Peppers, McKinnie skip Pro Bowl practice

Further proving that players don’t take the Pro Bowl seriously, Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers and Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie skipped out on Friday’s practice and are subject to fines.

A league source told the Associated Press that the absences were unexcused.  Pete Prisco of attempted to contact McKinnie’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, but got no response. McKinnie didn’t even show up for the NFC team photo.
As Prisco also notes, McKinnie and Peppers have reputations for “playing when they want to play,” so it’s not particularly surprising that they’re taking the event lightly.  It remains to be seen if they’ll be active for the game on Sunday.

20 responses to “Peppers, McKinnie skip Pro Bowl practice

  1. Simeon Rice did that when Andy Reid was coaching the Pro Bowl and Reid sent him home packing. I would send both players home…

  2. #74 had that passed down from #84…Super Freak did the same thing, skipped the team photo….see Sports Century, Randy Moss.

  3. Sounds like Peppers to any Carolina fan. He may show up or he may not. That is what you get for 1 mil a game these days.

  4. McKinnie plays likes he is not there so he decided not to show in order to see if any one would notice, surprisingly someone did.

  5. Peppers has had it easy his entire life because he is such a freak of nature. Dedication and effort are words meant for other people in his mind.

  6. Peppers tried to go, McKinnie blocked him? Nah, nevermind we all saw what happened last time he tried to block him.

  7. Wade Phillips is used to players not taking him seriously…..but if for some odd reason he decides to have a spine and send them home he better make sure he can find 2 more players….

  8. “Simeon Rice did that when Andy Reid was coaching the Pro Bowl and Reid sent him home packing.”
    Andy Fatass was just acting like a vindictive little bitch that year. He was still pissed about Simeon manhandling his lines in the playoffs and the opener that season. That, or Simeon caught one of Andy’s kids peddling crack outside the team hotel.

  9. Maybe McKinnie is embarrassed and realizes that he’s their fraudulently to begin with and never should have made the Pro Bowl. It is kind of funny that he missed practice along with the guy who abused him like a little bitch so bad that he got benched in favor of a scrub.

  10. I don’t think McKinnie wanted to block Peppers again in practice after what he did to him late this season.

  11. The bouncers of the strip clubs of South Florida are breathing a sigh of relief that McKinnie is out. They no longer have to wear their hockey helmets to work this week.
    But it does shine a light on what a fraud the pro bowl is. McKinnie is a turnstile at left tackle this year and somehow he gets voted in. It might be that the Biqueen fans vote disproportionately higher and more often (it’s cheaper than buying tickets to their games which history proves that would rather avoid doing). McKinnie should go; he could mingle with some players that actually made it past the NFC championship game, something the Vikings haven’t done in their last 5 attempts.

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