Josh Cribbs is a likeable guy

The Browns haven’t paid the man yet, but Josh Cribbs isn’t shy about spending the money he has in appreciation of his teammates.

Cleveland’s return ace brought nine of his core special teams blockers (9!) to Miami with him for the Pro Bowl and he’s honoring them by wearing their jerseys one at a time the rest of the week.  Well done, sir. 

Cribbs, who made the NFL’s all-decade team as a return man, is encouraged by the latest developments in his contract talks. And he’s amazed at the support he gets in Cleveland.

“The fans are bar-none, just amazing,” Cribbs said to “They keep me
there. Everyone is amazing, everywhere I go. They accept me with warm
blood. . . . They treat me like I’m their brother or a family member.
They show so much love to me, it’s remarkable.”

Browns fans haven’t had much to be happy about about the last few years, but they have Josh Cribbs.

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  1. Not to mention he’s donating his entire pro bowl check to the relief efforts in Haiti. My name says it all!

  2. Paying attention to the way this guy carries himself lately and following him on Twitter has brought me to the conclusion that this is one of the classiest guys in the NFL. Great father to boot. Major props for saying nothing but positive things despite being in what is far from a desirable situation (no offense, Browns fans) in Cleveland. Come to the Steelers, Josh.

  3. “The fans are bare-none, just amazing,” Cribbs said to “They keep me there. Everyone is amazing, everywhere I go. They accept me with warm blood. . . . They treat me like I’m their brother or a family member. They show so much love to me, it’s remarkable.”
    Bwahahaha!! sounds like he could be a brain surgeon if he doesn’t get that contract..

  4. Sorry Bubby. Josh Cribbs would have to lower his IQ by at least 20 points just to qualify as a “Steeler.” Like you said, he has class. You answered your own comment. Sorry, Dude.

  5. Cribbs also said in that interview that his contract talks with the Browns are going very well and that a deal should be done soon. Just like all us Browns fans knew, after Holmgren got his management in place he’d worry about players.

  6. Why can’t there be more guys like this in the NFL? What a class act – he will get paid what he deserves…and maybe some of the morons in the league will learn a thing or two about how to be a man from the way Josh handles himself.

  7. Once he gets paid he won’t score another special teams touchdown. Look at what 30 million dollars did to devin hester.

  8. Let’s just see what happens. Cribbs is cool. He wants more money. So do I. He signed a contract for six years and should live with it. He’s complaining he’s underpaid based on his production in 2009. I’m sure he was happy as a pig in mud when he first signed the contract. Well, take your helmet in hand and keep performing. Don’t make this dispute public. His actions on and off the field indicate he’s a better man than what is taking place in the media now. Please no more posts on JC until something substantive has been reached.

  9. I would like to see the Panthers make a run at Cribbs.. Carolina has been desparately needing a return man for years and have been near the bottom of the league in special teams..
    We’ll give yall Delhomme for Cribbs strait up

  10. “They treat me like I’m their brother or a family member.”
    I love this guy like a son, or one of my children.

  11. @ CBS/FOX/etc
    He isn’t getting anywhere near that contract. Hester was paid WR money. Cribbs will be paid Special Teams money.
    Only way Cribbs gets a big deal is if he is flipped to a starting Safety, as the Browns will toy with the notion in the offseason.
    @ Bubby Brister
    Cribbs would sign a $2 contract with the Browns before every thinking about signing a $100 million deal to go to the Tar and Urine!

  12. I really need to just read the articles on PFT and stop looking at the posts. This is the biggest bunch of freakin retards that ever came down the tube…………….

  13. I love how, every time there’s an article about Josh Cribbs, the comments are filled with people saying things like “The Raiders will pay him” or “Come to the Steelers.”
    Keep dreaming. Homeboy ain’t going anywhere.

  14. SwedishMurderMachine says:
    “They accept me with warm blood? Thats kind of weird man.”
    Weird? That is disturbing!
    But I do love what he does and how he does it.

  15. Unlike the NBA, and the MLB, the NFL does not sign guarenteed contracts. Everyone makes comments like, “Would you give the money back if you sign a big contract and underperform?”
    The answer is yes, because they will cut you. True, some part of the contract has to be paid, but NFL contracts are rife with escalators and roster bonuses. If someone signs a big money contract and then underperforms, they cut him.
    Yet, if someone signs a low budget contract and wants more money he is berrated and told to ‘honer his contract.”
    I have no doubt that Holmgren will take care of this situation since Cribbs puts butts in the seats, is a positive force in the locker room, and gets more and better press for the Browns then any three other players.
    I do have one question for the first commenter: “Who the hell is Daman?” the guy’s name is Josh.

  16. They accept me with warm blood
    That would explain his freakish skills… Josh Cribbs is a Blackula.

  17. Holmgren takes care of productive players, he’ll be fine. Good things are about to happen for Cleveland. Trust me. I’m one of the many Seahawk fans sad to see Holmgren go.

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