Samuel to Wilfork: Pats don't care about you

Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel was involved in a high-profile contract dispute with the Patriots during the 2007 and 2008 offseasons before signing a six-year, $57.14 million deal to play in Philly.

Vince Wilfork is in a similar situation as he looks forward to unrestricted free agency.  Samuel has advice for the Patriots’ nose tackle.
I don’t think (the Patriots) care about you,” Samuel said after Friday’s Pro Bowl practice.  “They didn’t care about me.  So do what’s best for you and your family.  The way they treat people is not something I agree with.”
Wilfork has discussed the possibility of signing with a team based in Florida, calling it a “dream come true” to play for the Buccaneers or Dolphins.  
Ultimately, the Patriots will show they care plenty about Wilfork when he is slapped with the franchise tag next month and guaranteed $7.003 million in 2010.  The sides will have the rest of the offseason to work on a long-term deal, if it’s the avenue New England chooses.  Regardless, Wilfork won’t have to continue “rondo’ing” pizzas going forward while earning the average of the league’s top-five defensive tackles’ salaries.  He’ll be able to buy them himself.

49 responses to “Samuel to Wilfork: Pats don't care about you

  1. Does Asante Samuel really think he’s gonna collect all the money in that contract? If so, that’s hilarious. And this from the guy who dropped an INT that would have sealed 19-0. I’m not a Pats fan, but Samuel is vastly overrated.

  2. Well thats one way of looking at it – A totally different way of looking at it is that the Eagles care about you a few million dollars more in cap space.

  3. “He’ll be able to buy them himself.”
    See, you say that, but haven’t we all learned that having loads of money doesn’t necessarily correspond with paying your alimony, paying your speeding tickets, leaving a life of crime, or buying pizza?
    C’mon, even us middle-class peeps still prefer free pizza…just like we did when we were broke college students…

  4. Well if Vince stays with the tag, then you can bet he won’t play hard either. He’ll coast on the field until they won’t want him out there. THEN, he’ll sign a huge contract somewhere else and be good, but not like what he was.

  5. Asante, where’s the love?
    The Patriots treated Asante pretty well. They cut a deal with him wherein they wouldn’t franchise him more than one year. He made his money. He also got to sign with a contender. I am not sure what he has to complain about.
    The Patriots developed the player and made a business decision that keeping him was not prudent. This isn’t your first girlfiend breaking up with you.
    If he catches that interception in the Super Bowl the Patriots would have been 19 -0. That would have been an even better way to leave.
    Pats fans wish you well Asante.

  6. This one is easy. The Pats are known for dumping players in thier contract year. If the organization has learned anything they will see that all those SB’s were not all because of shady brady and bill belicheat. That defence is clearly in need of some Vet leadership, cutting someone like Wilfork will only prolong the progress.

  7. Samuel is vastly over rated? 9 INT’s this year. Tied for the league lead? Yeah, thats overrated, your such a moron wishbone. Samuel should get Wilfork to come to Philly. Philly will give Bunkley and a 3rd or 4th rounder for Wilfork.

  8. “The way they treat people is not something I agree with.”
    Samuel only agrees with teams that overpay for non-tackling whiny sallies that don’t show up for the big games. (ie. the Eagles)
    If Wilfork only wants the money, let him go on his way. We already have too many of that type on the roster here. We need football players that want to win football games.

  9. Just because the Pats won’t overplay for players doesn’t mean they don’t WAAA WAAAAAAAAA care about you.
    They do care about their business and not having the inmates run the asylum.

  10. The Patriots are not your Mama – they’re not supposed to care about you. You work, they pay. Samuel can cover, but he tackles like a girl. He constantly lowers his head and throws himself at the receivers’s ankles. All they have to do is wait for him to dive and step around him. Brother needs to learn to wrap up.

  11. he can come to philly to clog the middle up next to bunkley. We would welcome him with open arms. Pull the trigger Andy

  12. They don’t care about you because YOU DROPPED the 19-0 SUPER BOWL GAME WINNING interception.

  13. WAH!!
    The Pats wouldn’t give me $60 mil. so now I’m going to talk s**t about them to anyone who will listen!

  14. Back in August of 2008, Asante searched out Belichick after the Eagles preaseason game against the Patriots. It was his first year with the Eagles after leaving the Patriots as a free agent. Seemed like a friendly encounter without any hard feelings.

  15. Hey Wishbone, who’s the all-time leader in post-season interceptions? Your comment above tells me that you don’t know. I probably wouldn’t call the best ballhawking and route jumping cornerback since Deion Sanders overrated. I’m not saying that Samuel is the best cornerback in the league either. I’m saying that he’s not overrated(ask the vikings) and I’m saying that I can’t think of two other corners in the league I’d rather have on my defense going into a playoff game.

  16. I think they Patriots are finally paying the price for selling their souls. Things sure don’t seem very friendly in Foxborough any more.
    Welcome back to mediocrity Patsies!

