Bears may be interested in Saints tight ends coach

The next man to get the opportunity to turn down an interview for the Bears offensive coordinator position could be Saints tight end coach Terry Malone.

Malone is on the Bears radar, but the team can’t talk to him until after the Super Bowl.  The Saints are expected to allow Malone to interview, according to Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times.   Malone was a former offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Michigan. 

Another potential target from next week’s game is Colts assistant head coach/receivers coach Clyde Christensen.  At this pace, it’s looking safe to assume the position will remain open until after February 7.

11 responses to “Bears may be interested in Saints tight ends coach

  1. It’s an unhireable position:
    1) Lovie and Angelo will be fired next year
    2) No OC wants to work with Cutler
    3) Take a look at that schedule! You have 1 year to get it done and you play: Philadelphia, New England, New York Jets, Seattle, Green Bay (twice), Minnesota (twice), Dallas, New York Giants, Miami, Carolina

  2. Florio – Can you get some inside info from one of your contacts about Cutler’s demeanor in the interview process? I would be interested in knowing what these past candidates who have interviewed have to say..

  3. I think they may consider me a candidate at this point. All I need is 4 more pro bowlers to not play and I’ll be a pro bowl quarterback.

  4. “2) No OC wants to work with Cutler”
    Laughable. Any of the these candidates would be thrilled to work with Cutler. He has all the skills to be a great player, and he’s coming off his worst season. Imagine what it would do to their reputation if they were able to coach the supposedly uncoachable Cutler into a career year. A successful season by Jay could make a guy who was a Tight Ends coach a year ago into a head coaching candidate.

  5. Deegan, wrong. If someone gets the opportunity to work with a master like Cutler and does a great job like you say then they’d likely be the next HC.
    Fact is Cutler is a jerk and he’s poison. His wimpering when he didn’t get what he wanted in Denver is just the tip of the iceberg.
    To get someone to coach him an organization will have to overpay the coach (like Dan Snyder has to) and the Bears don’t operate that way.

  6. Denver Fans
    I’m sorry that you’re stuck with Kyle Orton.
    Its awful that Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler wish they had the balls to follow Cutler before the season started.
    Its a shame that your train-wreck of a season makes it sting all the more.
    However, its time to stop blaming Cutler for McDaniels issues and move on.
    Bears Fans

  7. according to PFT wisdom Cutler is a diva,a coach killer & a bad teammate….uncoachable
    the truth of this is verified from anonymous football experts typing on their computers & Florio’s postings…
    on the other hand I dont think I have anybody connected with the NFL confirm this on or off the record..prior to the ugly divorce from the Broncos ( & blame for that can be spread around )
    he had a pretty good rep as far as intelligence work ethic & competiviness
    so how about it PFT?…how about using your sources & getting an evaluation from a legitimate NFL source

  8. someone call jeff fisher and ask him what he thinks of cutler.
    maybe some of the posters should go back and look at his career in college.he carried his team on his back with sheer determination.unlike some other overpaid clowns that are working in the nfl today.

  9. Uhhh… when did he whine when his receivers quit on routes (who are all basically rookies), he had no running game, his defence would give up td after td, and his line decided to pat people on the back on their way into the backfield. The fact is he didn’t. Sure some of those games he threw interceptions he should not have but if you actually watched those games, a lot of them were receivers not completing their routes or literally just falling down. He never blamed them, he always blamed himself. He always said he wanted to get better. Look through the media spins please and make a correct decision.
    That said getting a good OC might not solve a lot of problems for the Bears let alone just finding someone to fill the position with.

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