Bucs ready to move on from Bryant at current asking price

Bucs receiver Antonio Bryant is going to take a pay cut after making $9.88 million last season as the team’s franchise player.  The Bucs and Bryant can’t seem to agree on how much.

According to the Tampa Tribune, the Bucs are likely to “move on” from Bryant unless he lowers his expectations significantly.  Bryant struggled with knee problems throughout 2009 and only put up 600 yards on 39 catches.

The down year will hurt his value, but teams will remember Bryant’s breakout 2008 season and recognize he played on a terrible offense in 2009.

As we mentioned in our Antrel Rolle post, there will only be so many decent young starters available this offseason.  Bryant may not be worth what he thinks he’s worth, but it only takes one team to overpay in a seller’s market.