Rams, Fitzgerald among those honoring Warner

Before we get to reaction on Kurt Warner’s retirement, here are a few quick notes about his lengthy press conference.

1. Warner isn’t coming back. He was decisive.  “There is no question in my mind I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.  There’s no question I’m leaving at the right time.  Because I know that, it’s easy for me to walk away.  I don’t worry one bit about looking back and wishing I’d played longer.”

2. Warner said he was leaning towards retiring halfway through the 2009 season.  And that he essentially knew he would retire late in the year.  He says he’s healthy and is happy to leave the game that way on his own terms. 

3. His plans for post-football included family, preaching, public speaking, writing, his charity work, and ideally stay involved in football as a member of the media if he has time.  So he’ll be busy.

4. Taking a second franchise to the Super Bowl was the achievement he was most proud of.  (And the one that we’re most impressed with.)

Okay, now on to the tributes to Warner that will continue to pour in over the next week.  Because this post risks being longer than Warner’s first book, we’ve posted the quotes after the jump.

Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom (Edited for brevity): “Kurt Warner epitomizes the finest qualities that can be attributed to any
athlete. He is a gentleman, competitor and, most of all, a winner whose
achievements and contributions go far beyond the field of

On behalf of my
sister, Lucia, our partner, Stan Kroenke, and the entire Rams organization, I
want to wish Kurt, Brenda and their beautiful family the very best as they move
ahead with their lives. We are honored and privileged to have Kurt as a
treasured member of the Rams’ alumni family.”

Larry Fitzgerald:Sad 2 c Kurt
leaving!Gr8 player but even better person.God has really blessed him w/
an amazing story & I wish him the best moving forward!”

Tom Coughlin: “Kurt Warner was a tremendous example for our football team when he was here. He is a pro’s pro . . . The contribution that Kurt and Brenda and their family have made in every community they have been in has been tremendous. As outstanding a football player as Kurt is, he is a better person than he is a player.”

Tony Romo: He’s been amazing. Really he’s done everything you can do in the
game. He’s been an MVP. He’s been a Super Bowl champion. He plays at a high
level year in and year out. He has nothing left to prove and he’s been a great
ambassador for the game as well.”

Matt Leinart: “Huh?  Leave me alone, I’m sleeping.”  (Okay, we made that one up.)

33 responses to “Rams, Fitzgerald among those honoring Warner

  1. Rossenpalms, that was as funny as Butch is pretty.
    Translation… not very creative. Not worthy of posting it on your fridge….

  2. Dear Brett Favre ….. take a lesson in class from this MAN ……. This league needs alot more Kurt Warners and Tony Dungys …… Enjoy life Kurt, I loved watching you play but more than that admired you as a person.

  3. A class act! Sorry to see him go but I know he will go on to make a further impact in any venue he decides to be a part of.

  4. @ wipackman
    How about less Tony Dungy’s. Guys taking credit for what players have done for them combined with pretending to be a role model for people who keep him in the news are nothing to be looked up to.

  5. I hope he can stick to his word
    The media doesn’t have enough hands to do reacharounds for anyone other than Favre

  6. I am no fan of Warner but guys like him don’t retire and than comeback. Warner has a life outside of football and has plenty of options. Guys like Brett Favre who really don’t have any options are the ones that miss it the most. Favre can only ride tractors for so long before getting bored. He isn’t the type you want to be a coach, he isn’t articulate enough to do media and he isn’t smart enough to start businesses.
    Like I said not a fan but Warner is a good person.

  7. Bullcrap…That last line made me laugh out loud! But a class act all the way thru his career. Hope he gets a spot on NFLN

  8. I’m not him, but I would be most proud of having the top 3 biggest games all time in the superbowl. I know that’s an individual thing, but talk about showing up when it matters. Wow.

  9. I’m glad Church Warner is gone. How long before we hear this guys been arrested for something perverted?

  10. I just beg the collective world to ensure that this guy keeps his preaching to some hick town in the South and I don’t have to be assaulted in any more barrages of bible banging from him. I like Deion on the NFL Network, but my one criticism is he brings too much of the pious preachy crap along as baggage. Please, PLEASE don’t bring Warner into the NFL realm as a talking head. Please!

  11. ^ Matt Leinart: “Huh? Leave me alone, I’m sleeping.” (Okay, we made that one up.)
    Rodgers actually said this when someone texted him that Favre retired (the first time).

  12. downwithdansnyder,
    Are you sure? I really thought you were Kurt Warner.
    You think you know someone…

  13. well i guess that stupidity florio was talking about last offseason, when he said the cards should trade boldin and a 2nd for mcnabb, isn’t as far fetch as it sounds…..
    a year later.
    but then again, eagles won’t trade for boldin and pay him 8-10 mil. to be a slot guy.

