Pola says Jaguars offered him a raise, Titans a better fit

New Tennessee Titans running backs coach Kennedy Pola says his decision to leave Jacksonville came after the Jaguars offered him a pay raise, but that he liked the opportunities available to him in Tennessee.

“The Jaguars were great,” Pola told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “They offered me more money to stay. But I let my contract run out and didn’t sign my extension so I was basically a free agent. I wanted to make sure I’d have options to keep continually improving. I feel this is a great opportunity for me and my family.”

The Jaguars’ coaching staff has gone through an overhaul this off-season, and Pola isn’t the only Jacksonville assistant to make a lateral move. But Pola says what he’s most excited about isn’t leaving Jacksonville, it’s getting to coach Chris Johnson.

“I have heard nothing but great things about the young man,” Pola said. “If I have to drive him to work, roll the ball out, tape his ankle, whatever I have to do, I’ll do it.”

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  1. Kennedy Pola was held in nothing but the highest regard by the organization and fans. I had the opportunity to intern with the Jaguars in 2008 and Coach Pola was one of the most helpful people in the building. Whenever I needed a few minutes with Fred, Mojo or Greg Jones he made it happen. The Titans are getting a great man and coach, and eventually he will be a coordinator in this league because of his wealth and depth of knowledge. Good Luck Coach

  2. Pola wanted to be an OC and was pissed when the Jags brought in Koetter as OC. This is pretty old news actually.

  3. The real reason is that he wants a coordinatoor position bad. Pola and Tice were the two closest people to Jack in the building and supposively would mess with Dirk Koetter’s gameplan until it wasn’t even his anymore. Looks like the shackles have been taken off of Koetter to be a little more creative with the offense. Of course that all doesn’t make David Garrard any better.

  4. I’ve got to agree with Prisco on this one (it was really hard to type that) The Jags let Tice and Pola move to free up Koetter’s Offense. Tice and Pola were both del Rio guys, so they had too much influence on what we saw in the field. I’ve heard nothing but good things about both coaches, but there’s the saying, “Too many chefs in the kitchen usually means shitty soup.”
    Now if we can get a QB to run the offense in the draft that’s not named Tebow.

  5. Great guys do not make great coaches. Pola greatest attribute as a coach is his ability to establish relationships. That is great if you are a college coach. If you are a pro coach your greatest attribute should be your ability to prepare your players for every possible situation. I think Pola can coach but Jack hired him and Jack has proven he cares most about relationships. And since Jack hired him, I can’t be sold on him as a coach. Maybe KP & Lyndell can throw back a few shots of Tequilla for old times sake.

  6. To Seeryeer who says, “Great guys do not make great coaches”…hmmmm Tony Dungy…Dean Smith…Doc Rivers. yeah you’re right. You contradict yourself twice in one paragraph. “I think Pola can coach….since Jack hired him I can’t be sold on him as a coach.” Pola helped Fred extend his career and be a Pro Bowler (though he should have been statistically in 5 other season) in his 10th year. He’s helped develop Jones-Drew into a Pro Bowler in his 4th year, and was a critical part of selecting him in the 2nd round. Was Jones-Drew prepared to take on a full load this year? Seems to me that he was.

  7. OTR&TTW,
    Thanks for taking my words out of context. Just saying that being a great guy and being held in high regard inside “the building” does not make you a good coach. See Mike Shula. You claim Pola helped Fred extend his career and be a pro bowler in one breath in then in the next say he should have went 5 other seasons. So was Pola the reason Fred went to the pro bowl or voters finally getting it right was the reason? I think MJD was pro bowler the day he stepped on an NFL field, he just needed to be “the guy” like he was this year. I thought MJD was totally worn down in the second half of this season due to the substitutions or lack thereof for him through the course of games. Pola is responsible for having a backup who can take the load off MJD, did they have that confidence in Jennings this year? I don’t think so. Please note that MJD went 165 straight carries without a 15 yard run until he finally had one in week 17 against CLE. Is that because his position coach didn’t rotate enough or he didn’t have confidence in his backup? Who is responsible for having the back up ready? When Chris Johnson makes the pro bowl next year will he have Kennedy Pola to thank?

  8. Yet another reason why MJD will feel overlooked and unapprectiated.
    That has been the one thing you always hear Jones Drew talk about. How all these NFL teams thought he couldnt do it and passed on him in the draft.
    Now he has to deal with the guy he showed his skills to the most leaving b/c he wants to coach Chris Johnson. Drew has to be pissed. Its not like hes some slouch or the guy wasnt going to get paid. Hes probably thinking this guy thinks CJ is so much better then me that hes willing to give up a raise and leave the town hes built a home in to coach him.
    Its just another reason for MJD to dominate all the teams that doubted him and the coaches who didnt want him.

  9. As a Titans fan, I am happy to see this. As for us having 2 running backs, Ringer isn’t ready.
    Oh you meant trade bait LenDale White….better have an all you can eat with a tequila bar wherever he lands.

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