncatchable”
    Looks like a lot of you didn’t watch the show. He DID address it. The defender stepped on the tight end’s foot while NOT playing the ball. It’s only incidental contact if both players are playing the ball. It was clear interference. He also said the ball has to be clearly uncatchable to be ruled so. If you take off your purple glasses and imagine the tight end running upright instead of falling, you’ll see that he would have had a play on the ball.
    As for tough non-calls, one of the Vikings did a “lift-and-drive” on Drew Brees in overtime. No call, no referee to help him up and fix his shoulder pads.
    I’m all for protecting ALL of the quarterbacks, not just the ones with big names, but only in the pocket where they’re vulnerable and clearly trying to pass. If they’re going to pump fake, play fake, hide the ball, and threaten to run, then they’re just one of the 11 guys on the field. To quote that defender in that old NFL commercial, “This aint no tennis match.”.

  72. Seems to me on the low hit the guy was blocked and low to the ground but continued and hit Favre. But there were some questionable roughing calls against the Saints earlier and some bad calls against them as well.
    Bottom line is the Vikings had a chance to win it in regulation and blew it big time. So dig out all the excuses you want. Bad calls in all games and it sucks but it ain’t never going away.

  73. Florio, I have seen you pander, but this takes the cake.
    I hate the Vikings, but bad calls are bad calls, regardless of how funny.
    Pierre fumble: After he achieved forward progress? He was still moving, were do you get that line from? Brutal, as is your opinion on it. The ball was clearly dislodged. Also, wether a guy is in the air or on the ground, it is very clear were the ball ends up, which was about a yard further back. This is one of the worst calls, if not the worst ever because of the games significance. On field officials blew it and review official blew it. So bad, it made my beer taste bad. Jerks.
    Meachem Incompletion: For years, we have all seen call after call that comes down to holding onto the ball when you hit the ground. In one of the biggest stages of the year and it OT, nonetheless, the on field officials blew the call and the replay did as well. This was nothing short of awful. Not sure what visual evidence they were looking for. It was clear and much clearer than some of the incompletions we have seen called game after game. Jerks.
    Non-Interference: This happens a lot. Full-Time officials might just help.
    These were some of the worst calls ever. Now I have to listen to the conspiracy theorists all over again and Viking fans whine. I can’t even disagree with them. Thanks a lot. This is a bunch of bull. Goodell should be embarrassed. This kind of crud is what stopped millions from watching basketball. Don’t let it happen to football.
    Now I hope the Saints get killed in the Super Bowl. I was hoping Indy would lose before those calls.
    Thanks for nothing Florio. Are you going to announce a deal with the NFL now. Terrible.

  74. raideralex99 says: January 27, 2010 11:52 PM
    Bad calls are part of the game BUT three QUESTONABLE calls ALL on the same drive in a championship game in OT is total BS.

  75. Thanks PFT for finally addressing the OT penalties.
    4th and 1? That was the bad call of the game (along with the Brady rule non-call). How can they not get that right under review? There are 800 cameras at the game from every possible angle. And the idea that there is no point of reference because the RB is in mid air? How about goal line plays where the RB “breaks the plane” of the goal line in mid air. To me that play is just like a WR bobbling a ball while coming toward his QB. Forward progress is called after he makes the catch (and stops bobbling it). No. That 4th down play should have been moved back to where ever he ended up when the play was over. Once he bobbled (fumbled) the ball, the refs should have placed the ball where it was when the play was finally over.
    And enough about the turnovers. The Vikes should not have been in the game with all the turnovers. BUT THEY WERE. And no team wants to see the refs tilt the field in favor of the other team. ESPECIALLY IN O.T. .
    Personally, think that the stats, yardages, and turnovers are irrelevant. Those two teams seemed destined to end up tied near the end of the game. The Vikes blew a great chance to kick a field goal. And then the refs handed the victory to the Saints in OT.
    I don’t care what team you cheer for, no football fan wants that.

