Saints rack up even more fines

As debate rages on about whether Saints coordinator Gregg Williams is running a dirty defense, his players are racking up fines.

In addition to defensive end Bobby McCray’s $20,000-lighter pocketbook, Saints linebacker Jonathan Casillas and defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove have also been fined.  They owe the league $5,000 apiece.
Casillas was fined for striking an opponent late, while Hargrove’s offense was lifting and stuffing his opponent to the ground. 
Williams has made it clear that his idea of defense is to get “remember me shots” on the opposing quarterback.  The league hopes that Hargrove and Casillas, who are both playing for the minimum salary this year, will remember these fines the next time they consider breaking the rules.

75 responses to “Saints rack up even more fines

  1. Since we aren’t hearing about any Vikings fines, I guess they played a clean game. Good for them for being so perfect.

  2. This is football – its a violent game!!! Intimidation and rough play is how its played – or least it used to be played that way.

  3. I am sure they consider the fines well worth it since their filthy play helped the Saints win.
    If McCray does the same type of dirty play, and the hit early in the game was about as bad as it can get, they should throw him out, Super Bowl or not. That may be the only thing that can reign in a D-coordinator and thug type players who will gladly cheat by hitting late with the intent to injure in order to gain an advantage they don’t have on talent, game plan, or greater effort.

  4. what is $20,000 to play in the super bowl,that does not stop illegal hits,the refs should be more alert of this too,knock out a player and you get to play another game,the saints should be fined too as this gets out of line,i would like to thank farve for all he has done playing for the vikings,a lot of fans like to run people down,that is between you and your maker,and believe me you will answer for it,thank you vikings for a super year.

  5. Clean hits are fine,dirty hits are for pussy’s who are over matched. Like the boxer who elbows and low blows because he can’t fight fair with the superior opponent. That was clearly the Saints, Colts will have taken notice. Mr your back

  6. for a chance to play in the super bowl, its a small price to pay. they’re probably pooling their money together to pay the bounty they have on Manning next week.

  7. The reward of making the Super Bowl is obviously worth the risk of fines. Not much of a deterrent. Favre somehow managed to come back from the low hit by McCray, but clearly if he hadn’t come back it would have been worth 200K to the Saints. Like in Week 2 when Flozell Adams legwhipped Justin Tuck, injured him and was fined 10K. Tuck was not the same for the next 14 games. Good investment? Until the NFL gets serious and starts suspending players who play dirty, it will clearly continue. Watch out Peyton!

  8. wow, i read these comments and just laugh. Oh the Saints are just so pretty and perfect! they do no wrong! they are the class of the nfl. Perfect perfect perfect. there shouldn’t be penalties against the saints. if you can’t take a cheap shot hit, you should play tennis. makes sense to me.

  9. PREDICTION: COLTS 49 Saints 14, and the Saints will say after the game they were afraid to hit Manning. Then the whole team will go to ignorant New Orleans and sing bad renditions of “How Blue Can You Get” (thank you BB). THEN, they will go round up whoever is still squatting in the Astro Dome after this latest disaster…

  10. These fines are slaps on this wrist. Gregg Williams has set the precedent now that the NFL will tolerate blatant attempts to injure an opposing QB. All you people saying the these cheap shots are part of football aren’t the ones taking them and your teams aren’t either. This will come back to Gregg Williams and the Saints. It’s a forgone conclusion that the Saints will lose in the SB. Next year look for precious Brees to be a target. Also, Williams has hurt his team for the SB game coming up. Manning is going to pick apart the Saints and it will be a pleasure to see it. This will be a great game to watch.

  11. I hope they hit Manning like they hit Favre.
    This is football not ballet. The only reason there is a stink about this is because it was Favre getting hit. The Saints aren’t dirty they play tough and hit hard.

  12. Carolinaviking:
    a lot of fans like to run people down,that is between you and your maker,and believe me you will answer for it.
    Wow, I didn’t know it was a sin to criticize an athlete. A bit dramatic don’t you think? Get a grip, bro.

