Source: Maualuga had trouble getting out of jail

R.Maualuga.jpgIt’s a fairly quick process to get out of jail after most DUI arrests.  This is especially true for someone with the means of a professional football player.

Sources tell PFT, however, that Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga had problems getting out of the hoosegow Friday morning before his arraignment.  The Cincinnati Enquirer has confirmed the linebacker has been released after appearing in a Kenton County District Court Friday. Maualuga was arrested at 1:45 A.M.

There are a few reasons someone could be held in jail longer than usual.  One is that the law enforcement officials were waiting for the person arrested to sober up.

Maualuga had a blood-alcohol level of .157, according to a Covington Police report. The legal limit is .08.

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  1. hitting 2 parked cars and a parking meter and he was only a .15? that’s not even twice the legal amount. Ray should learn to handle his liquor…

  2. Maybe law enforcement officials kept him longer in jail for the precaution that he is a Bengal. The Cincinnati Mean Machine lives on.

  3. Lil Ray mush have been drinking heavily to erase that horrible performance against the Jets from his mind…

  4. Maualuga doesn’t have to worry . Somewhere down the line some star effing judge will drop the charges quid pro quo being allowed in the Bengal locker room to sniff the jocks.
    This happens INCREDIBLY often in DUI cases involving star athletes.

  5. “Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga had problems getting out of the hoosegow Friday morning before his arraignment.”
    He couldn’t figure out which gap between the bars to take….

  6. The Bengals always take these losers with charecter issues, anyone want to wager they take Carlos Dunlap in the 2010 draft.

  7. I think they detained him longer than normal for National Security. I mean c’mon, long hair, long beard, a d@rkie too, not born in the U.S. The guy is up to something!
    For those insulted at my use of d@rkie: It’s just jokes PFT Nation!
    Unityyyyyyyy! (Waves unity ring in your face)

  8. shyyt happens there is no perfect teams in teh NFL and we dont lead the league anymore….He needs to put the bottle down thats for sure…LOL

  9. dowens,
    Oklahoma City is in America the last time I checked. Maybe not to Orly Taitz, but to most sane human beings it is.


  11. WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    January 29, 2010 11:53 AM
    what was he doin in kentucky?
    cincinnati is right on the ky border.

  12. For all those fans ready to jump on the “Here we go, same old bengals” shitwagon, please feel free to post your team arrests over the past 3 years.
    It’s true that the year following 2005 was a tough one for the Bengals, but almost all of those players are no longer on the team. Chris Henry is dead (rest his soul), but before dying, was getting his life back together. Odell thurman is also gone. So is AJ Nicholson, Matthias Askew, Reggie Mcneal, and Deltha O’neal, while Eric Steinbach is a brown.
    Frostee Rucker remains on the team following a battery/vandalism charge that I think was dropped.
    3 of those guys (AJ, Askew, Reggie) never saw the field, and were tossed ASAP.
    2 of those guys made out of character mistakes, and have since had NO problems – Steinbach (Boating DUI), Deltha (DUI on a BAL of .10).
    Now, there are a couple of players that are currently on the roster that have had isolated mistakes. The aforementioned Rucker, Leon Hall, DUI. Rey, DUI. Joseph, posession of Mary Jane.
    But over the last 3 years, that’s about it. A couple DUIs and a posession of pot? I think that’s pretty par for the course if you ask me.
    Trust me, nobody was as pissed off or embarrassed as I was having to answer for those thugs, but they really have done a lot better over the last few years and deserve a little credit for that.
    Who here hasn’t driven with a .10? Or a .157 for that matter? I agree, that’s no reason to go blasting into cars though…who taught Rey how to drive???
    AND The thing that pisses me off MOST is that not only do they have the $ to take a cab (back to USC if he wanted to), but the Bengals and every other NFL team has a free cab service to prevent just these instances.
    It’s not only a Bengals problem, it’s a league problem. Hopefully its fixed soon!
    BTW: I hope no Minnesota fans are trying to pile on, b/c they’ve had just as many arrests as the Bengals since 2000, and the Jags aren’t far off.
    The 2008 team leader was the Jaguars, with eight arrests, closely followed by the New York Giants with seven. Denver and Buffalo were the only other teams with five arrests last year.
    And FINALLY, to RavensFreak00:
    Please STFU. You rode on the coattails of a MURDERER to the Superbowl. A murderer who is the face of your franchise. It’s a lot of your SUPERSTARS that have problems: Ray, McAlister, Saercy?, Suggs, McAlister (again), Jamal Lewis, Fuller, Sams, McNair, Sapp?, Derrick Martin? etc. So please, before we go pointing the finger, lets start by pointing the thumb!

  13. Should have checked his (and the teams’) Blood Alcohol Level BEFORE the Jets game…
    The way they got smoked… I’ll put the over/under at .200!!

  14. Why don’t millionaires hire a driver for the night when they will be drinking? That way you don’t have to worry about it.

  15. What’s the bigger crime? Rey Mau driving heavily intoxicated or the fact that someone who signed a $4.66 million dollar contract is driving around is a vehicle that blue books at $5, 135?

  16. —Lil Ray mush have been drinking heavily to erase that horrible performance against the Jets from his mind…—
    Hey tard Rey didn’t play vs the jets he was injured reserve

  17. yeah, that sunfire is embarrassing…but at least he wasn’t smashing into stuff with a porsche!
    And Emilio…he broke his ankle in the first quarter of the first jets game. Therefore, he’s not responsible for anything that happened in either of those games. Jesus, why did GOD give retards the ability to type?

  18. what a dirt bag. you have all this money why cant you get someone to drive your ass around. suspend him the entire season for being a pussy and not handling his liquor. i know girls that can drink and drive better than him

  19. Hey all you stupid a$$ Bengal haters! Guess what Rey Rey was injured on IR for the 2 jets games. He broke his ankle against the chiefs the week before. Damn you people are stupid. Hate on the Bengals while they havent been close to lead in years on the ole arrest meter that we all know and love.

  20. We probably wouldn’t have so many repeat responses if it didn’t take 20 minutes from the time we hit submit to actually show up on the blog

  21. Driving a 7 year old Sunfire and can’t come up with bail money? Must be sending it all back to the gentle folk in Samoa.

  22. Lock your doors and hide your children, it’s the end of the season and the Cincinnati Bengals are once again free to roam the streets. They might as well load up the team bus and send them to county jail right now before somebody gets hurt.

  23. “What’s the bigger crime? Rey Mau driving heavily intoxicated or the fact that someone who signed a $4.66 million dollar contract is driving around is a vehicle that blue books at $5, 135?”
    I don’t know, a guy making $4M a year driving a $5K car sounds like someone who:
    1) doesn’t want have the money “change” him, and
    2) wants to maintain long-term financial security in a game where careers can end in one hit (ask David Pollack).
    I don’t like the DUIs – that’s a lot more serious than most people treat it – but Rey sounds pretty cool otherwise.

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