  76. Florio, your man-crush on the beloved Brett is turning into an obsession. I can’t seem to figure out what this has to do with a) 3 lost fumbles, b) the dumbest decision ever made by a QB in a big game, c) 12 men in the huddle.
    Those are your reasons for losing Viking fans(including you Florio), not the officials.
    Everyone knows the first rule of playoff football…”Win the turnover battle”
    The Vikings didn’t and the Saints capitalized. That’s it.

  77. boo frickin hoo. First packer fans are whiners, now vikings fans are whiners. The refs did a horrible job when it came to making calls concerning hits on the qb. Horribly inconsistant. The saints win is no more tainted than the cardinals or any other team that benefits from “missed” calls. If it helps you to call them “dirty” and that this win was some how “cheap” then go ahead. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Its been like this forever. You could probably find 5 or so legitimate reasons why your team didn’t win but you don’t want to focus on that.

  78. The facts are this 5 turnovers the Vikings lost the game… There is no recovery for that.
    Then why did they have to play overtime? The facts are.
    A. despite the turnovers the Vikings and Saints were tied at the end of regulation.
    B. my Vikes defense did not stop the Saints from scoring in overtime.
    Congrats to the Saints and their fans. There is no coulda, woulda, shoulda. Only the cold hard facts. It was a kick ass game and we came up short in overtime.
    12 teams make the playoffs, only one of them ends their season with a victory. That’s the way of it in football. Like a wise person said, there’s always next season.

  79. You gotta love when some idiot posts the usual garbage that “Pittsburgh gets all the call.”
    Hell, the Steelers got two obscenely bad calls against them in that Indy playoff game a few years back and overcame them.
    That is what good teams do when they get bad calls….they overcome them instead of whining about them like the pathethic Seahawks and ViQueens.

  80. With Periera’s explanation of “clear evidence to over rule a call”…….it doesn’t make sense then how Bush’s (and Saints) last TD was overturned. The call was down at the 1yd line and I don’t think anyone can say there was clear and convincing evidence that the ball made it across the goal line before he was down……and the official who called him down at the time was only 3 ft away from the play. Secondly, how could the officials call P. Thomas’s td (the second saints td) when it WAS clear that his knee was down at the one yd line. I am not a Vikings fan and I don’t care who you are a fan of, the officials were terrible this year and it was cultimated in the vikings saints game. About the worst overall game of officiating, in regards to the total number of blown calls, that we have ever seen.

  81. The NFL is rigged. The Jet’s lost because the fools in N.Y. started buying PSL’s to soon. Had they held out, the League would have help them in the SB to increase sales. I don’t know if the Vikes get another shot in Farve part III. I think the NFL wants to help the Saint’s and a SB win would be just the thing. I believe they would prefer to move the Vikes to LA instead of the Saints. If LA comes off the table, then the League will give a SB to Minnesota to help them get a stadium deal like they did for Indy.

  82. If Tom Brady was taking hits like Favre did, the game would have taken 5 hours with all the penalties…

  83. viks fans can cry all that want as that org has a long history of choking with no big wins in 30 yrs.
    The reason they lost is baldy running that team. That was a horrible play call when favre rolled out to throw it which was intercepted. Baldy screwed up with the extra man in the huddle prior to that play so if I was the owner I would fire his bald a.. and send him back to philly where he came from to screw that org up further as well.
    way to go baldy…..

  84. There was no interference on that play. Horrendous. Glad they didn’t call roughing the passer. If you want to protect the quarterback – run the ball.

  85. The Vikings lost because of Favre, Childress and fumbles, not because of the referees. When there are over 100 plays, some are going to be wrong, you just have to accept it. Go back and watch a classic game from the 60’s or 70’s. Pretty much one in every 4 or 5 plays is called wrong: bad spots, knees were down on a fumble, not having possession on a catch, etc. Nobody cared, they just accepted the call on the field and kept playing.
    And people act like that pass interference kept the drive alive, but it happened on first down. The call gave them 1st and 10 from the 29 instead of 2 and 10 from the 40. The way Brees was passing at the time they probably would have gotten into field goal range on 2nd and 3rd down anyway.

