Porter won't be back in Miami

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter reportedly told a radio station in his hometown of Bakersfield, California that he doesn’t want to return to the Dolphins in 2010.

And that’s a prudent position for him to take, because we have consistently heard over the past six weeks that Porter will not be asked to return.

Ethan Skolnick of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel recently disclosed some of the factors driving the team toward cutting ties with Porter.  For example, Skolnick says that Porter has a reputation for refusing to exit the game when a replacement enters.  Skolnick says that Porter continued this behavior even after Porter was essentially suspended with pay for Miami’s game against Tampa Bay.

At one point, the team stopped even trying to bring him out, in part because the team “did not want to rock the Joey boat.”

Bottom line?  As we heard in the wake of that one-game suspension, Porter’s performance no longer outweighs the problems he causes.  And so the team knows it’s time for him to go. 

And so Porter will say that he’s the one who wanted out.  Even though there’s likely no one else who would pay him the $3.6 million base salary he’s due to earn in 2010.

30 responses to “Porter won't be back in Miami

  1. He cannot tackle vs the run anyway…Goodbye and good riddance…joey is a complete jerk.

  2. Next stop MMA. I guess he already knows that noone is going to sign him and he’d be lucky for someone to sign him to a vetern minimum.

  3. Joey, there comes a time in every athletes life that he must recognize a good thing when he has it and shut his mouth or risk losing it. Face it, you were being paid damn good money for part time work, what are you going to get now? If a team in need of defensive difference makers kicks you to the curb, short of oakland who else is going to overpay for you?

  4. You beat me to it MiaFins1. The guy was a non-factor for the most part in his time in Miami.

  5. Could be the first time he’ll actually do – what he says he’ll do!!!
    Bye bye mouth of the south

  6. A true spoiled and pampered idiot jock who doesn’t realize he’s not as good as he thinks he is.
    A little hustle and obedience gets you another 3.6 mil, moron. Try pounding nails for $40K and see how that feels, moron.

  7. Nobody thougth he’d get $20 mil guaranteed, either. The guy has 26.5 sacks over 2 years and 50 over the last 5, somebody will pay him more than $3.6 mil to sign.

  8. Good Riddance. It’s embarassing when he goes out there and talks Smack and gets a goose egg in the stat column.
    I miss Zach Thomas.

  9. I love watching all the 135 pound internet “hard asses” “pretend” that they’re tallking to Porter himself face to face with comments like “Bye Bye Joey don’ t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out” and “pampered spoiled idiot.”
    Guess it’s a lot easier safely tucked behind the anonymity of a computer keyboard, huh?
    Porter will always be loved and respected in The ‘Burgh. Meanwhile, Miami hasn’t done jack in nearly 40 years. Enjoy the Ted Ginn Experience, losers.

  10. I think in that game he had 0 sacks, 0 pressures, and 0 tackles…. you sure he was actually playing?? oh… ya… I remember… he was!! (hint hint! Wink! Wink!)
    Talk is cheap… which is why he did a lot of it!
    Sacrificing yourself for your team is expensive… and that’s one cheque he never cut!
    Take your 1983 cut-off exposed belly jersey act-lika-fool routine the hell outta Miami please!!!!!

  11. Looks like both high priced OLBs on the market in ’07 are going down in a ball of flames with their respective teams. I can’t stand Porter but he at least produced a little. Adalius Thomas was a flaming bag of poo for New England…

  12. If we can get this LB unit solidified *ahem* McClain please, get the safety position solidified *ahem* fire Gibril Wilson, and pick up a WR that actually scares someone, this team is ready to slug it out next year. Let’s get it done Sparano!!!
    Oh, and you’re washed up Joey. Thanks for the one good year you sold us for $50 mil. Peace.

  13. this is coming from a miami fan…. joey is the heart and soul of the team and i will miss him. its funny how quick so many forget he got 17.5 sacks last season and was hamered from a nagging thigh injury all season which definitely hammered his play.
    everyone rips on joey for not being a good teammate and nto coming off the field. but the truth is all his teammates love him. when he was in pittsburgh joey was supposed to lead the team out on the field every game. He went to Cowher and told him that Jerome should lead the team out on the field because it was his day during there superbowl run vs seattle. When Jerome ran out on the field by himself for that first minute it was because Joey held everyone up in the tunnel to let Jerome have his time in the sun. You can’t ask for a better teammate then that. He put his time in the sun aside to let Jerome have his moment.

  14. Wick;
    Are you one of those “internet tough guys”? Trying to talk smack for an overrated player that you have never met in your life? I don’t care how good a player is or thinks he is, when the coach tells you to get off the field than you get your ass off the field! I’m not saying Joey didn’t help the Phins because he did but he also hurt them as well. He talked a lot of trash to other teams before games and backed it up only 20% of the time. I would expect him to be loved in Pitt still because aside from the Jets you Steeler fans have about as much class as a donkey. Go ahead and take him back maybe he can get you guys back to the playoffs with his load mouth. Oh and by the way, the Ginn project is going a lot better then the 10 year Kordell project you guys worked on!

  15. man, I would love to see Porter come in the NYJets… and they all can be singing the same tune of Swagger attitude… Ofc, in veteran pays, not over price contract…

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