Pro Bowlers talk about Warner's legacy

If Kurt Warner retires Friday, we’re happy he’ll get a proper sendoff.  He will make the rounds at the Super Bowl, and enjoy a victory lap.

There have been better quarterbacks, but there has been no one with the same career arc of Warner, from his pre-NFL days to his five years in supposed decline before his rebirth with the Cardinals.  

On Thursday, Pro Bowl lineman Kevin Mawae and Alan Faneca talked about Warner’s legacy.


8 responses to “Pro Bowlers talk about Warner's legacy

  1. If Warner retires, he better stay retired or else he’ll put a stink on his legacy like Favre has done.
    Admit it, most people will remember Favre for going to the Jets and having a bitter divorce from Green Bay as well as him going to a division rival just to stick it to his former team. No one will remember his beginning in Atlanta though….Dirty south doesnt matter.

  2. Interesting player. Numbers don’t tell the whole story since this league changed it’s passing rules in ’78.
    The guy he reminds me of is Earl Morrall. Journeyman type start to his career. An injury to the starter [Johnny Unitas] gives him a chance to play. Wins the MVP and leads his team to the SB, although Morrall lost SB III.
    Returns to backup status before a late career revival [Morrall won nine regular season plus one playoff game for ’72 Dolphins.]
    Both were very accurate passers with limited mobility.
    I know most people posting here have no idea who Earl Morrall was. But it’s obvious the people coming here need a little history lesson now and then.

  3. No nobody else shares his bags to riches story.
    If Roidney HGHarrison had never took that dirty shot @ Trent Green’s knee.
    Damn you Roidney.
    For the record, the hypocritical fraud is not a hall of famer.

  4. hahaha whatever he certainly is a hall of famer. he has stats, and Florio has even changed his mind. Name somebody with his stats, 3 Super Bowl appearance, etc. who isn’t in the hall.

  5. yes people here know who earl was.
    earl kinda choked in big games. but he was a starting caliber nfl qb. yes teams stockpiled good qbs wbw too.
    warner is as much hof quality as favre if not more.
    just because people mention god once in awhile without the second name damn doesnt mean they are hypocrites.
    liberals, meanwhile, are hypocrites.

  6. bigrig, I don’t buy the comparisons. If Earl were playing today, you’d be calling him Ryan Leaf or Rick Mirer. He was a high draft choice who never really did much until later in his career and he may have been out of the league and not been given the chance to come to the rescue of any franchise if he played today. On the other hand, Warner was an undrafted player who put in his time in the Arena League and NFL Europe before he got his chance with St. Louis. After he established himself, injuries undid his career in St. Louis while Earl was never able to hang on to any job. Oh and I do remember Earl and he was NO Kurt Warner.

  7. I wouldn’t compare Earl Morrall with Kurt Warner too much. I saw Morrall play in person and on TV, he was very much a “game manager” type of QB, unlike Warner when he had the team talent to protect him in the packet and good receivers to throw too. Morall’s teams (Colts/Dolphins) had excellent rushing attacks (especially Miami) and stout defenses.
    Warner = HOF!!!
    Both for his excellence on the field, and for his example off the field.

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