  86. Florio,
    I used to work for a company called Dartfish which is a sports video analysis solution used for many applaications and mostly motion analysis. The 4th down play was correctly rulled a lack of evidence, the problem being that camera angles that are supplied are for a home viewing audience and not an important ball spotting replay. That play and many like it could be easily spotted by taking overhead and sideline shots and syncing these videos togeather. Alot of this hard to prove video evidence can be easily proven with the syncing of multiple angles. And adding a few angles that are used for challange review only would help even more. For example, If two vides were synced one veido might be able to show posession while a wider angle would be able to prove ball placement.

  87. @vaultmusic says: January 28, 2010 3:33 AM:
    You’ll stop hearing people making cracks about Katrina once the media finally realizes that it is no longer an interesting story. When someone cracks Katrina, they are not making fun of the disaster of the actual event, they are making fun of the media & other institutions which exploit the event for their own purposes.
    It’s been 4 1/2 years since Katrina. While I am sure there is still pain & turmoil being overcome, since re-building processes take time, many people are tired of hearing about it.
    This is very similar to people’s attitude about 9/11. By about 2005, people started making fun of others CONSTANTLY saying “In a post 9/11 world…”
    There is always some moron with makeup and a microphone that does not realize that a story has expired.
    On to the next Nawlin’s story that will be beaten to a pulp:
    -Who does Archie Manning cheer for? How do old-time Saints fans with close ties to the Manning’s feel about this upcoming game?
    I will admit the recent Joe Horn story was very interesting. 1- the former hero sitting in the cheap seats & 2- league executives asking his opinion on moving the Saints.

  88. Brett Favre and Chili, really not a good post season mix. Viking fans are also blaming Steve Hutchinson for calling heads on the coin flip. Face it viking fans blaming and excuses are something losers use to make themselves feel better. The best complaint I have heard from a viking fan the OT rules are not fair, thats rich. The vikings are a cursed franchise and their fans are classless idiots.

  89. hahaha i cant laugh enough how the refs are getting blamed by the fans for the loss, especially in regulation when the saints had 9 penalties for 98 yards to the vikings 2 penalties for 10 yards (not including the boneheaded 12 men in the huddle penalty after a timeout) really looks like the refs favored the saints huh! unreal, players hold on to the ball and favre doesnt throw the pick there then we dont talk about ot, it is what it is

  90. Anybodyhome says:
    January 28, 2010 8:54 AM
    If Tom Brady was taking hits like Favre did, the game would have taken 5 hours with all the penalties…
    I dare ONE fan to say that is not a true statement!!!

  91. The vikings had the turnovers and were still in the game,The vikings were the better team,but they couldn’t play the saints and the refs,I have seen too many games decided by poor officiating.I saw goodell there and if he trully cares about the nfl he would oversee some changes.i hear too much of “the officiating is a joke”the true unabiased fan sees that. A great game should not be determined by poor officiating,

  92. Funny thing is that this is quite a pro-viqueen article Florio……
    Why don’t you have Perrira go over all the non calls….like Brees rolling out and getting hit in the head (NO CALL)… personal favorite Brett Favre throwing a screen to his Left Tackle or was it his Left Guard cause there wasn’t any other Viqueen around (NO CALL-and extended the drive)….And as for the roughing the pu$$y penalties…..a joke….the only legit roughing was the one that wasn’t called…..the other two were in the act of football..there was nothing intentional…..If you don’t like it then go cover Flag Football!!!!

  93. No word, either, I suppose, on the Saints TD where replay clearly showed the guy down at the 1-yard line before the ball crossed the plane?
    Yeah, I thought not. Chilly’s mistake for not challenging, but it’s more evidence of the Vikings getting jobbed.

  94. Ralph says:
    January 28, 2010 8:30 AM
    The facts are this 5 turnovers the Vikings lost the game… There is no recovery for that.
    Then why did they have to play overtime? The facts are.
    A. despite the turnovers the Vikings and Saints were tied at the end of regulation.
    B. my Vikes defense did not stop the Saints from scoring in overtime.
    Congrats to the Saints and their fans. There is no coulda, woulda, shoulda. Only the cold hard facts. It was a kick ass game and we came up short in overtime.
    12 teams make the playoffs, only one of them ends their season with a victory. That’s the way of it in football. Like a wise person said, there’s always next season.
    Hats off to you sir, it is a shame that there is this much animosity amongst folks. Both sides could make cases about calls that were made or not made. Honestly had the outcome been different, I would have been leaning towards the Vikings in the SB

  95. The truely great football teams won’t let themselves get in a position to where the refs could lose them the game. Not to mention I enjoyed watching Favre get his a-hole handed to him.

