Bethea could skip Pro Bowl too

Dwight Freeney isn’t the only Colts player that could skip waving hello at the Pro Bowl. Safety Antoine Bethea has a back injury that could also prevent him from going to Miami a day early.  At least the Colts hope so.

Speaking Friday morning from the Pro Bowl, NFL Network’s Deion Sanders thought the Colts’ complaints were overblown.

“It’s like the day before Christmas and you tell me to go on the other city to pick up a gift from grandma.  I don’t want to, but I’m going to do it because the next is, what, Christmas.  They are coming to the Super Bowl!  There is nothing that could inconvenience you . . . this is all gravy.”

Sanders wasn’t the only league employee fighting back on the issue.

Writing on Twitter, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, SB players voted
to Pro Bowl are going to PB because players asked us to do this when we
discussed it with them a few years ago. . . .
Those players said
we would want to come early and be honored with other Pro Bowl players.
Players had input into this format; we listened.”

We can see both sides of the issue, but sometimes you have to pick your battles.  Is this really an issue important enough for all the complaining?

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  1. Forcing someone to fly from indy to mia, then fly back, then fly back to mia the next day is plain stupid.
    Why can’t they fly in on Sunday morning, STAY THERE SUNDAY NIGHT, and meet their teammates at the airport Monday?

  2. it is STUPID to have the Superbowl teams there anyway it will break up their chemistry!!! This whole fiasco is a JOKE!!!

  3. aec4 – What you suggested is what they intend to do. The Indy pro bowl players are going to fly down after practice on Sunday and attend the game.
    The issue here is that Bethea and Freeney may stay behind to receive treatment for their injuries at the Colts facilities.

  4. If this were any team but Indy Deion wouldnt have a problem. He hates Indy, has picked against them all season, never has anything positive to say about them. Im guessing because they were the team to knock his Ravens out of the playoffs his last season. Its not just because they dont want to travel, its injury issues. The Colts have bigger things on their mind then waiving at the Pro Bowl.
    Bethia wasnt elected to the Pro Bowl. He was a injury replacement. Why would the NFL replace someone who isnt playing with another player who isnt going to play?

  5. They don’t have to fly back. Originally that was the play until they worked out that they just fly a day earlier is all it amounts to. Players will fly private charter jet for the Pro Bowl and then say the night and meet up with their team the next day.

  6. These are the reasons the popularity bowl WAS after the Superbowl, hope no one watches it!!! Keep things the way they were Goodell!!! It has worked for over 30 years leave it alone!!!

  7. None of this matters…Colts 45 Saints 27…You can hate on the Colts all you want…You can be angry that Peyton Manning is overexposed…or that Bill Polian is a jerk…or that they spit in the face of perfection. But the NFL and fans will all bow down next sunday. By the way with Garcon, Collie, and Gonzo, Brown, Bethea, Session etc. This team is Loaded!!! Expect to see more Lombardi trophies in Indy!!!

  8. For every Colts player who does not “attend” the Pro Bowl because of injury treatment the Saints should also hold one out due to injury treatment. By this time of the season, just about every player has some sort of “injury” that needs to be treated. It would not surprise me if all of the Colts didn’t show up because they were having their injuries treated. Pollian will get his way in the end or he will throw somebody out of the Press Box at the Super Bowl……

  9. LOL please never again quote Deion in any matter related to the Colts. He spent 95 percent of his airtime blabbering about God-knows-what and the other 5 percent professing his hatred for the Colts.

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