Earnest Byner landing with Jacksonville

Well, it didn’t take running backs coach Earnest Byner long to find new employment.

Per a league source, the former member of Jeff Fisher’s staff in Tennessee will be joining the Jaguars in the same capacity.

Byner’s agent, David Cornwell, has not responded to our request for confirmation.

Kennedy Pola left the Jaguars earlier this week for Tennessee, as Byner’s replacement.

So, essentially, they were traded, straight up.

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  1. Hmm, its always a tough grind out game between Jax and Ten.
    Maybe this coach swap will make this division rivalry more interesting with the knowledge each coach brings to their new team. It’s no secret they both run the hell outta the ball but maybe a few pointers and ques as to who, where, when and what they are thinking…..

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