  96. Hey dopes, read the posts from Viking fans above and after the game. The majority blamed the loss on the turnovers, not the frigging crappy calls by the officials. There are as many posts above from fans of other teams criticizing the officials than from Viking fans. The Vikes lost cause of turnovers — if they’d held on to the damn ball, the official calls wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference. That’s the position of most Viking fans despite your desire to pigeon-hole (or in Pack fans case, corn-hole) all Vike fans into one position.

  97. @ grunt24
    You can’t just take a look at the ole stat line and say: derrrr vikings had 98 yards in penalties, saints had 10. Derrrrr that means the vikes got all the calls in their favor, dererrrrrrr.
    Lemme guess? Pack fan??

  98. @purpleguy
    id say its about 50/50 on who the fans are blaming–but i will say i bet most of the fans who are blaming the refs are more bandwagon fans than anything–id say people who know football more know it was the turnovers and little mistakes that costed them the win, just like the players are saying

  99. The fact that four calls have controversy surrounding the officiating (or lack of) only reiterates the fact they are questioned because they are wrong. Saints couldn’t get it done on their own in 60min so the refs won it for them, advancing them down the field. If this isn’t the case why are the only calls questioned for the benefit of the saints. Regardless, the officiating remains to stay consistently inconsistent!

  100. Look real close at a slowmo replay of the Meachem catch. The ball may have been loose and moving when he hit the ground, but his hand is underneath it the whole way. Call it splitting hairs, but the catch was good. So was the end result. And Favre got some calls he should have gotten and he received some he should not have gotten. Choose.

  101. I’m sure Jared Allen and the Williams Wall was going to be gentle if they ever got to Drew Brees. Don’t like the beating your QB is taking? Protect him with your players instead of counting on the officials to do it for you. Of course, you’ll have to leave a few more guys in and limit yourselves offensively like the Saints did and you won’t get to pile up all those pretty stats so you can show us how impressive you are in defeat.
    The Dolphins held the ball for 45 minutes earlier this year and out-everythinged the Colts. The Colts still won. That one is the most impressive loss of teh season but I’ll give the Vikings the second-most impressive loss trophy or maybe we should call it the First Runner-Up like they do in beauty contests.
    Suck it up. There’s no crying in football, either.

  102. @jx4cmario1
    actually it was the other way around, read carefully or proofread b4 posting please, deeeeerrereer, embarrassing

  103. Where were all the Vikings fans 2 weeks ago when Romo got driven into the ground in the first quarter? I didn’t here any complaints then. Why is it that the vikings fans aren’t questioning the 1 st and 2nd down calls on their last drive that put them in position for the INT play. If you stay aggressive on those 2 calls you gain another ten yards and the 12 man call is meaningless. Why are all these fans excusing Favre’s stupidity? After all, OT wouldn’t have happened if Purple Moses hadn’t thrown one of the all-time dumbest passes. Plenty of bad calls against the Saints throughout the game as well. It is really nice and quiet in Minnesota this week.

