Patrick Kerney held retirement party

Mike Florio’s VW bus is on the way down to Miami, but that hasn’t stopped tips from flowing into the PFT inbox.

Calling from the road, Florio passed along that Seahawks defensive end Patrick Kerney held a retirement party last week.  Apparently, some of those in attendance are amused the media still has no idea. 

Kerney, 33, was expected to undergo elbow surgery this offseason.  Due $5.15 million in 2010, the Seahawks seemed likely to ask him to take a paycut. It sounds like they won’t have to go through the trouble.

Drafted 30th overall by the Falcons in 1999, Kerney played in two Pro Bowls. He was first-team All Pro in 2007 with the Seahawks and recorded 82.5 sacks in his 11-year career.

UPDATE: Sources close to Kerney are denying the report.  We’ll have more on the subject later.

10 responses to “Patrick Kerney held retirement party

  1. Boy, I sure hope he doesn’t waffle like favre right? I mean isn’t this what we say now whenever we hear the word retire?

  2. I find it hard to believe the local media didn’t know this as his fiance is the smoking hot Lisa Gangel, the weekend sports reporter for Seattle’s NBC news station. Perhaps as a courtesy to Lisa and Patrick they’ve just kept it on the downlow

  3. Flop-rio’s not cool enough to have a 60’s-something VW van. He’s more of a Married Man van kinda guy.
    Re: Kearney-he’ll be missed.

  4. How is this breaking news? He had already retired back in ’07 and was just showing up for the paycheck these last few seasons.
    This is good news for the Seahawks. Maybe now we can go find someone younger than 30 for our D-Line. Ruskell wasted too much money and picks on old washed-up has-beens. Branch, Cole, Redding, Kerney, Peterson… the list goes on…
    Seahawks need to shed all the old baggage and rebuild.

  5. Too bad PK’s replacement for Atlanta in ’07, 1st rd. DE Jamaal Anderson, is busty, & not in a good way. Whatever became of the rape allegations of a mooching lady friend of his back at his Georgia estate soon after he went to Seattle? She brought to his home some dudes from a club/bar and woke up to find some dude on & in her. Assume nothing ever became of it. Time to put TMZ Florio on the case. I B 2 lazy to look it up.

  6. This guy single handidly
    beat my Redskins in the 2007 playoff game.
    He was fierce.

  7. I hope PK enjoys retirement, he’s a bright guy and I think we’ll see him on TV or on the radio fairly soon. Great player for a few years with the Falcons and he was a great part of the Atlanta community.

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