Merriman wants a new contract

Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman wants a new contract, and isn’t holding it in anymore.  

I feel like I’m in the worst possible situation,” Merriman told the San Diego Union-Tribune.  “I don’t know if my team wants me there.  So I’m going to have fun with the situation.”
The Chargers are hesitant to lock up Merriman long term because the player formerly known as “Lights Out” was mostly a non-factor in 2009, is an impending restricted free agent, and the club used a first-round pick on Larry English last April.  English, of course, plays the same position as Merriman.
As the Union-Trib also points out, Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith has not been pleased with many of Merriman’s off-field actions.  
Merriman says he wants to stay with the Chargers, but his most likely way of doing so in 2010 is to play on a one-year, restricted free agent tender.  He isn’t going to get a long-term extension.

37 responses to “Merriman wants a new contract

  1. And the Chargers want a new Merriman…Don’t let the door hit ya!
    Amazing how all these “lock” hall of famers and the “next LT’s” of the world all fall by the wayside

  2. After that amazing performance against the Jets and his outstanding off-field behavior, he certainly deserves a huge new contract. Hahahahahaha….

  3. Sorry Shawne, you have played or shot up (allegedly) your way out of town. This is coming from a hardcore Charger fan.

  4. Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith has not been pleased with many of Merriman’s off-field actions.
    Fans are not so pleased with AJ Smith himself.

  5. The lights went out when he couldn’t take steroids anymore. He’s a complete non-factor on that defense, except for a tackle or two.

  6. What contract you want Shawn??!?! What do you think your worth you no sack having, un-reliable LB?!?!?
    Better twitter the Lions. They got room for you!! LOL!!

  7. “I feel like I’m in the worst possible situation,” – yeah, at the end of a contract and no longer performing for crap.

  8. I want him to go away. What is it with players that dont perform thinking they deserve more money? Maybe he should give money back for sucking at life and football.

  9. How on Earth does this guy think he deserves some kind of huge deal? He has done absolutely nothing since he had to stop juicing.
    Why are we even talking about him? He is a below average starter with a bad attitude. He’ll be out of the league in 3 years. Who cares?

  10. Overrated. Had a couple good seasons on roids and hasn’t done anything since he got busted. San Diego actually has a few overrated players they will have to deal with.

  11. And, to think, there was a time the Cowboys were criticized for taking DeMarcus Ware over this guy in the draft. I guess it’s pretty clear who the better player is now. Who the better person is was never in doubt.

  12. He may want a new contract, but everyone else wants him to stop taking steroids and stop beating women. Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle….

  13. Given the Chargers love of giving contracts to old washed up people (LT), he’ll get paid…….to sit on the bench and b#$%ch. Never in my life have I seen such a bunch of crybabies on a professional team. If they are smart they’ll give Turner a huge contract as well (eyes rolling).
    And seriously Sparta, grow a brain. StarCaps is not roids. Use your brain before you open your mouth. to all the other morons who think Starcaps is roids, it is not, it is a product said to mask other stuff. remember the Whizzenator guy? The love boat? VIkes have problems, but not with roids (at least not more than any other team)

  14. Maybe “Lights Out” and “LT” can make another music video.
    They’ll have plenty of free time next Fall.
    What it do?

  15. Shawne Merriman is overrated. He hasn’t done crap since being caught using performance enhancing drugs. What makes him think he is that great?

  16. # SpartaChris says: January 29, 2010 2:00 PM
    He should go to Minnesota, where he can get caught once using roids and not be suspended.
    Hey douche-nozzle, please provide 1 example of that happening in the last 10 years.
    Didn’t think so you piece of stool.
    So are your parents siblings or just cousins?

  17. Not a Merriman fan, but wow are there a lot of haters.
    I dont think his post suspension numbers are nearly as bad as most do if you consider injuries.
    He was “busted” in Dec of 2005. Lost his appeal process and was suspended for the weeks 9-12 of 2006. The last 5 weeks of that season (13-17) he had 8.5 sacks. If you consider that he was “busted” in 2005, he actually was off the juice the entire 2006 season and was gonna win the DPOY award with 17.5 sacks until Jason Taylor started crying about it and the media caved.
    In 2007 he had 12.5 sacks in 15 games. This is the year in which 2 Titan lineman pummeled him after a play for a late hit on Vince Young I believe(?).
    Because of that he played in only one game in 2008.
    In 2009 he was still recovering from that injury, plus fighting a groin injury. And finally injured his plantar fascia.
    Its possible, maybe even probable, that because he is no longer juicing that he is susceptible to injury. But injuries have kept him from being the pre-roid player. I dont think he’ll ever be that player again, but still, injuries have hurt is overall ability.
    As far as comparisons to Ware;
    Ware – 80 games, 64.5 sacks = .80 sacks game
    Merriman – 57 games, 43.5 sacks = .76 sacks game
    Doesn’t look too different to me. Although Ware has gotten to be a better player over the last 2 years. Merriman not so much.
    But dont let a little research and facts get in the way of all the hate.

  18. Shawne Merriman is overrated. He hasn’t done crap since being caught using performance enhancing drugs. What makes him think he is that great?
    you DO know that the 19 sack season came AFTER the failed test right? His lack of productivity is directly pointing to the cheap shot that the Titans OL did to him that put him out for a year and a half.
    But if he plays well next year, he MUST be back on the roids right?
    Never heard anybody mention steroid abuse for Julius Peppers since he failed a drug test with MORE of a percentage in Peppers’ blood than in Merrimans blood. No one dare’s to say a word about Peppers though right?

  19. This guy hasn’t done anything in actually 2 seasons. He could have had his surgery in Jan 2008 and just missed 2008. Instead he tried to play against his Drs advice and then had surgery in the fall.
    He didn’t help his case by publicly calling out the GM after the team toughness was questioned.
    AJ likes players who play above their contract value. They’ll tender him and he could be gone possibly by seasons start and unless he returns to 2006 form will get the boot after next season.

  20. For football fans you guys sure dont know squat. The game after his substance suspension he had 3 sacks against St. Louis. The yr. after the suspension he had 12.5 sacks. B4 his injury that Jeff Fisher’s dirty coaching caused he had 39.5 sacks in 3 seasons. He will be a force again and I hope its with my Chargers.

  21. I’m amazed how much hate there is for Shawne Merriman. The guy has cold, hard proof that he was clean throughout the 2006 and ’07 seasons, his best two years. He whiffed one drug test, four years ago.
    AJ Smith will tag Merriman for a 1st and a 3rd this year. Nobody will make any offers, essentially creating a contract year for Merriman. He will have had two years to recover from his surgery, and then he will have a season to show he has made a recovery.
    I hope AJ realizes in that time that Merriman is a born leader and a team player, and when that guy comes in the form of a great athlete, you don’t let him walk away just because he’s hyperactive and kind of gone Hollywood. Those are legitimate criticisms, yes… but guys like that are rare and valuable and hard to find. If he shows his ’06-07 form next year, I hope they work out a deal at $7M/year or so (sorry, Shawne, but you have too much baggage to break any banks). Then this team would be set for awhile, with player-provided leadership on both sides of the ball to complement the Xs-and-Os head coach.

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