  17. The biggest difference between Asante and Vince is that Wilfork does not have a tattoo that says “Get Paid.” Asante was in it for the money, period. I never thought he was anywhere near the shut-down corner that Ty Law was. I never thought his demands were reasonable – he wanted #1 money and he was far from showing it on the field. He was very good with the Pats, but nowhere near great. I remember him complaining that any time the money discussion arose, Belichick would show him two hours of game film with all his mistakes. To me, that’s fair. In the end he got his money and he’s still bitter. There’s just no accounting for class. I’ll wager the Pats work something out with Wilfork, though. He’s a beast, he’s extremely talented, and most of all, he’s a team player who kept his mouth shut and ego in check for SIX YEARS.

  18. Fans and players need to understand that while a player is still playing, it is all about the laundry he is wearing. When a player takes off that home team uniform and puts on another one he becomes the enemy. That’s part of the game. It’s not personal.
    There are some exceptions (e.g., when Dave Roberts came to plate at Fenway for the first time affter leaving the Red Sox). If Asante caught that interception in the Super Bowl he would have had an exalted status in New England. Alas, he dropped the ball and now he is just a guy wearing someone else’s laundry.
    I am sure he will be welcomed back in New England when his playing days are over.

  19. Stop worrying about other player’s contracts and start worrying about the little thing in football that most defensive players need to do…..TACKLING!!!!

  20. @TNicks,
    Keep in mind I’m a Philly fan…How many TD’s has Samuel given up by jumping routes and horrible tackling?? Perhaps Mr. Samuel should invest more of his time praticing HOW TO TACKLE instead of crying. Ballhawks, like Samuel, are overrated!!

  21. Samuel was punted because he had a shitty attitude about being franchised….The Pats would never pay a guy 57 mill after dropping an interception that would have ended SB 42 with a Patriot victory…they wouldnt pay a guy even if he made that interception
    Wilfork will be franchised…and he will have to suck it up….which should be real difficult considering he will only be paid 7 mill and all….my heart goes out ot him….

  22. All tagging Wilfork will do is piss him off. He will not sign until last minute and could cause big problems.
    You saw the way they did Richard Seymour and what Seymour now thinks of the team. That may work when you are winning Super Bowls but when you are just an average team as they have been these past 3 years, players want to see the money.

  23. WOW!! To say the NFL doesn’t care about anyone is not right. Look how they did all the 60’s-70’s retires. Geez…

  24. Wilfork, we are waiting for you.
    -Al Davis
    “ok maybe its a stretch, but a guy can hope right?”

  25. I love how these meatheads think they are above their team and the league. If the Pats overpaid morons, then they wouldn’t have won 3 Superbowls. It’s that simple. As soon as he signs a big contract somewhere else, you’ll never hear about him anymore. Because all he cares about is the contract he wants and not earning it after he gets it.

  26. I love the PATS. Been a fan since the early 70’s. The team is above any player or coach who comes there.
    In this case Asante is right on the money. Look at all the money wasted on sub par talent to replace Samuel? How about the same with Branch? Look at what it cost to finally replace him. (This isn’t about Moss so stop before you type). They let Givens get away along with Gaffney, both were good receivers in the PATS system. Who’s the number 3 today? When Welker was shut down the offense didn’t move.
    Yes, I would say good bye to Wilfork now and tell him thanks for his time here.
    Bill Belichick better let some air out of his head and Kraft need to begin to hold him accountable along with pening the check book.
    Why? All I have to point to is the Thomas played against the Vikings last week and hey, BB only gave him up for a 7th round pick. And then there are the Colts…Look where they are vs the PATS.

  27. This reminds me of the Lawyer Milloy release…remember, they hate their coach? It amazes me how people get so stuck in the short term. If the Patriots had signed Asante, there is no way they could have also signed Wilfork, Brady, Mankins, Moss etc…this is a cap league. You make decisions based on value. The Patriots let Asante go because he asked for too much money…cover corners usually fall off fast as they lose a step, he could only play one side of the field, and the Patriots (up until that time) had won SB’s with the likes of Otis Smith, Earthmind Moreland, Randall Gay, and Troy Brown at corner. If Wilfork asks for Haynesworth money, they will explain to him they’ve won with Ted Washington and Keith Traylor before. The Colts let guys go all the time, every team does.
    BWIII- Deion Branch? David Givens? Seriously? They replaced them with Welker and
    Moss, and got a 1st round pick for Branch…what exactly have Branch or Givens done since they left?

  28. Most of these posters are right. Always is a team thing until they sign that big contract then it me me me.
    I recommend that the owners help themselfs with the following. No bonus money. That $80m 10yr contract becomes $8m per year, now go earn it. If not then restructure, traded, or cut.

  29. “Samuel is vastly over rated? 9 INT’s this year.”
    How many big plays given up due to his habit of taking the big risk for personal glory? He probably whiffed on Miles Austin 5 or 6 times alone.

  30. Spectator with the best seat at the Super Bowl? Samuel.
    He’s at the game he treasures most right now.
    Pro Bowl has all the hype – and no contact.