  13. when do the qb’s start wearing panties on the field? at least that way you’ll know not to hit them

  14. I have watched the Saints all season long. Early on in the season when they played the Miami Dolphins, Drew Brees took a beating. The Dolphins Defense showed no mercy in the first half. It is all part of football. If you are afraid of getting hit then you need to play a less violent sport. Maybe try bowling or badminton or maybe sport a tutu. I am tired of all the blogs about cheap shots, and bad calls. Sorry but there will always be aggressive play and some unfavorable calls. Minnesota coaching blunders and Favre lost that game. I believe as another blogger said earlier….You should not allow the game to get to the point where it could go either way. You get out there and play your best. Losing 5 of 7 turnovers, not using a challenge on one of the touchdowns, 12 man in huddle, seriously……… who’s fault is it.

  15. I love it. A team hits a QB (rough hit, yes, but it’s football) and they’re dirty, etc, etc. You don’t hit the QB and people say that your D sucks and they can’t pressure the QB. No, I’m not the one out there taking hits, but that’s why these guys make more money in a year then I’ll see in a lifetime. If you’re the guy holding the ball, you’re going to get hit. If you can’t take the hit, then you shouldn’t be on the field. Maybe we should give QBs tutus and princess crowns.

  16. Those were not fines 5 years ago… not even 3 years ago… Favre tough as nails, Viking fans are babies looking for a reason to cry. This year it is the hit Favre took, last year it was there head coach. You might have been the better team, but HOF QB’s don’t make that throw. I read something today that struck a cord. ” Have you ever seen Peyton Manning or Drew Brees make that throw with a chance to win on the line?” Nope, and now you have seen Favre do it 3 times.. Time to go ice fishing with dynamite Viking fam

  17. A lot of you people on here are so f’n stupid. There is a difference between clean hard hits and cheap shots that try to injure someone. Anyone watching that game knows the hit to Favre’s legs was a total cheap shot.
    And for jackass haters who still think viking fans are crying about the refs – we’re not. Were there some bs calls, absolutely, but that’s not the reason the Vikings lost.

  18. “Wow, I didn’t know it was a sin to criticize an athlete. A bit dramatic don’t you think?”
    I think it’s the 11th Commandment. “Thou shalt not critisize he who playeth gilded games, for he standeth above contempt.”

  19. Watch the hit Ray Edwards made on Brees in the fourth quarter. It is exactly the same hit Anthony Hargrove made on Favre. Saints were penalized. The Vikings were not. The penalty kept the Vikings drive alive and it resulted in points. They only got to Brees a couple times. Ray’s hit was excessive as well.

  20. To RWFV:
    What was the Saints defenders supposed to do? Stop playing? They were all playing their asses off, trying to get to the passer. That’s what their taught and that’s what they do. Ever play the game? Doesn’t sound like it.

  21. The Saints have made it no secret that they will gladly absorb a few 15 yard penalties and fines if it will hinder the opposing QB and injure him. This is cheating and not playing football.
    Those of you saying this is football and not ballet need to get off your high horses and understand the difference.

  22. Hey Vikings fans, remember how your purple people eaters used to play? That’s how the Saints play now. Don’t fault the Saints D for trying to keep it real.

  23. Let’s see….Brett Favre…$10,000 fine for a crack back block in a pre-season game…I’m sure he was innocent. Adrian Peterson $5,000 facemask 2008 Jared Allen $25,000 fine for a hit on Aaron Rodgers…2009, Kevin Williams $7,500 fine hit on Kyle Boller…Also Pat Williams and Benny Sapp had $5,000 fines apiece. I can go on and on.

  24. “Williams has made it clear that his idea of defense is to get “remember me shots” on the opposing quarterback.”
    The Colts will be ready for this bullshit.
    Mark it down!