  104. 1. RWFV says: January 15, 2010 9:21 PM
    mike says: January 15, 2010 7:32 PM
    From the Nfl:
    Sorry we screwed up the Packers should have won the game.
    My god man…..get over it. Grow men don’t cry over missed calls. The packers got down by 17 because of turnovers – how do you blame the refs for that?
    Big f’n babies.
    1. DocBG says: January 15, 2010 9:26 PM
    one thing that has consistently been left out by the reporters on here is that if every missed call and non-call was enforced, the playoff seeding, and indeed teams could be drastically changed, possible resulting in the packers not even making the f-ing playoffs.
    any time you have humans making calls, there are going to be screwups, and this is a call that could have really went either way. then again, perhaps simply preventing 1 of the 45 points the cards scored would have negated this anyway right?
    1. RealityTrip says: January 16, 2010 1:10 AM
    Packers blew it from the beginning so there is no sympathy here. Good teams overcome bad officiating.
    Ponder that during the off season losers!!!
    1. RealPervyHarvin says: January 14, 2010 10:33 AM
    I watched the video and have some thoughts. That game is history,the better team won the Defenseless Bowl. It’s simple…Favre wasn’t there to save the Packers. Rodgers is not clutch with the game on the line like Favre…never will be. He panicks,like a girl. The belt dance says it all…
    Just a random sampling of some posts frfom a thread talking about Piera & the Cards/Pack game.
    I really like the one from RealPervyHarvin (who is not, by the way) about Favre being there to save the Packers. Just like he did when the Pack played the Giants,Philly & the Rams.
    It’s been almost a week. Time to let it go…

  105. Footballrulz says:
    “I really like the one from RealPervyHarvin (who is not, by the way) about Favre being there to save the Packers. Just like he did when the Pack played the Giants,Philly & the Rams.
    It’s been almost a week. Time to let it go…”
    When Florio posts something like this of course he’s going to get a reaction from people, so when you say “time to let it go” are you talking to the people merely responding to the article, or Florio himself? STFU….

  106. Vikings fans, if you didn’t like the OT calls, just remember, you had a chance to win in regulation but thanks to Favre being Favre the game went to OT.

  107. Where does this idea come from that if the Vikings didn’t have so many turnovers the game wouldn’t have been close? How long did the Saints trail in this game? About a total of 9 minutes. It was 7-0 Vikings after their opening drive. And 14-7 late in the 1st quarter to early 2nd quarter. I know their was a big gap in the yards from scrimmage total but that doesn’t factor in the 80-yard kick return that set up the Saints’ 3rd TD. It doesn’t factor in that the Saints had better field position most of the game (largely because of turnovers) so their drives were obviously shorter because they were playing on a shorter field.
    The truth is the Saints forced as many turnovers as any team in the league this year and scored more defensive TDs than any other team. It’s their style to strip the ball and bait QBs into throwing picks. When they do it successfully 4 times in 1 game (the 5th turnover was the botched handoff which was a lucky play for the Saints) it’s just as much or more to their credit as it is the Vikings blame.
    So the Vikings didn’t hand the Saints this game. The Saints snatched it away like they did the football so many times on Sunday.

  108. Grunt-
    You know what I meant, the point is you weren’t even referencing anything the article is talking about, typical Packer fan, take something out of context and use it to make your point. I’ve seen it a million times.
    Obviously these were bad calls, the fact that Pereira even brought them up proves it. But if the Vikes bury them in regulation, none of this matters, but they didn’t.

  109. As a Vikings fan I am pleading STOP the whining!! Bad calls happen. We are sounding like Packer fans. Maybe we should focus on this:
    We had the ball on their 33 yard line (50 yarder) and then called a timeout and put 12 guys in the huddle with a Super Bowl trip on the line.
    Then after the penalty we still had a 55 yarder and instead called a pass play with a hobbled QB.
    All fumbles and penalties aside it came down to coaching. We FAILED.

  110. @jx4cmario1
    about the article??? i was refering to the the fans that are complaining about the refs favored the saints soooo much, and i was making a point on how the refs were not favoring the saints due to the fact that the saints had about 8 times as many penalty yards as the vikes did–and id say in ot there was one bad call, when leber was called on the interference, but like pereira said, live motion i can see that the ref would call that, but if leber woulda played the ball there would not have been a flag—as far as the other being bad calls, they were 50/50, looks like he had forward progress on that and yea the ball was knocked back but still had it in his hand as pereira said, u would call it a td if that were the goal line cz the ball touched it, wasnt a clear cut fumble cz he had his hand on it the entire time—and the catch coulda gone either way too, may have touched the ground but looks like he had his hand under the ball who knows…REMEMBER BOTH PLAYS WERE REVIEWED—I feel bad for ya i do but u said it perfect “But if the Vikes bury them in regulation, none of this matters, but they didn’t.”

