Gore's reference to strip club removed from NFLN broadcast

FrankGore.jpgNFL Network’s coverage of the Pro Bowl works so well because the players are so relaxed.  The season is over, they are having fun, and they aren’t worried if their coaches are watching. 

Jared Allen’s comments to Brett Favre Friday were a good example; Frank Gore took it to another level.

Let’s set the scene: Maurice Jones-Drew was working as a player correspondent, roving the field and holding goofy interviews.  MJD was talking with Frank Gore and DeAngelo Williams when Gore got on Jones-Drew’s case for welshing on a bet.

“If we we won, you said you were taking me to the strip club,” Gore said in reference to a matchup from earlier in the season.  Classic.

The 49ers destroyed Jacksonville 20-3 back in Week Twelve.  MJD admitted, “I owe you,” and eventually threw it back to his humble host. “Back to you, Rich.”

The network replayed the practice in the afternoon, but unsurprisingly edited out Gore’s remark.  It also cut down Allen’s promise to Brett Favre.

I’ve probably watched more Pro Bowl coverage in NFL Network’s history than anyone alive. (I’m not especially proud of this, but I’m working!)  I keep it on because the players are more honest and open than usual.

The Inconvenient Truth was just a little too honest for the network’s liking Friday.