  14. Outstanding quarterback whose wild card game this year clearly demonstrates that he is leaving at the top of his game and headed for the hall. Great contrast to Favre whose final throws in his last two conference championship games demonstrate that he is leaving the game the same as it always was with the sole exception of one MVP kick returner Sunday so many Super Bowlslong ago.
    Regarding Warner though, I do wish the NFL would ban the tiresome proselytzing run rampant among the league’s players and some coaches. If celebrating a TD cannot be tolerated by the NFL, why does it condone the missionaries in its midst who credit their faith with completing a 3-yd pass on 4th and 2.
    Unfortunately, it is only going to get worse starting Super Bowl Sunday when blowhard Tim Tebow takes the pulpit with the league’s full blessing as he and his mom credit the Lord with the blessing to us of this pretentious, self-righteous boy. Apparently, Mrs. Tebow so loves the world that she is giving her begotten son to save us from our wickedness. Please!
    Debuting next season on NFL Network – Sunday School Session starring Rich, Deion and Mooch as they break down the scripture scrawled on Tebow’s face and how today’s lesson relates to the Tampa 2 defense.

  15. This guy transcended the game… a freaking bag boy, clerk at a grocery store at a time when steroids and recruiting were defining winners…. and here’s Kurt Warner. Which one of you, Mugs, ever would have picked that Cat to be a guy to define NFL records….. not me (either). This man was/is special…… Johnny Unitas was a different time, Jim Plunnket (projected greatness from college), Joe Montana (Notre Dame), John Elway, Brett Farve (high draft picks, not Northern Iowa)… Whoelse? Troy Aikman, Dan Marino? Who????
    You know that weird guy with the Rainbow hair and the John 3;16 sign…. he just retired from the NFL and left some deep footprints! Yeah, he taught me a thing or two!

  16. This article is nice. At least someone (Rosenthal) from PFT admitted Kurt would not waffle (like the PFT owner).
    But like I posted earlier on another post, FLORIO is still going to bash Warner somehow some way in the next day or so after the initial media dies down. Watch and see.

  17. Hey Gurn, this is who these guys are… why can’t you accept them for who they are? yeah, they are Men of Faith first…..
    Would you rather them show up on Florio’s Arrest countdown? What are they doing that is so bad? Is their abilities as players any less because they have a certain belief?
    They are men with amazing abilities and different stories, including Cedric Benson, Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, Barrett Robbins….
    I’m glad their are people like Kurt Warner and Tim Teebow that have beliefs that transcend sports@!

  18. Hey El way you loser ! Not all people are like you. He doesnt like little boys.

  19. Whythe Cardinals you cant talk to people who dont want to be talked too. If the player are not getting arrested or sleeping with someones wife they are not cool. But if they talk about God or Jesus then they are weird . Whos messed up ? Im with you . Its sad when great role models like this get crapped on for their beliefs , but in the end they WILL be rewarded.

  20. I would simply like to watch a football game without being bombarded by a missionary seeking to convert me to his faith. If a man wishes to include a humble nod to his faith in his post-game comments, I have no problem. To go further is an abuse of privilege. I take offense to a player marking his face with scripture in the knowledge that it will be broadcast nationwide, as is my right. Nowhere have I glorified arrested players or any of their conduct. But, I would like to thank Luke1982 for the concern about my immortal soul. Be sure to get your proselytizing cookie at church Sunday. Zech. 10:2.

  21. Whether Warner gives the glory to Jesus, Budda, or Mohammad, at least he claims to have a faith. Unlike the Michael Jordans and Tiger Woods of the world’s who only worship the US Dollar God and never take a public stand on any subject that has a tinge of controversy. Anyone remember a guy named Cassius Clay?

  22. Lambeau West–you hit it on the head. At least he stands for something beyond what his sponsors want him to stand for. People may not like him, but he stands up for what he believes. World could use more guys like him and Muhammed Ali.

  23. To all you people whining about Warner’s religious talk…is he telling you what you should do, or simply expressing what he believes? I have never heard him preach, which I take to mean “telling others how they should behave” . He expresses his faith and how it has affected his life. So the eff WHAT!!! What a bunch of easily offended pansy whiners this country has become. And FYI…I am an atheist….and not a Cards fan either.

  24. Man, I seriously hope Warner makes it to the HOF. From a professional standpoint, he’s got one of the most compelling stories I’ve heard in ages. His stats are good enough, IMO. And he has always been extremely popular amongst the fan base.
    Frankly, it amazes me that someone would be “offended” by the simple act of painting scriptural references on his eye black. But then again, some people are offended by just about anything, so maybe it’s just par for the course. In a league where some other guys (who shall remain nameless) show up at nightclubs with loaded weapons, I would think most people would admire the quiet dignity of a guy like Kurt Warner, even if they didn’t share his religious convictions.

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