  25. It is not cheating. Football has changed alot through the years. More and more rule changes have help the wide receivers and quarterbacks. I am glad to see they no longer assume a receiver would have caught a ball inbounds. What about the no call at the end of the packer-cardinal game….remember the facemask. No matter how it all goes it is still a very tough game to play. The refs cannot always see everything no more than they can always get a call right. It is football. Just remember when there was no instant replay. And Vikes I seem to remember some very vicious aggressive play by the purple people eaters. ..Eller, Page, Marshall and Larson.
    What about the fearsome foursome..Lundy, Grier, Olsen, and Jones….Steel Curtain….Greene, Greenwood, Holmes, and White….It is football at its best. You would expect no less from the defensive fronts. These were very good aggressive defensive players who would like nothing better than getting after the quarterbacks and make them pay. Again, if it is to tough of a sport to play… try something less violent.

  26. I have lost all respect for Vikings fans.
    The Saints fans put up with more bad calls and crap
    from the NFL for 43 years.
    Your precious drama queeen got knocked on his ass.
    Block them if you don’t like it.
    You should have had a better protection scheme,
    instead you sent everyone out.

  27. The Queens lost because they were NOT the superior team. Pervy, keep wishing for someone else to do what your team couldn’t accomplish. Dirty thugs, isn’t it the Williams sisters that are making Grant & Will Smith have to serve their suspensions next year. I hear Serena’s contemplating retirement. So far, 1 future HOFer-knocked into retirement(maybe 2) and a D-lineman, hard-hitting 25th ranked defense, huh???

  28. To PRLA:
    Your research is irrelevant – the Vikings don’t do anything wrong. I hope you hear the sarcasm – hope so, I’m laying it on pretty thick.

  29. The only way the saints made it to the superbowl is because they needed help from the refs. I hope the colts kick that azz.

  30. psychobob671 says:
    January 29, 2010 8:34 PM
    I have lost all respect for Vikings fans.
    Wow dude! I’m sure most of us will lose sleep over that revelation! LOL Ok, I’ll try to earn your respect psychobob.I wouldn’t hold your breath though. I tried to be reasonable once, I didn’t like it. If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

  31. There is a big difference in hitting hard and playing through the whistle, and what the Saints did. I had no problem with most of the hits at the time, but after hearing the D-Coordinator, I feel they were dirty to be dirty.

  32. To everyone that is upset with the way the Saints or any other tough defense plays the game, or anyone else that has complained about the refs officiating – How was the Australian Open this week? I’m sure you all watched it, its more your speed.

  33. The Saints Defense DOES NOT have a reputation for dirty hits. That is a fact. They hit Favre a few times, he kept getting up and making plays. Maybe his old body resulted in a little exaggeration of the severity of the “injuries” he suffered. He played just fine, except for that last throw.
    Again, Drew Brees has taken as many hits (late hits if you wish) this year as the Saints Defense has dished out. The low hit on Favre was close and was obviously enough for the NFL front office to issue a fine. I am sure the hit was worthy of a fine since it was on Favre. It would have been worthy of a fine if it was on Manning or Brady also, but would not have been fine worthy if it was Carson Palmer, Kyle Boller or Alex Smith. Way to go NFL, consistent application of the rules.
    More penalties were called on the Saints. The Vikings were the team that benefited from the “bad” calls, not the Saints.

  34. First the NFL VP of Officiating takes the air out of the Saints “win” with their position on bad officiating and now the NFL is agreeing that the Saints are thugs who played a dirty game. I gotta bet this makes the Vikings that much more pissed off. They and their fans apparently knew what they were talking about…… was 2 felonies in one game, robbery and assault.

  35. scomibord says:
    January 29, 2010 8:38 PM
    The Queens lost because they were NOT the superior team. Pervy, keep wishing for someone else to do what your team couldn’t accomplish. Dirty thugs, isn’t it the Williams sisters that are making Grant & Will Smith have to serve their suspensions next year.
    Boy that punk kid kicker really jacked that game winning FG. Was he excited or doing some more Adderall? Heard he likes it!

  36. Stallworth, Vick, PacMan etc. get suspended for committing a felony and the Saints go to the SB for committing robbery and assault….LMAO

  37. Haters need to get over it. The fines are fines thats all. The Ravens D has always been hard hitting and considered Dirty (but always the best). Whats the difference? Because of old guys who maybe should have retired (once and for all) keep wanting special calls and flags. Play the game. And if you guys dont think boys like Will Smith and Charles Grant aint puttin 5 on those fines you are crazy!!! GET EM SAINTS D!!! Its about time!!!! WHO DAT!!!!

