Desperate Bears interviewing Martz

Having exhausted plans A through F, the Bears retreated Friday in their bid to find an offensive coordinator not named Mike Martz.  Martz is interviewing for the job today, according to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun Times.

Jensen makes note of two potential road blocks, one of which PFT grand poobah Mike Florio already covered a few days ago.  The other is that Martz has a decidedly pass-heavy history.  He’ll have to run the ball in Chicago.
Yet another is Martz’s in-season criticism of Bears QB Jay Cutler.  
He just doesn’t get it,” Martz said in September.  “He just doesn’t understand that he represents a great head coach and the rest of the players on that team.  Somebody needs to talk to him.”
The Bears are desperate for someone, anyone, to coordinate their offense.  Two strong personalities such as Cutler and Martz would seem likely to clash, but the fit makes sense on paper because of Martz’s ties to head coach Lovie Smith.
Just don’t be surprised when Martz benches Cutler for Caleb Hanie.

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  1. They really are desperate… I interviewed with them this morning, and it went pretty well despite my complete lack of football knowledge.
    They said they’d call me Monday, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. “on paper on paper”
    don’t sweat it, I do that sh*t all the time. Switch the decaf after 3ish.
    And why don’t they just name Cutler OC? He already runs the team & the Bears seem to cater to his every whim.

  3. FINALLY they interview someone who has real NFL OC cred. I am sure Lovie was told to take his time and give all the young punks a chance to interview before they got to Martz.
    Martz is the only guy out there that has a chance of making this thing work. This crap about no one wanting to work with Cutler was rediculous.
    Lovie is one and done if this doesn’t work and everyone knows that is the reason

  4. I don’t understand why Martz isn’t a OC in the NFL. Him with the Bears may actually make sense. It would definitely make Forte a BEAST (look at Faulk when Martz OC’ed for the Rams). Although Cutler is a proven loser, it may help him to learn under a OC that emphasizes timing and progressions.

  5. Will one of you guys please fix the site. You put those homers on top of Favre and now you can’t get past him. Where’s the next button?

  6. FANTASTIC! Now we can exclude our best receiver ( TE OLSEN) from getting catches and get our “franchise QB” killed. Was there any doubt that a Lovie Smith connection would trump all? Bring on the disaster…

  7. Silva – the Mancrunch ad took out the rest of the site after it was posted.
    Did Florio’s VW bus have a wreck on the road to Florida and tip over the hampster cage?

  8. Martz is lightyears beyond anything chicago has had in at least 20 years. Have you seen their coordinators? Ron Turner, John Schoop?!!!? Gary Crouton!?!!? TERRY SHEA?!!?!?!

  9. They should hire Martz he will help their offense keep up with the high powered minnesota and green bay offenses in the division and Jay Cutler will put up huge stats. Look at what he did with bums like bulger kitna and even jt o sullivan

  10. Bears will stink no matter what. They always do. What a craphole city that is. Even produced the king of all turds Obamalamadingdong.

  11. Could you elaborate the difference between “strong personality” and the nuances of being a “idiot”? Because I don’t get it.
    Mooch is available as well. Used to working with guys throwing loads of picks.

  12. At this point how bad could Martz be? This staff is about to get swept out after the 2010 season anyway, maybe Martz could turn Jay Cutler into something worth having.

  13. They have nothing to lose in hiring him. Why not? He can’t do much worse than the last guy and at least he has some upside potential if they would get some better receivers.

  14. there has been no mention I can find on PFT but the Bears interveiwed Vikes QB coach Kevin Rogers yesterday
    I would love to see Martz working with Cutler…doubt that remarks on NFL Network will have any bearing on their relationship..Martz will just tell him to his face…QB’s HC’s & OC’s clash all the time & it really isnt the soap opera the media makes it out to be
    @ Pier588 :
    thanks…I thought Gregg broke the blog

  15. Bring in Martz! That way when none of the Bears offense can run his system (thanks Angelo) the Bears will suck again next year.
    Music to a Packer-fan’s ears… 🙂

  16. My buddy said it best.
    “They should really be a reality show and have Lovie, Marenelli, and Martz (and Babich living in the basement along with his new “friend”….stan kwan) all living in one house,”
    Now THAT is must see TV.
    What a joke this whole mess is. The best part is, the Bears beat reporter was trying to spin it all in a positive light. “How many offers have the Bears actually extended?” Uh, it’s kind of hard (that’s what she said) to extend an offer when these guys are avoiding the Staley’s like they have a case of H1N1 laced with Hepatitis C.

  17. So, did Martz say anything that wasn’t true? The only problem is can he give the run game the attention that it deserves. Like it or not, Chicago needs to do more running in order to keep their defense off the field.

  18. The guy they should be interviewing is Darrell Bevell — the Vikings Offensive Coordinator. Darryll came to the Vikings from the Packers, may have lost his meal ticket if Brett retires — and he has great experience working with high maintenance quarterbacks!
    This would represent a promotion for him and a chance to show what he’s got!

  19. the bears are one of the fringe teams in the league. bringing in martz to coordinate the offense can lead to one of two things: 1) offense improves enough to help win several more games than last season. 2) total collapse leading to cowher’s entry in 2011. a win-win situation imo.

  20. Chicago is one of the best cities in the country. No teams current offensive coordinator can leave and go work for the Bears. It doesn’t work that way.

  21. Martz’s system requires a studly offensive line, because he uses minimal protection on practically every play.
    Works great with a young Orlando Pace, probably not so good with the current Bears. Cutler will get hit a *lot* next year. And we all know how good he is when he’s under a lot of pressure.

  22. Sold. Martz is not a fan of Cutler but maybe he can help him. Obviously, Cutler is the one lost. Cutler if he has another bust season should give back some of the money he’s being given. People need to do their homework on a player. Cutler didn’t have a winning season in High School, College nor the pro’s yet. He is a proven loser.

  23. And we all know how good he is when he’s under a lot of pressure. Yeah, about as good as he is the rest of the time.

  24. This franchise went from the peak of optimism at the moment the Cutler trade took place, all the way into the deepest valley of depression and pessimism right about now.

  25. If Martz is hired, bye-bye running game and bye-bye Cutler – he’s gonna get killed. He was successful with the Rams because of Faulk, the outstanding receiving corps and thier o-line. Last time i checked, the Bears don’t have any of those. Good luck, Bears fans.

  26. Think a year or two in the future for the Bears: Cutler will go from the Broncos’ offense, to Turner’s offense, to Martz’s offense to the offensive system of whoever is hired after Lovie gets canned. Combine that with no draft picks for 2 years, no decent free agents in the 2010 uncapped year, and an old/beat up defense, and it looks like the Pack and Vikes will be the only ones worth watching in the NFCN for the next couple years.

  27. Has disastrous potential. Martz could easily clash with Cutler (who is already sensitive and prone to pouting)…. Martz could turn it around in short term, but it could go South quickly. They have the speed – Johnny Knox, Devin Hester… it could work.

  28. LOL, Maike Martz…the Bears shuffled him off to the side for how many weeks now, then after 1,700 no’s he gets an interview. Classic Angelo/Smith, would you expect anything different?
    The only way Martz gets this job is if the towel boy from the Bears locker room turns down the OC job. Rumor has it he’s leaving to join the Buccaneers in the same capacity over being the OC for the Bears.
    Just wait til the DC debacle starts and we can’t give that job away either. What a joke, our team is in shambles because we morons at the helm. Way to go douchers!

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