Draft-hopeful Gilyard reveals marijuana arrest

University of Cincinnati wide receiver/return specialist Mardy Gilyard dominated the Big East to the tune of 87 catches for 1,191 yards and 11 touchdowns as a senior, adding three scores on punt and kickoff returns.  He was named the conference’s Special Teams Player of the Year and first-team All-Big East in both 2008 and 2009.

Gilyard is also not hiding his high school arrest during interviews at the Senior Bowl.
“Character’s a big issue, so I tell them straight up,” Gilyard said.  “I was arrested in high school for possession of marijuana and attempt to distribute.  I didn’t have no problem telling (them) that.”  Gilyard blames the arrest on being “young and dumb,” and says he isn’t proud of his past misdeeds.  
While off-field issues will remain a red flag to teams considering Gilyard in April’s draft, his approach is admirable and smart.  It also contrasts with that of Nebraska LB Cody Glenn last year.  The Redskins’ fifth-round pick, Glenn lied about the reasons for his senior-year suspension to get truth seekers off his back.
Gilyard has drawn mixed reviews for his play down in Mobile.  A projected late first- to second-round pick entering the event, the fifth-year senior has struggled with drops after measuring an inch and a half shorter and eight pounds lighter than he was listed at UC.
He’ll get a chance to make up for it in Saturday’s game.

19 responses to “Draft-hopeful Gilyard reveals marijuana arrest

  1. What? An arrest 3-4 yrs ago and THAT’S a ‘Red Flag’??? Did he cheat on a test in elementary school that needs to be brought up as well?

  2. If I was an owner about to drop a couple of million on a kid I’d want to know everything about him, his mama, and his 3rd cousin…
    At least he told the truth, and the truth shall set you FREE!!!!

  3. “Mardy? It’s Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals… how would you like to continue your football career here in Cincinnati? Think of the money you’ll save not having to pay movers!”

  4. Who hasn’t been caught with weed in HS? I mean come on. At least he isn’t still doing it. Plus, at least he fessed up to it.

  5. Important Note: Weed (especially schwag) is NOT a performance-enhancing drug. And I’m sure some overdue library books and a parking ticket can be found in this dangerous criminal’s lurid past as well.

  6. “A projected late first- to second-round pick entering the event, the fifth-year senior has struggled with drops after measuring an inch and a half shorter and eight pounds lighter.”
    Struggled with drops, sounds like a GOOD fit for the Raiders.

  7. After cannabis is legalized in California in the 2010 referendum, this will become a moot point. The NFL’s anti-pot policies are not long for this world.

  8. It’s the “attempt to distribute” that will ring the bells the loudest. How much hooch did this guy have?

  9. Ran into a guy when I was in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl who said his buddy sold Mardy Gilyard on ounce of weed after the Pitt game. He also said his buddy sells to the whole team and most of the basketball team. I imagine Mardy will be anounced as failing a drug test and a suspension some time in his career.

  10. good for him. If he conceals it, then it bites him in the ass and sites like this pounce on the “character flaws”. Whatever. Talent masks character flaws 99% of the time, why do you think Pacman got 5 strikes?

  11. My bad. I asked a question that was given in the original post.
    How much hooch?
    “after measuring an inch and a half shorter and eight pounds lighter than he was listed at UC.”

  12. “75% of the players in this league smoke grass…”
    ~Bill Parcells~
    Who cares? Weed is harmless. It is only illegal beacuse it stimulates the pineal gland and would be a cheap alternative to paper products.
    Lobbyists have been around for a long time, this is a prime example of some of their work.

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