Vincent Jackson charged with two misdemeanors

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson was arrested on a traffic stop just hours before the team’s playoff loss to the Jets, and on Tuesday he was charged with two misdemeanors in connection with that incident.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that Jackson faces up to six months in jail and/or a fine of $1,000 on two counts involving driving with a suspended license. Jackson was also charged with driving with an expired registration.

Jackson was pulled over at 10:01 a.m. on January 17 for playing his radio too loud, and the officer discovered that Jackson had a suspended license. Jackson was not cited for a noise violation.

On Monday, Jackson said in a radio interview that it was “just a ticket, just a driving violation.”

Jackson’s license was suspended after he was arrested in January 2009 on suspicion of drunken driving. Those charges are still pending. At the time of that arrest, he was on probation for a 2006 drunken-driving conviction.

17 responses to “Vincent Jackson charged with two misdemeanors

  1. his teammate LT should be charged with a felony for his performance against the jets…
    a non-moving violation

  2. Traffic infractions…pay the fine and move on. Nothing to see here…or are we resetting the arrest meter for this crap??

  3. it’s gotta be that Colorado influence.
    He’s lucky he’s such a great player and such a great person, or else he would have been gone faster than Jeff Garcia in Oakland.
    Seriously though, he’s got a real problem. They say an alcohaulic really has a problem when it interferes with your work or life, and it really is. Not only did it effect his mind, and I’m sure caused a distraction against the Jets, but it created a distraction to the team. It is one of those “here we go again” type of deals with him. Every big game the Chargers play Jackson seems to get himself in trouble with the law.
    And I’ve never been arrested, got less than a handful of tickets, never got a DUI (maybe because I’m responsible), and just never been in trouble with the law in my nearly 20 years of driving. And I’m no saint, I just don’t do anything stupid. With the millions these athletes are getting, why not hire a driver for 6 months while your license is suspended? Or better yet, don’t act like you’re living in the ghetto anymore and realize that your life is better than you can imagine and actually live like you have millions instead of living like you’re in debt.

  4. Careful officers. I’ve seen his respect for authority first hand. If you’re not very careful he’ll kick your flag as well…..LOL….LOSER!!!

  5. ///On Monday, Jackson said in a radio interview that it was “just a ticket, just a driving violation.” ///
    Guess what Jackson? Problem is, you have a suspended license. This means, you shouldn’t have any driving tickets because, you guessed it, you aren’t allowed to be driving!!! It’s not just a simple ticket and the big one for DUI is still pending.
    Idiots like this shouldn’t even be allowed to play. So dumb to not even understand that suspended license is actually a big deal. So dumb to kick a challenge flag in a playoff game and cost your team 15 yards for no reason.
    Class act moron

  6. it’s gotta be that Colorado influence.
    not sure what that means? vicne is from colorado springs there is no ghetto there.
    the guy needs to get his shit together. as stated before hire a damn driver or something. 27 years old and he has 3 duis? he has a problem much bigger than drunk driving.

  7. “just a traffic violation” … the arrogance and ignorance of today’s athlete is getting to the point where i’m ready to send the sport to the curb and not care anymore … just a traffic violation my arse … hello vincent jackson you have a suspended license! and expired registration!
    how bout being a little smarter than getting pulled over for having your music too loud, needlessly attracting attention to yourself while driving with a suspended license?!?!?!?
    brilliance i tell ya, sheer brilliance and intelligence.

  8. What’s it going to take for this guy to get arrested? May be we should put him in the seats at Chargers stadium and let him chant JETS! JETS! JETS! Then may be the big bad cops will do their job.

  9. He is just an idiot for blasting his music bringing attention to himself while driving with a suspended license.

  10. If suspending a licence doesn’t stop a person from driving, perhaps the next step is to confiscate the car of anyone driving with a suspended licence.

  11. Just another find upstanding member of the nfl….
    Maybe they’ll wait until he kills someone drunk driving to do anything about his actions.

  12. I wanted the Bengals to look at this guy in free agency, but now I’m not so sure. Dude sounds like a serious mental midget.

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