  111. @ jx4cmar, hut, hut
    Feeling a little testy their dude? Oh the bitter taste of a Favre int in a playoff game. You have to learn the let the inevitable go–you’ll live longer.

  112. Grunt-
    We can go back and forth all day on this, the only thing I will add is regarding Pierre’s leap, you can’t compare him breaking the plane of the EZ to reaching for a 1st down, once the ball crosses the plane of the EZ the play is over, it’s a TD. A 1st down is totally different, he lost control and the ball should’ve been respotted accordingly. Whether he had control with his other hand is a totally different arguement all together, and that’s where conclusive evidence comes in, they probably didn’t have enough.

  113. @ jx4cmario1
    Im not saying they were both good calls, but they were the right calls–so it is what it is
    30-24 colts, but hoping its 30-27 saints

  114. The truth is that it is over. Nothing changes that one. Both the poor ball control and the crappy officiating contributed to the score being where it was at come the last whistle.
    It amazes me that the Packer fans seem to be hollering more about all this than the Vikes fans themselves. Give it a break -the game is done and either way the Vikes did lose it.
    Favre proved to be a better QB than Rodgers- THIS year. Aaron will plan MANY more years that Brett as Brett will retire next year or maybe the following.
    The Vikes were a better team than the Packers were again THIS year.
    It all goes back and forth. The real North fans were and will root for whoever in the NFC North is in there in my book. I can holler at the Packers all year but when the Vikes are out then if the Pack is still in I can root for them and the NFC North.
    ITS OUR HOOD. Protect the North and call it like you see it fella’s. The refs sucked and made VERY poor calls but that doesn’t say I am whining or thinking that those calls coming back would have been the difference-ball contol was horrible on the Vikes side and so we will just never know.

  115. footballrulz-
    Where did I say anything about the Favre INT besides that that’s where we could’ve burried them? I’m in no way bitter about the INT because that’s part of the game. Please don’t put words in my mouth. If Favre’s back, we’ll be back as the favorite to come out of the NFC. (this is where you say we’ll just choke again) He made a bonehead mistake at a very crucial time and now the obvious “we said it all along” and “you wanted him, you got him” rants are out in full force. He had an unbelievable year and I hope he comes back to finish the job.

  116. Mike, you’ve bet against the Saints all along, and this just looks like you’re trying to cover your butt.
    You have no credibility because you’ve been wrong (“Saints will be the only upset” in the divisional round), in both games. You’re whining about the hits on Farve, but when Brees got similarly driven into the ground, no call was made.
    The Vikings had ample opportunities, and they didn’t win the game.
    Stop crying, admit your failures in prediction, and move on…

  117. @ jx4c…
    I have not been one of the Favre’s gonna fall apart, he can’t make the season, etc. Packer fans. I’ve pretty much said all along he made a good choice and that he never would have survived this year as a Packer. He would have to have endured a whole 1st half of the season taking the beating he took last Sunday. So don’t put words in my mouth either dude.
    All I did was bring up a few posts where the shoe was on the other foot and lot’s of VIkes fans were on there with the don’t blame the refs crap & now, well, here we are. Kinda sucks when it happens to your team, huh.
    And don’t tell me to STFU.

  118. Does suck. But I also know that the Vikes beat themselves with fumbles, 12 men, bad coaching, ect…the list goes on. There’s no question that some of the calls mentioned were iffy, but there’s also no way that game should’ve even been in OT. I’ll leave it at that, and sorry for the STFU…

  119. No prob man. And yes, Vikes beat themselves, just like Pack beat themselves against the Cards. Bad calls and no calls in both games but bottom line is both teams should have been able to overcome them.
    Good luck next season.