  31. how is getting paid millions of dollars considered disrespected? Let these players come work in the real world for 40 plus hous a week and then talk to us about how they feel about the amount of money they are being paid for working maybe seven months total a year

  32. Oh and in addition to what I posted early Samuel, try going to your boss at any large corporation such as Microsoft, GM, Bank Of America etc and complaining the company doesn’t “care enough about you”.
    You’d be laughed out of your job so fast your head would be spinning.
    Get a clue a-hole. You’re paid millions to play a game and acting like a whiny little greedbag is not going to win you any fans.

  33. Maybe the Pats didn’t care about him because he wasn’t worth $57 mil of caring. Maybe the Eagles didn’t know that. Say what you will about the Patriots organization, they’re no ship of fools.
    The Eagles reminded us repeatedly that they needed play makers on defense. Well, Asante made plays and gave up plays. I didn’t count, but it sure seemed to me he gave up more big plays than he made. I wonder if Andy and Sean noticed.
    I was a Cowboys fan (until it became an embarrassment for me to be one) while Dion (sp?) Sanders was there. He was absolutely one of the best cover guys ever, but I always felt that Dallas effectively had only ten players on the field on running plays. I still believe he could have done the job if he had any sack. I don’t think Samuel could. Also, it may be just my fading memory, but I don’t recall Sanders being such a sucker for a double move.
    As to Wilfork, it might be wise for him to go elsewhere for counsel.

  34. “I was a Cowboys fan (until it became an embarrassment for me to be one) while Dion (sp?) Sanders was there.”
    It’s never embarrassing to be a Cowboys fan. Bandwagoner.

  35. Wait, some of you have confused me. HarrisonHit has accused him of bieng a whiny greedbag. Many fans have accused him of greed. But if the NFL is a business (which it is), than demanding top dollar doesn’t make anyone greedy, its part of the system. The reality is if I work for a company and am a valuable addition because of what I do, I can demand a raise. Its call free market. Look, Asante isn’t greedy, he is in a business where no one cares about anyone. Asante had the chance to demand top money, why stay anywhere because the Pats would dump him once his legs went in three years. Instead, Asante got a huge contract and when his legs go soon, he has the money he desired. Good business decision. I think Wilfork should heed Asante’s warning, no one cares so go for the big contract somewhere, but it is unlikely that the Pats will pay him a ton.

  36. Why do people in the media say the franchise tag is slapped on a player? They don’t say it for RFA tenders. Is it really insulting to be paid the average of the top 5 cap numbers at your position?

  37. snnyjcbs says:
    You saw the way they did Richard Seymour and what Seymour now thinks of the team
    Dude, this argument about Richard Seymour has been played to DEATH. Seymour can whine and cry all he wants but he held out of camp THREE TIMES while under contract. I don’t want to hear another damn word about how the Patriots did Seymour “wrong”.
    This is a profession, these guys make mad jack, the man who said these teams “aren’t your girlfriends” is dead on. It’s all about the money when the player want to get paid, right? So why is the team always wrong when they don’t want to PAY the money????
    Shut up about Richard Seymour, clown, and find a better poster child for your cause.

  38. Starting front 4. Ellis, Kelly, Wilfork and Seymour.
    Reserves: Scott, Shaughnessy, Bryant and Richardson.
    Ya baby!

  39. Brian1388
    Dude, wake up man…The guys you listed we won with? Really? It was because of the talent on the field around them that made it easier to use them. The Pats don’t have that talent anymore. Belichick has been terrible evaluating talent as well as his scouting team. As for Branch, Givens, and Gaffney you’re right Moss and Welker all day however if the others didn’t go anywhere the Pats wouldn’t have missed a beat either.

  40. @ harrisonhits:
    You’re missing the point. You’re comparing the behavioral aspects of pro football to corporate America.
    There is no comparison.
    At places like Microsoft, GM, Bank of America, the most well paid men aren’t rewarded for being actual men. More often than not they’re just a bunch of pussies and “yes men” who are incapable of original thought.
    Pro sports are better than corporate America for so many reasons. Chief among those reasons is that men get to actually be themselves. We may not always agree with what these guys have to say. But don’t hate. Just be thankful there’s a departure from the norm.

  41. @scrapdawg
    The Eagles run a 4-3. Wilfork would be useless. And Bunkley is actually a very good DT. Patterson kind of sucks though

  42. Barometer wrote, “The biggest difference between Asante and Vince is that Wilfork does not have a tattoo that says “Get Paid.””
    His tattoo says “Get Rich To This” which is a song that he likes. Learn your facts. I had another Patriot fan argue with me the one day about him and used this lame statement. It’s a farce.

  43. The Patriots player salary structure is the best in football – it maintains a middle class and does so rather ruthlessly. Asante Samuel overvalued himself – as good a player as he is he freelanced too often and periodically got called out for it by Rodney Harrison (notably in Dallas after a Patrick Crayton touchdown in 2007).
    Periodically mentioned in the discussion is the Deion Branch issue – Branch was not missed in 2006 or beyond; Reche Caldwell put up competitive numbers with Branch (particularly in the playoffs, where he matched Branch’s per-game average of 60 receiving yards) and of course Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Donte Stallworth became available for 2007.

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