Roseman officially promoted to G.M.

Former Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert wasn’t out the door before the reports surfaced that Howie Roseman would take his place.

On Friday, the Eagles made the inevitable official, promoting Roseman from vice president of player personnel to general manager. Roseman joined the Eagles in 2000.

Roseman spent two seasons in his previous position and was quickly recognized as a riser in the organization.  There is a line of thinking that the Eagles encouraged Heckert to interview elsewhere, including last offseason, because of Roseman’s presence.

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  1. There’s dissension amongst The Eagles front office. They ran him outta there ? How safe is Rosey supposed to feel ? There’s someone waiting to take his place, too. And he likes cheesesteaks.

  2. Another bobble-headed Yes-Man for Big Red’s regime. How many other organizations are there where the head coach has power over the GM?

  3. Awesome…another lawyerly non-football type in a position of power over football decisions. What a great day for the game.

  4. I cannot stand having another fantasy football guy in a ‘real’ football job, but that has been par for the course. But Hank is right – it is all Andy Reid’s call anyway, so it doesn’t matter who has what title. And while Andy’s drafts are medoicre overall, we usually get a player or two out of them. So it’s a push overall.
    But this same philosophy led to Ed Stefanski being hired by the 76ers, and we’re now on the cusp of an NBA championship with them. So maybe it makes sense.

  5. Wow didnt expect to see such critical responses. I mean, seriously, name me 5 teams who have drafted better than the Eagles over the past 10 years.
    I cannot stand uneducated fans voicing their uneducated opinions regarding the business sides of football.

  6. Macho Harris sucks bad enough to sign a long-term deal. Let’s get him to the table.
    This is what gave us Reggie “Uncuttable” Brown, who will be a wasted roster spot for the next 3-4 years. His contract makes Samuel Delambert’s look like a steal.

  7. Gall –
    Yeah, but a key guy responsible for the “great” drafts you cite is leaving and being replaced by a money guy. You contradict yourself.
    Who was the best DL of the Reid era? High Douglas. Brought in by Ray Rhodes.
    Who was the best LB of the Reid era? Trotter. Drafted by Ray Rhodes.
    Who was the best DB of the Reid era? Troy Vincent probably gets the nod. Drafted by Ray Rhodes.
    Who was the best OL of the Reid era? Jon Runyan, a FA signee. Maybe Tra Thomas, who was drafted by Ray Rhodes.
    Who drafted LJ Smith over Jason Witten and Dallas Clark?
    Who drafted Fredie Mitchell over Reggie Wayne and Ocho Cinco and Steve Smith or even Chris Chambers?
    I’d say DeSean Jackson and Brian Westbrook were great picks, along with McNabb (that QB field was a minefield that year).
    The man drafted Tony Hunt to placate callers on WIP. It was a throwaway pick.
    Overall, I am happy with the drafts, but let’s not get carried away. OK?
    PS – I was not a Rhodes fan, but someone pointed out those facts to me recently and I have to give the man his due.

  8. Mooch, reggie brown is an experienced vet. I”m sorry to tell you that he is not Larry Fitzgerald. What he is, is an experienced backup with a very very managable contract. And Macho Harris is a rookie forced from his natural position of CB to safety. I am also sorry to tell you that he is not in fact the reincarnation of Brian Dawkins.

  9. dankula,
    Check out Reggie Brown’s guaranteed money, it handcuffs him to the team for the duration. You clearly have not seen it, and you will not believe it.
    Avant more than fills the role of veteran WR, a far better player and more reliable target than Mr. Healthy Scratch. Jeez, Gibson was better and we could not give him a roster spot.
    Those figures are repulsive. It is almost as bad as a bad NBA contract. We cannot cut him until after 2012. The key to Banner Specials is the guaranteed $.
    And nicknamed Harris “Considine” or “White Man Hips” after a few games. He has no position in the NFL, and blew his chance to return kicks. A terrible player on a team that usually finds good DB’s.

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