Bears lose another offensive coordinator candidate

OK, now it’s getting ridiculous.

In their effort to hire a new offensive coordinator, the Bears have been swinging and missing more than Barry Bonds in a blindfold.

So they’ve lowered their expectations, and they’re still striking out.

Recently, Pitt offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti emerged as a candidate.  And Cignetti now says he’s staying put at Pitt.

Pitt released a statement on Thursday evening from Cignetti.

“My return to Pitt last year was the realization of a longtime personal and professional goal,” Cignetti said.  “It was made even more gratifying by the outstanding season we enjoyed.  I couldn’t be more fortunate to work for Dave Wannstedt and coach these great kids.  Despite recent reports connecting my name with other jobs, I am wholeheartedly committed to being at Pitt and continuing to establish our program among the nation’s very best.”

In other words, the Bears will have to keep looking.

Coincidentally, Cignetti’s current boss served as head coach of the Bears from 1993 through 1998, generating a record of 41-57.

51 responses to “Bears lose another offensive coordinator candidate

  1. whew… I panicked for a second there. Cignetti is a great coordinator and Pitt can’t afford to lose him.

  2. Are they avoiding the uncertainty surrounding Lovie and his staff’s security, or is Cutler becoming seen far and wide as a coach killer?

  3. Coaching Jay Cutler, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Matt Forte is apparently less desirable than coaching the Buffalo Bills.

  4. Hey Florio, have they actually offered the job to any of these guys ????
    The answer is NO. You said so yourself in your post about Zampese the other day. Read you own work, if you can call it that.

  5. It’s really that bad huh? Florio’s first statement sums it all up.
    I think it’s that Cuntler is a definitely a coach killer…

  6. right it’s all cutler’s fault.what did ever do before he came to the bears?and when he came here he played in a great system that had sent how many other qb’s to the pro bowl and who had passed for so much more yardage than fact why did they ever get rid of such great and creative offensive mastermind in turner?so yea cutler is definatly the reason nobody wants to come could not have anything to do with lovie and the fact he is a lame duck coach set in his get off the bus running offensive straedgy now could it?

  7. This is one Bears fan that is just fine with all members of Wanny’s staff not ever returning to Chicago. (Despite the overwhelming success they’ve had at Pitt.)
    Maybe we could bring back Jauron as the D coordinator. Really connect the arc on 20 years of mediocrity.

  8. Hey, if they keep “lowering their expectations” for another couple of weeks, maybe they’ll get around to someone on the WVU staff.

  9. Chicago Reporter: “Will Lovie’s uncertain job security negatively affect the coaching search?”
    Lovie: “OC’s will be lining up for this job”

  10. “getting” ridiculous?
    Florio, it was ridiculous when they fired Ron Turner and kept Lovie, Jerry and Teddy.
    For those of you who blame this on Jay, save it. The organization gave up the 2010 and 2011 season three weeks ago. The front office and remaining coaching staff are dead men walking.
    That, with a very healthy dose of ego, is why no coaches are interested.

  11. Nobody is jumping at the chance to work with Jay “Austin Powers” Cutler??? Wow, what a shocker. Cutler is an 8 day old petrified dog turd. Once a loser, ALWAYS a loser.

  12. Oh well. If Cutler doesn’t straighten out, at least his apologists (are there any?) can say “Well, he had to deal with so many different coaches and offensive coordinators during his career that it’s not really fair to say he sucked balls. He just needed consistency.”

  13. it doesn’t matter….rogers will be announced the new offensive coordinator the beginning of next week

  14. Whoever takes this job realizes he pretty much has one year to get Cutler turned around or he’s out the door with the rest of the coaching staff.
    As the Bears face the NFC/AFC East in 2010, that’s a tough ass “proving ground” to work with.
    Plus, of course, you realize the Bears are scraping the bottom of the barrel by the time they get to your name anyway…

  15. Lovie is a year away from the unemployment line. What OC wants to throw in with him, only to have to look for another job a year later. Likely to have to settle for Martz, who within a year will have worn out his welcome in Chicago anyway.

  16. Too bad…Maybe that woudl have enticed Angelo to pick up Baldwin in teh draft in the upcoming years, dudes a freak and will be comparable to CJ

  17. As a bears fan I have to say this is becoming a efing joke. I hope they proove me an all the bears fan wrong. They’re hunting forbthe cheapest offensive coordinator they can find. It’s the truth if they want to go back to the superbowl they need to pick up a very known name. Or someone that has a very tight resume. Oh well, if they wanna save some money they might as well go for an OC out of a highschool. I think cutler doesn’t have much to do with this

  18. why dont the bears just hire one of the stadium Beer vendors?
    I’m sure Jay would get along with him really really well………

  19. I’m sure that the idea of working for a lame duck coach is the big problem. Lovie is obviously a control freak, and has his way of doing things, which is failing miserably.
    I still don’t understand the rap Cutler has on these stupid boards, and he was fine in Chicago, maybe not his play, but his supporting cast is a joke.
    Look at all the turds on every single team in the NFL, and Cutler is nothing. Plus, didn’t Peter King report that Bowlen admitted his memory isn’t the greatest, and that he may have not remembered speaking with Cutler.
    All the Cutler bashing is tired. Lovie is what is making this job undesirable, point, set, match.

