Some New Orleans schools will cancel classes after Super Bowl

Monday, February 8th will be a day of mourning or a day of celebration in New Orleans.  Local schools may give students the chance to party or grieve with their parents in the comfort of their home

Jefferson Parish public schools had 8,800 students absent on the day after the Saints’ NFC title game victory, compared to 3,500 on a typical day, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune

The school system is considering using an “emergency day” by canceling school on Monday.  They could also cancel school Tuesday when it’s parade time.   Some schools elsewhere in the city have already decided to shut down.

“We feel that it is not in the best interest of our students to be
required to attend school on a day when a significant number of
absences or tardiness will be the reality, and when learning will not
be optimal,” said spokeswoman Lisa Sibal at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in Metairie, where the Saints practice.

Tough decisions like these are being made across the city. Many public schools have declared they are definitely staying open.

The debate is yet another example of the strange, historic days happening in the Crescent City.

30 responses to “Some New Orleans schools will cancel classes after Super Bowl

  1. If there’s a day to cancel school in the event of the win, it would be the day of the parade.

  2. Wow … I surely hope they don’t close any schools for this. If they do, maybe they should also incorporate “repair a levee day” into the class schedule.

  3. If they wouldn’t have cheated and played dirty, they’d still have school next Monday.
    There, pissy baby Vikings fan. I beat you to it.

  4. In the past, the NOPD was able to keep violent crime out of the tourist areas. Incidents of crime against tourists was mostly related to inebriated people exercising poor judgment such as wandering near the adjacent housing projects on the north side of the French Quarter, or seeking illegal drugs on the street. Now, with a significantly reduced police force and a substantially non-functioning city attorney’s office, the thugs have taken their violence to new hieghts. One murder per day is common, and three or four murders in one day is no longer uncommon. Many more murders are now committed on the street in broad daylight, and the violence has recently moved into the formerly sacred French Quarter. Two weeks ago, a gunman spraying bullets into a crowed bar on Decatur Street, and has not been apprehended. Two nights ago, an 18-yr old was stabbed to death in the middle of Bourbon Street in the heart of the Quarter. The perpetrator has not been identified. Until recently, I employed off-duty NOPD officers to patrol my business grounds. They tell me that the thugs have no fear of criminal prosecution, becuase the DA’s office is more or less non-functional. Even murder suspects are released on bail. To people unfamiliar with New Orleans, this testimony may sound unreal. But believe me, it’s every bit as bad as the media reports, and it’s getting worse. If you really want to visit New Orleans, I recommend you stay in the tourist areas, and keep your wits about you. Don’t engage the street hustlers, and for heaven sake, don’t wander out of the Quarter at night. God bless.

  5. I have said this before saints fans, it takes a cards fan to understand the plight of a saints fan. And we do.
    I am a Peyton Manning fan (always have been) and in a lot of ways I am rooting for the colts, but believe me, a big part of me will dig a saints win in this. I get it totally. Either way, it’s cool. Both of these teams were #1 in their conference and they earned their birth in the regular season. It’s fitting.
    It sucks that we cards fans lose warner. But, change is always pretty exciting in some ways. Enjoy Drew while you have him. He’s good.

  6. stormy, the shooters dont go to screwel anyway.
    and now, the refugees may all come back…
    u mean n’awlins isnt a resort town yet?
    well nagin said what kind of city it was and what he wanted it to be. enjoy!

  7. Wait, 3,500 kids are absent on a typical day out of how many total students…. ?
    I was thinking the same thing

  8. Parade win or lose, no school the next day win or lose. This place sounds like it put the “fun” in dysfunctional.

  9. Gregg, you’re spreading false info and making the city look bad.
    The parade will be held in the early evening (just like all weekday Mardi Gras parades before MG Day) so it will be after schools (and businesses) let out.

  10. Not like it makes a diffrence, these are the same people who believe “who dat” is proper English.
    Since you can’t spell it doesn’t matter.

  11. washingtonredstorms- you stole this from a travel site from 2006. You are a fraud.
    Yes, because we all know that New Orleans aka Port Au Prince has become a Family city and has cleaned up its act.
    Gimmie a break.
    Same Toliet differen’t Year….

  12. Like the kids in New Orleans actually go to school – you know they’re all out selling weed just like daddy (if they know who they daddy is) or layin’ on their back just like momma…

  13. Yeah but, Florio, you would love to be down there right now having a shrimp po-boy from Johhny’s with American cheese and roast beef gravy.

  14. Our city loves our Saints, and we’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished this season. You forget that New Orleans has a certain amount of “hurricane days” that weren’t used this year (fortunately), so closing schools is no big deal. The parade will be in the evening, so that’s not the day to close schools. We’re a city with alot of pride for all things New Orleans. It’s our first SuperBowl. Who can blame us for being excited? By the way WashingtonRedstorms, those statistics are a load of crap. All of those people packed into the Quarter after the NFC championship, and not one act of violence. The French Quarter has always been a safe place for tourists, and as long as you don’t go looking for drugs in the projects you’ll be fine.

  15. THE SAINTS WILL GET STOMPED!!! The kids will need the day to recover.
    The Saints will go marching home with Manning sized footprint in their asses. Those dirty cheap shot artist Saints will have to live with the biggest trouncing the Super Bowl has ever seen.

  16. The French Quarter has always been a safe place for tourists, and as long as you don’t go looking for drugs in the projects you’ll be fine.
    Thats great. The Tourist( you know the ones who put money into the citys pockets) are allowed to walk in a a few block radius.
    However, if they stray they get murdered.
    Same old piece of garbage corrupt New Orleans.
    Still havent learned even after a major Hurricane.
    New Orleans residents still supressing the truth.
    One day you will get it.

  17. The Saints will go marching home with Manning sized footprint in their asses. Those dirty cheap shot artist Saints will have to live with the biggest trouncing the Super Bowl has ever seen.
    I agree the Phony Saints( New Orleans Saints is an oxymoron) are going to get stomped by the real Saints—The Colts!!
    Maybe New Orleans residents can take their children to the nearest Voodoo Museum after the loss.

  18. Washington Redstorm
    And what??? You think D C is any better. At least our Mayor isn’t a crackhead!!!!!
    He may be a chocoholic, but he isn’t screwing whores in a seedy motel smoing dope.
    Insert barrel of gun into your mouth…close eyes…pull trigger!!

  19. How does this impact the city’s built-in snow days?
    Kids getting a day off to sleep-off a hangover after getting drunk with their parents? The French Quarter has officially redeemed itself for that 18 to 21 change in drinking age fiasco.

  20. I guess that why there’s so many “Smart Successful” people coming out of New Orleans. The city and its schools let the students know that football is more important then learning.

  21. If you must know, there are over 52,000 students in the Jefferson Parish school system.
    What about the crack back block that cost Favre $10,000 in a 2009 pre-season game or the $25,000 fine Jarred Allen had to pay last year?
    The parade will be after schools are out!
    I think it’s funny that the gay dating commercial they want to run during the Superbowl features a Vikings fan!
    Speaking of education, half of you clowns on this board cannot spell!

  22. Washington Redstorm –
    Your opinion became moot after your little stunt. By the way you have some nerve being from D.C. talking about New Orleans. D.C. is no better and full liars and cheats.

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