  38. Hate to burst your bubble Whatabuc……..You cannot blame all the points scored against the vike defense on bad calls. The Saints scored 31 points against what was billed as a stellar vike defense. Go figure. Favre was on his butt more than he wanted to be or he was trying desparately did get rid of the ball. One of the commentators said during the game broadcast that Favre was already purple from bruises from the playing the dallas game. Why are you not making a big deal about that?. ..No! Let’s face it…He is old. If he didn’t want to retire and thought he had one more season left in him then he will have to take the lumps and bruises like any other NFL quarterback. People like you always have excuses why their team does not win. Newsflash….The Vikes lost 5 of 7 fumbles. terrible coaching decisions on the sideline (12 men in huddle and a non challenge of a touchdown) and an unbelievable pass rush that had Favre gazed all game long. And yes …don’t forget that INT at the end of regulation. Priceless! Vintage Favre. GO SAINTS

  39. Apparently you are not familiar with Buddy Ryan Defense busta. It was always about getting the quarterback. Most of you should know that coaches will do or say what they have to motivate their teams. Lighten Up!

  40. The Ravens and Steelers play smash mouth defense the way it should be played, the Saints play it dirty becuz they don’t have the personnel to do it the right way. With the SB refs being required by the NFL to watchthe Saints much closer (and better) than the idiots in the Vikings game, that leaves just one chance left for the Saints to win the SB…..that the refs will find another way to hand them the game.

  41. I guess the Saints gave the Vikings a lesson in ball security.
    These hits aren’t bad. This is more about NFL public relations because the NFL is afraid women will get upset at the hits and stop watching. I guess the NFL has never seen a woman with a frying pan in her hand.
    If you want to watch some cheap shots, watch the 1975 Super Bowl and see Terry Bradshaw taking direct helmet to helmet shots from defensive linemen with the intent to do damage.

  42. Lets see if the officials let these no-name Saints players get away with late hits, cheap shots and diving at the QB’s knees when they’re playing against the NFL’s pride and joy in Peyton Manning.

  43. WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    January 29, 2010 6:43 PM
    “this is football, if u can’t take contact then play tennis”
    I guess you don’t watch too much tennis.
    Monica Seles

  44. MFD53,
    Not sure exactly what was said, as it has been a bit muddled by this point. I don ‘t have a problem with wanting to hit hard and often, especially the quarterback, but from what I understood, he wants to injure a player, especially the quarterback. That is the issue I have with the team. I love to see hits like that, but to say you hope they don’t get back up is about as foul as you can be. It’s no different than you saying you are going to do everything you can to get a rival co-worker fired. Had the guy not made the statement, I wouldn’t have had a problem with most of the hit. For those here saying the hits wouldn’t have brought about fines a few years ago, it’s a moot point, they do now, and that’s what counts.

  45. Guaranteed that Saints fans will be “crying foul” when good refs refuse to let the aint’s get away with their thuggery…saints fans will say, “what the f….., it was ok against the vikings what are these freakin’ refs calling it now”…….i can hear the excuses already.
    These saints were one of the overall worst ranked defenses for a reason……they can’t play it…at least not within the rules. When they can’t get pressure on manning becuz refs won’t let ’em play dirty it will be ……GAME OVER.

  46. I love how the cry-babies are using the fines as validation the Saints are dirty. Every team has players that has received fines this year. Are they all dirty? No. There’s a reason only whiny fans are complaining, and not any players/coaches from the NFL.
    If Rex Ryan makes the remark Williams did, people praise how he’s Buddy’s son. Al Davis preached for years that the sole job of the defense is to hit the QB and hit them hard. Buddy…Al…these guys are considered pioneers of the sport.
    People are so mad the Saints won, it’s unbelievable. Personally, I love the lack of respect. The Saints thrive as the underdogs.