  20. “nerd says: January 28, 2010 11:00 PM
    And you base this on what?
    He did pretty well in Denver with no running game or defense. In Chicago, he’s had no running game, OL, defense, or receivers, and played better at the end of the year.
    Get an original opinion based on fact instead of popular opinion, and your therapist will be able to let you take off your helmet and tether once in awhile there Corky.

  21. The Bears are doing the right thing by waiting for a candidate to come from the SB teams. Why would they want this guy from Pitt anyways? Please no connections to Bumstedt.

  22. People keep bringing up Cutler. Its not Cutler, if Da BEARS were to say he is up for trade teams would be jumping off their seats tring to get him just like they were last year. Look at the facts no expirienced OC wants a job for one year when they know they have job security some where else. Lovie and the GM are the issue.

  23. We have a battle, which will win? The number of OCs who have passed on the Bears job, or the number of AFC QBs who passed on the Pro Bowl?

  24. Not a huge Bonds fan here, but, Barry Bonds in a blindfold swinging like a wild man? The guy almost never struck out. This guy Florio should just stop kidding himself, the man can not write.

  25. I think it’s time to really consider cutting ties with Lovie and hire someone like Cowher. Then when all these assistants want to come to Chicago we tell them to Fu@%k off. I’m just sayin..

  26. I hope Sporting News runs a survey of coaches in the NFL and asks
    “If you had to choose between being Jay Cutler’s OC or being kidnapped by drug lords in South America with your life being threatened every day for say eight years, which would you choose?”

  27. All the people who say “Cutler’s a coach killer” have no damn clue what they are talking about. What coach has he killed? Turner? He was the friggin scapegoat for the 2009 Bears. Instead of the McKaskey’s and Phillips doing the correct thing and getting rid of angelo and Lovie they let those guys can most of the offensive staff. Yeah that makes Cutler a coach killer. Jackasses.
    The only coach he will end up killing is McDouche for thinking he is so smart and trading Cutler.

  28. In a case where you have a lame duck coach, you are looking for a one year OC at best. Who in the right mind is going to give up there job for a temp job eith Lovie and Jay? Go get Mike Martz and maybe you’ll get lucky and get a new contract and can hire a good OC next year.

  29. “He did pretty well in Denver with no running game or defense. In Chicago, he’s had no running game, OL, defense, or receivers, and played better at the end of the year.”
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve said this, but Cutler’s running game in Denver–even with 7 backs on IR–averaged nearly a full yard per carry more than Chicago’s did. Defense, yeah, that blew.
    I honestly feel bad for Bears fans. They don’t deserve this. The McCaskeys should have just cleaned house and empowered a new coach from the start.

  30. Ok this column is ridiculous…..they said before they started the process they aren’t going to rush into any thing. HAVE THEY OFFERED ANY CONTRACT TO ANYONE THAT THEY REALLY WANTED……..UM THE ANSWER IS NO!!!!! Ok do we need to start calling you ESPN….. Trying to make the news and not just reporting what the truth is. For anyone that thought Bates was their first choice he wasnt he was just the first they could talk to because most of the other canidates were in the playoffs…….Bears fans just be patient……There will be no Martz……I would love for them to look at Whippel (O.C. @ the U)

  31. I coached an 8-and Under Youth Football team to a city championship. And I did it by running the ball exclusively.
    The Bears should call me. We’ll run the Wing-T and run all day! I’ll accept the job and I’ll be cheap… $500k per year, 2 year contract.

  32. It’s an unhireable position:
    1) Lovie and Angelo will be fired next year
    2) No OC wants to work with Cutler
    3) Take a look at that schedule! You have 1 year to get it done and you play: Philadelphia, New England, New York Jets, Seattle, Green Bay (twice), Minnesota (twice), Dallas, New York Giants, Miami, Carolina

  33. Cutler doesn’t need a coach. He’s the real deal… right?
    Seems like he should take a page out of the Chad Johnson book and change his name to NOTMYFAULT.

  34. The lame-duck coach thing is likely the problem, but if people don’t think Cutler is at least part of the problem, they’re deluded. I’m sick of hearing all this he had no weapons crap. Rodgers is in the Pro Bowl despite an awful O-line, Manning is in the Super Bowl despite playing with inexperienced receivers. The guy just ain’t as good as he’s been hyped, and the Bears mortgaged their future to get him.

  35. Raiders will trade JaMarcus for Cutler strait up, them you’ll have no problem getting a OC

  36. Howie Handles says:
    He did pretty well in Denver with no running game or defense.
    Did pretty well? He was 17-20 in Denver – I wouldn’t consider that doing well.

  37. (Coaching Jay Cutler, Greg Olsen, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Matt Forte is apparently less desirable than coaching the Buffalo Bills.)
    yeah it certainly seems so, they have been looking for an offensive coordinator since the redskins hired Mike Shanahan.

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