  120. First off, congrats to Saints fans. If I was a Saints fan I wouldn’t care one way or the other about the refs. If you’re in the Super Bowl you don’t care how you got there. If you win the big game, nobody will remember the previous one. I’m sure the Saints have had many games where they’ve been screwed and feel like this is just karma swinging their way.
    To the Packers fans on here, as a Viking fan I’m thrilled to have Favre this year and hopefully next, but I must say GB made the right call moving forward with Rogers and will be set nicely for many more years than the Vikes at qb.
    As for this game…I moved on from blaming officiating back in the 80’s. Back then it seemed to me the Vikes always got screwed by the refs and would fall apart after getting the short end of a call. I also noticed that the great teams (like Frisco back then) wouldn’t ALWAYS get the call, but would move forward and make a play to regain what was lost. That said, as a fan I can’t help but feeling that the officials (and the inadequate OT coin toss rule) took away any chance of the Vikes winning in OT. Yes, the Vikes turned the ball over 5 times and fumbled 6 times, and yes, the 12 men in the huddle was sickening, but that doesn’t excuse the series of bad calls and marginal calls that all went the Saints way in OT. I wasn’t surprised when the reviewed plays (Meachems catch and Thomas’ fumbled ball on 4th down) weren’t overturned as both appeared to be bad calls, but there wasn’t the perfect camera shot in either case to “prove” they were bad calls. What nobody seems to be talking about is how the refs blew each of these calls initially. If they had been ruled correctly on the field they wouldn’t have been overturned the other way either. I also guarantee that if the refs had swallowed their flags on the Leber PI that there wouldn’t be an uproar about how is should have been called. The refs blew it on the field…repeatedly, and unfortunately they all went in one teams favor in OT.
    As for us whining Vikings fans bitching about losing in OT, when we could have taken care of business in the first four quarters; If the refs had called the “Brady rule” on Favre’s first pick the Vikes would have won in regulation despite losing the turnover battle 4-1 (which they did during the regular season on multiple occasions for those of you who didn’t see all the Vikes games). Besides the missed call, Saints fans have to feel lucky the Vikes fumbled away a golden oppotunity before halftime with the botched handoff preventing at least an easy field goal attempt. The vaunted pressure defense of the Saints had nothing to do with forcing that fumble, which could easily have also been the winning point difference in the game.
    The Vikings have now lost 4 Super Bowls and 5 straight NFC championship games. Most of these losses I attribute to the Vikes falling apart in “the big one.” A few were helped mightily by horrible calls (Pittsburgh SB in my opinion, the Dallas Hail Mary push off, and of course this one). And, I attribute a couple to simply being outplayed by a superior opponent (SBs – KC, Miami, and Oakland, and I should credit the Giants for kicking the snot out of Denny Green’s Vikes in 2000, 41-0). Thats a lot of losing in very bad ways for us poor Viking fans. I have my doubt any other franchise has endured as much when it comes to self destructing or being screwed in big games. Ownership, coaches, players, even stadiums change, yet somehow history keeps repeating for Viking fans. The Twins winning two titles was huge, but there’s only one thing that would cleanse the average Minnesota sports fans psyche – a Vikings title. This is the seemingly unobtainable event.
    I’d also like to say (as though this has been too short) that I’m sorry for any Katrina comments from other Viking fans. As far as I’m concerned, thats in very poor taste and I don’t buy the comment that it was pointed at the media for over covering it.
    Why do the Vikes always have rosters riddled with pro bowlers, yet never win when they need too? Was Ditka such a genius back in ’85 when he said it was the best team, not the best collection of players? And if so, why can’t the Vikes ever get a coach to go along with all the talent?

  121. # Kay Bee says: January 28, 2010 12:47 AM
    Geez…more whining. Perhaps if the Vikings didn’t turn the ball over a handful of times, they could’ve won. This game should’ve actually been a BLOWOUT in the Saints’ favor.
    New Orleans’ offense didn’t play very well, and they still put up 31 points. Face it…Favre is a fraud and he won’t be back next year. The Vikings’ window is now CLOSED.
    This is what they get for running up the score on the Cowboys. Karma is a b*tch huh?
    Actually, not a Vikings fan, but without their own fumbles, this game would’ve been a Vikings blow out win, similar to what they did to the Cowboys.
    I think they have a legitimate gripe with the refs, but then this does happen all the time. All. The. Time. The Cowboys lose the first game this year to the Eagles without that horrible ball spot on fourth down, and don’t even get to play the Vikings in Round 2.
    The refs are absolutely horrible in the NFL. Maybe it’s me, but I do not see anywhere close to as many horribly made or horribly missed calls in any college game.
    Does the speed of the pro game really affect the refs ability that much?