  47. The problem is people like Florio, who’s goal seems to be to stir things up.
    There is no debate on whether Gregg Williams defense is dirty anywhere except meaningless blog sites. No NFL players, coaches, or analysts. Just people who watch on their couches and can’t handle when their team loses (Pervy Harvin).

  48. I find this whining by Vikings fans hilarious. Edwards did the exact same thing several times in the Dallas game as well. The vikings hit Romo late several times and were never called for it, but get near Farve and out comes the hanky. Farve, manning, and Brady all get the special treatment and it is disgusting. This is football not soccer.

  49. If the Vikings defense would have done the same thing to Brees and we won the game I wouldn’t have given 2 s*its and neither would any other Vikings fan. So whats the point of getting pissed about it? We stepped on our dicks in a big game yet again and found a way to lose. It was classic Vikings.

  50. Why does everyone always think one play or miss call would have changed the game? Causing turnovers wins games, the Vikings turned the ball over too much, you can’t overcome that. Game Over, Saints win and go on.
    Dirty hits always happen, but if there are enough of them to change the outcome of a game, then the refs will notice them. I see missed penalties on every play I watch, holding, clipping, facemask, late hit, you name it. Think about it, there are more players then refs on the field, calls get missed, it’s part of the game. The only reason these fines stick out, is because there were only two games this week. Good luck next week Saints from a non-excuse making Vikings fan.

  51. Those Punk Cheating Saints. I along with many other crybaby of my fellow vikings fans, many who probabaly have never played football or defense, am outraged. And what I cant understand( becuase I know nothing about football other than how to watch it can complain and make exscuses for my team) is why these dirty saints players are looked upon by there peers as a classy team. I mean Why would someone Like Kurt Warner Send the Saints brownies and a congratulations card after they beat him and again before the Superbowl as a goodluck charm. Doesnt he know they were out to HURT him by HITTING him Hard and taking him out of the game…… THERE PLAYING FOOTBALL. THERE SUPPOSE TO HIT THE QB AND NOCK THE SNOT BUBBLES OUT OF HIM! Its not like there steping on there faces with there cleats

  52. I’m absolutely amazed by the commentary after this article. This wasn’t a call made in the heat of the moment- these were fines handed down BY THE LEAGUE, after careful review of the game tapes, to discipline players for illegal hits! One was not even called a penalty during the game!
    People, there is no discussion about previous years, or that other player did exactly the same, or ‘whining’. These hits were against the rules- in this game, on this field, this year. The discussion SHOULD be about the fines, are they adequate, what if they get more fines next game, etc.
    It’s a shame one cannot have an intelligent exchange of ideas in these forums without knuckleheads uttering inanities like ‘it’s football, not badmitton’ immediately after the league announces FINES for ILLEGAL HITS. I realize we all have prejudices for our favorite team, but at what point does one realize that injuring another player is not part of good football? Can you not make the connection that if it happened to YOUR team how unjust that would be? Sportsmanship. It means playing within the rules.

  53. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Saints’ fines, yet. You just know they’re gonna go after Manning.

  54. When does a coach become held responsible and get fined for inciting this behavior and um…just being an idiot.

  55. I’ve never heard more whining than from Vikings fans. It’s getting to be an embarrassment. You wrote checks with your mouths that farve couldn’t cash on his ass. Deal with it. Every honest fan who watched the game saw the refs do everything they could to protect farve, including help him fix his pads after he got knocked down. When do you see a ref helping with equipment? And if you don’t want your qb hit, here’s a solution, HOLD YOUR BLOCKS! And all this crap about GIVING the game away! Please! Like several of your fumbles, this game was ripped from your hands by a team with more heart! You power vote Bryant McKinnie to the pro bowl, another embarrassment as he does not belong, and he rewards you by SKIPPING OUT! Way to go, Vikes fans. You think farve will want to come back? Better draft some more offensive lineman.

