Some think Saints should consider two game plans

A league source tells us that the Senior Bowl has been buzzing about the manner in which Colts quarterback Peyton Manning dismantled the Jets and “the guy who is supposed to have the best defensive mind in the league.”

The talk among offensive coaches at the college all-star game was that the Jets had no Plan B after Manning figured out the plan featuring coverages he supposedly had never before seen.

So there’s a theory in Mobile that the Saints should consider developing two separate game plans:  One for the first half, and one of the second half.  The concern, however, is that Saints players would interpret the unconventional approach as panic.

Still, given the way Manning is playing, panic might be the appropriate response.

25 responses to “Some think Saints should consider two game plans

  1. Panic?!?! Saints…Don’t let “Pride” get in the way. This is the superbowl guys. If it takes a plan “C” then do it!!

  2. An old friend used to say (regarding the stock market), if you’re going to panic, panic first. Getting trampled is no good.

  3. One plan for Manning and another plan for Painter…
    Oh, and I love the Voodoo Defense. That’s how we played the game in the backyard about 35 years ago.

  4. Their current plan works fine. Late hits/cheap shots on the QB has not failed them yet….Yes, I am Vikings fan.

  5. I’m with Bwa Ha Ha. Any coach worth his salt has a backup plan and a backup of the backup plan, both on offense and defense. That’s not panic, that’s prudence. You don’t tell your players, “If plan A fails, we’re going to do plan B.” You simply explain that this plan is for if they’re running these sorts of plays and that plan is for if they’re running those sorts of plays.
    Coaches who stick to a failing game plan don’t win championships (see: Reid, Andy)

  6. Haha! Yet, trolltoll is up posting already! I say plan c, d, e, and x should all be on the table. It probably won’t matter much anyway.

  7. Saints have already beaten Warner and Favre in the playoffs, both having some of their best seasons. They’ll be ready for Peyton

  8. i dont know what all the fuss is about, according to some dummies on here, it was the colts defense that earned the conference championship win.

  9. ejb –
    that is saying something. both of those dudes are great qb’s. however, payton manning they are not.
    what he did to the jets was remarkable. he changed nearly every play and what was the success rate, like 90%?
    i’m not surprised the best minds of football are buzzing about manning. after two ugly drives he managed to figure out the defense completely. what is that, like 15 minutes of sidelines time to dismantle a gameplan that took a week to implement?
    besides manning – there is the colts D which looks better than the saints D. and lastly, i think many would argue Favre and the vikings werent beaten by the saints, but instead they Burressed themselves in the foot.

  10. I’m a Pats fan and I agree. Look at how much better Manning does in the second half. I never understood why the Pats didn’t switch things up knowing that he’ll have them figured out after halftime.

  11. It’s comical how the Jets (a team who only got into the playoffs because the Colts and Bengals didn’t even try the last 2 weeks of the season) all of a sudden became “the best defense with the best defensive minded coach” since the ’85 Bears. Give me a fricken break. They skated into the playoffs on a gift, beat the Bungals and the soft sissy boys from San Diego. Welcome back to reality Jets fan, you arent going back to the AFC championship for another 15 years.

  12. Plan A – Saints go headhunting on Manning like they did Warner and Favre with late hits and cheap shots.
    Plan B – If they fail to knock him out, kiss their secondary goodbye and hope they win a triple diget score game

  13. I always thought coaches did that anyway – In fact IM SURE THEY DO. Its just a matter of how long you stick with plan A.
    Im not a Vikes fan, but the SAINTS are a dirty team.

  14. My question is.. do the players really know the game plan? Don’t the players just follow the plays called from the coaches?
    i know there’s some audibles going on.. but aren’t those just called b/c the captain sees something so obviously wrong they change the play… i don’t really see how the players really know ‘the game plan’

  15. As great as Peyton Manning is, the Saints had one of the most prolific scoring offenses since the ’07 Patriots; why aren’t we reading a story about the Colts plans to stop Drew Brees?

  16. The bottom line is that the Saints will be able to hit Manning or they won’t. If they can get his jersey dirty he’ll turn into Ryan Leaf like all those times the Pats caused him fits in the playoffs. If they can’t hit him then the score will probably end up being 49-45 and you could flip a coin as far as who will end up on top.

  17. The Saints have NO chance unless they thug up on Manning.
    If I’m the Colts we’re busting heads and breaking bones.

  18. Caldon says:
    January 28, 2010 8:52 AM
    Plan A – Saints go headhunting on Manning like they did Warner and Favre with late hits and cheap shots.
    Plan B – If they fail to knock him out, kiss their secondary goodbye and hope they win a triple diget score game
    Plan C – Know that the refs will bail them out.

  19. Plan A – Plan B, WTF. Its called adjustments!!! You have a plan and you make adjustments to it as the game goes along. You think the Colts called “plan B” no they adjusted. So the Saints should adjust.

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