  122. Vikes ran up the score on the Cowboys as a result of talent and skill; the Saints won by a measly 3 points in OT in THEIR OWN HOUSE, because the Vikes had butterfingers that day and poor calls. If they hadn’t made so many mistakes, Vikes would have won easily…everyone knows that. The Saints barely won in their own house…even with all the bad calls and Viking TO’s…if they play to that level in the SB….SEE YA. Personally, I think the Vikes VS. the Colts in the SB would have been more competitive and more fun to watch. What’s so fun about watching some Dirty Defensive Saints try to take out Peyton Manning’s knees? Only way they can win is by trying to take out the good players and play all the backups…kinda gives you an idea of what level they think they are at as a Team themselves. QB’s can and should be hit, but not illegally and to the extent Aints go…if you don’t follow the rules, it’s just slop football…SLOP. Warner retires, Favre pulls out of the Pro-Bowl…hmmmm, should tell you something about their tactics…I don’t care how old a QB is…How does it feel to go to the SB riding the DIRTY plane?

  123. Favre didn’t complain why should the pansy fans? I don’t see anyone complaining about the hit on Sanchez [Jets] AFTER he handed off the ball and then was creamed. Someone asked how it felt going to the Super Bowl because of the officiating. IT FEELS GREAT !!!!! Obviously a lot better than not going.

  124. Being a Chargers fan, I’ve gotten used to disappointment and every team deals with bads calls. This is different. The NFC title game was a sham.
    The Vikings got screwed big time on that last drive. Not just “in game” calls, but calls that actually determined the outcome of the final drive.
    The game was tied and in overtime. At that point, turnovers are irrelevant and each team has a fair shot at victory…. unless the refs hand the game over to the Saints (which they did). It renders your “turnovers decided the game” argument as pointless.
    The truth is, the better team in NOT in the Superbowl and the whole country saw the Saints back-in to the game because of horrible officiating.
    Illegitimate victory.
    Vikings-Colts would’ve been a matchup for the ages. Instead, this game will be a blowout and expose the Saints for the fraud they are.

  125. On the fumbles: consider that N.O. D was first in the league for causing turnovers. Vikes Offense was at the top in fewest turnovers. Gregg Williams admitted the Saint front seven were not dominant enough to win without forcing turnovers. They train and practice on causing them. Why overlook the fact that Saint defenders actually forced the ball out, and it wasn’t just a case of loose hands?
    talk about non-calls on celebs? i remember in the 80’s when the 49ers were kingpins. Jerry Rice scored his record breaking touchdown on a long bomb against the Saints, and the replay clearly shows he dropped the ball at the three yard line, as he raised it to the air to celebrate too early.

  126. The refs blew this game big time !!!
    Hard to believe they were having a bad day with that many calls.
    I’ve been watching football for over 40 years and am neither a Saints or Vikings fan. My take is the Viking were the better team and should be playing in the SB this year.
    If the refs would have gotten the calls right, the turnovers would have been alot less for the Vikings.
    If I was a Saints fan, I wouldn’t be too proud right now. How good can you feel about being a charity case.
    Unless more is done about the ref calls in this game, the NFL has as much integrity as pro wrestling !!!
    As a fan of the game, I don’t want to see the better team get robbed !!!

  127. The saints were playing dirty football and the refs were letting them get away with it. Very poor officiating!!! GO COLTS!

  128. I bet that Crow taste awful , You thought Peyton was going to give you satisfaction ,he can carve you up but against the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints the knives ware dull .See ya in the at our home …..

  129. “Still, we hope that the NFL will aspire to reach a level of officiating that allows no team to legitimately believe that they lost a game due to anything other than the superiority of the opponent. We also hope that, someday, the NFL will reach that goal, on a consistent basis.”

    Who is that? The Saints.

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