  56. It is true the NFL wants to protect the players. Its also true the NFL wants to make money. What better way than to say ok defenses, your job is to go full spead and smash the offense with speed, power, and, aggression. Oh, by the way, while your doing that make sure you dont touch the head or knee, and be sure to place the Qb( who may be bigger than you in some instances ) down softly. What a crock! So yes the saints get fined, the nfl makes money, and the Saints, who were just playing agressive football, gets called dirty by people who dont understand.

  57. @Viking Kong: you need an intervention. Your team lost. They’ve never won a Super Bowl and haven’t been back since the 70s. We know. You’re upset b/c this was supposed to be your year. The Saints won and ruined your dream. Now, b/c you are bitter you are making yourself look like an ass by making unsavory comments.
    Every game players get hit. Every game some penalties go uncalled. Some of the hits on Favre were bad. The legality of some the hits could go either way. Was it cheating? No. It’s only cheating if you steal signals, game plans, etc. They hit Favre. He stayed in the game and played. The Vikes got penalties off the Saints and wonderful field position. It all balanced out. What does it matter? The game is over. It’s a damn game.
    Further, for someone to make some dumb ass comments about people, the city they live etc…b/c a game shows a lot about you and anyone else who makes similarly situated comments.
    The media is going to make a big deal about the Saints, the fact that there’ve been 6 winning seasons in 42 years, the turn around and Katrina and blah blah blah. If you don’t want to hear it, I live in New Orleans and don’t want to hear it either. News people are going to look for a feel good story. None of that takes away from all the BS the people are dealing with b/c FEMA doesn’t want to give the city $$$ as promised (see, and that Recovery from Hurricane Andrew took Florida roughly 10 years to complete. B/c Katrina was a bit more devastating than Andrew, it makes sense that it’s going to take longer.
    Just because your team lost doesn’t give anyone a license to whine, insult or disparage.
    Besides after the Vikes ko’d us from the playoffs 2x, this is only retribution.

  58. Wasn’t it Carson Palmer(?) that said someone would get killed on the field this season. Well, we almost saw it . Favre almost got killed and still don’t know the extent of his injuries. Warner still didn’t look good either after Saints unnecessay horrendous hit on him. He’s out-is Favre next?- I’m not even watching anymore.

  59. I don’t think the Saints are dirty, but I have to question Bobby McCray. He crushed Warner on the pick he threw, he levels Favre on the end around, and he takes a shot at his knees later. The knee shot, maybe he couldn’t see the ball, but the other shots were just an average player clinging to his job. He sucks, and he should get thrown out of the next game he does this in.

  60. I watched the whole nfc championship game & would like to think I’m unbiased. I think the McCray hit was a little shady b/c he went low on the quarterback. I’d bet he was just trying to get to him, not hurt him. Hope I’m not being naive. The Hargrove hit looked clean to me. He was on Favre b/f the ball was released. As for the tackle, I thought we were still allowed to tackle the quarterback. Must have missed that rule change. All contenders get after the qb.

  61. Hits happen, low hits happen, hits that look cheap on reply would have been hard to judge in real time. The Saints won, the Vikes lost. It is a shame that the officials didn’t call a great game, but you can’t change a damn thing now.
    If anything, all this PR means that McCray will get no “grace hits” against Manning. They’ll have no choice but to throw a flag on the very first offense. Everyone will be watching him, and will be watching the officials to make sure they get it right.
    With all that said, I should remind people that the Vikes/Saints game is actually over. Saints won. Saints fans should be proud of their team. Vikes fans should be happy that Favre took them further than they’ve been in 11 years.
    Take a step back, people, and enjoy this sport.

  62. There is no debate on this in my opinion.
    Please shut up about “enjoy the sport, football is violent, welcome to the NFL.” You’re seriously out of touch. Turn your brain on for just a second.
    The most valuable and imporatant position on the team should be treated differently. Late hits when the QB doesn’t have the ball, going for the knees, slamming a QB to the ground, lifting him off his feet should come with fines which make it clear the risk is not worth the reward. Its’ s bad for the game. There is not enough high calibre talent out there to keep changing QBs due to injury. There’s about 10 really good QBs in the NFL. We need to increase that number.

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