Warner announces retirement

K_Warner_1.jpgKurt Warner’s career was full of surprises, but he did the expected Friday, officially announcing that he is walking away from the game. 

Warner reportedly wanted to get the question out of the way before appearing at the Super Bowl next for promotional appearances.

“Obviously, it’s been 12 unbelievable years, some of the best years of
my life,” Warner said Friday. “I don’t think I could have dreamt it would have played out like it has. . . . But I want everybody to know that I’m
just as excited about the next 12, that I’m excited about what lies in
front of me. I’m excited about spending more time with my family, and
seeing what God’s going to do next.”

Warner thanked God, then brought his entire family (all seven children) up to the stage to tearfully thank them.

It was a unique moment in a career that has been unlike any we’ve seen.

“I wanted people to remember that anything is possible,” Warner said.

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  1. Thanks for the memories, Kurt. I’ve had the privilege of watching your final seasons from the stands here in Phoenix, and I’ll always be grateful for it. I think you’re doing the right thing, stepping away while still at the top of your game. Good luck on the next phase of your journey. See you in Canton in 5 years.

  2. Yeah Kurt, I’m sure God was waiting for you to retire, so he could decide what’s next for you. I’m a religious person but one of my biggest pet peeves is pro athletes bringing up God in every quote.

  3. You had to figure that he wouldn’t hold a neww conference to announce that he was coming back — unless he’s Brett Favre. 🙂
    Good luck in the future, Kurt. I expect that he’ll make the Hall Of Fame, especially if the voters take a fair look at his career.

  4. In many ways, the closest thing I’ve seen to Bart Starr in the years since Starr played. I know Warner could sometimes rub people the wrong way, but quite a story and quite a man. His playoff win against the Packers was both a thing of beauty and (for us Pack fans) an excruciating experience. Thanks and good luck, Kurt

  5. I’m going to miss this man. As a Giant fan I was sad to see him only get half a season with us but my last memory of him will be the Packers game and what a game he played.

  6. He really is one of the best stories in the last decade. He would’ve been better situated for the Hall of Fame if Martz hadn’t cast him aside so readily after he was clearly hurt. Good luck to Kurt.

  7. Back to the cellar in Arizona for us. Everyone here has known Leinert isn’t the answer for quite sometime. We haven’t even tried trading for anyone. And trading for McNabb or Vick now as everyone thinks we should do is a terrible answer. They should trade Boldin and their first round to someone with a higher pick. Grab one of the available QB’s and start over.

  8. Thank you Kurt. You’ve been a model of the grace and virtue that a professional athlete should be.

  9. People can rip him, or whatever. But his story still is amazing to me. He seems to be a genuine class act and I will for one miss seeing him play. I hope that the writers wake up and add him to the halls of Canton when his time comes.

  10. One of the greatest stories in NFL history. Kurt has had a great career and his decision not to drag out this process ensures his legacy will not be tarnished by an inability to call it quits before his skills deteriorate. God bless and God speed Warner. You have always been a class act.

  11. Now this article by rosenthal is accurate and fair. No surprise there.
    Next will come the florio article somehow bashing warner one last time at least, and mocking his faith or otherwise. I truly do not believe that florio can leave it at this. Let’s see if I’m right.
    There will also be posts by florio stating the obvious; that the cards are worse off without warner, and that leinart is not the answer, and that the cards will not make the playoffs next year (barring a trade for a good veteran qb).
    We all know that.

  12. Good for him… I hope that Brett dos not follow suit. He just brings too much entertainment to the NFL. He sure is fun to watch!

  13. Good for him. Never really liked him, but that doesn’t mean he sucked or was a bad person.
    Your move, Brett.

  14. Dreams do come true! I wanted your crazy ass out of this league for years, and it finally happened!!!!

  15. how many guys get to leave the game at the top of the their game and at their own terms
    thanks for all the memories Kurt

  16. What is this Hall Of Fame crap? He had 6 solid years and 6 dopey years, and was a back-up for half his career?
    HOF? Doubtful.
    Although it would help his cause if he wasn’t 1-2 in the BIG GAME.
    Let’s not get too excited people. 6 up and 6 down spells average.

  17. UPDATE: The Cardinals have just announced that they will not be participating in the 2010-2011 season. The organization will instead move to the UFL where they believe they can be more competitive.

  18. Doesn’t sound like he said anything about returning the 7.5 mil portion of his signing bonus to the team that he should have to.
    Guess he figures that it was a gift of god and screw the team. Hopefully the cards can recover it from him.

  19. @ crazyeddie
    Take a look at his stats, if you dont think he is a hall of famer for what he accomplished in 12 years, then you shouldn’t support Favre for what he accomplished in 19.

  20. Tdk24 says:
    January 29, 2010 3:41 PM
    With 7 kids, he could play Bill Paxton’s estranged brother on Big Love.
    BWAHAHAHA! Well played, Sir.

  21. I think we’ll see Warner in the HOF in 6-7, not the first year, though. One of the great playoff QB’s of any time.
    Pete Caroll going up against Leinart twice a year? Interesting. He’s definintely happy for Warner’s retirement.

  22. Kurt, thanks for making the Rams relevant and bringing the team it’s greatest five year run. You deserved much better from the team, but I’m glad you found success in Arizona. Happy trails.

  23. # raiders177 says: January 29, 2010 3:23 PM
    Ladies and Gentleman! Here are your 2010 NFC West Champion San Francisco 49ers!
    Did I miss something..did the niners get a QB??

  24. You know, there was a lot of angst when Favre was let go and Rodgers has proved that he was much better than the Packers fans thought he would be. Also, don’t forget that Chargers fans were screaming for the team to get rid of Brees and get a REAL QB just before they got Rivers and Drew finally showed that he got it. I’m not saying that Matt can be like either but that a little time on the bench may have done him a lot more good than you think.

  25. Listen I am a believer in Jesus but I am not a big fan of people thinking Jesus spends day and night worried about the NFL.
    Nothing wrong with honoring God in our work!! We are created for his glory, but God does not love football players more than the truck drivers.
    We have millions of people dying of AIDS in africa. Where is the NFL.
    Where is their outreach to Haiti. Can’t that receiver from INDY use his platform to help people in Haiti. NFL players have a platform- what they do with it is what is important.
    The NFL is a game- not the game of life.

  26. Good for him. No drama, no phony tears, no nonsense. Straight up, this is what I’m doing, it’s over, this is why… and then move on.

  27. I think he deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, but I doubt he is going to get in first time.
    He went through a big dip in form in the middle of his career. Though I think that can be put down to injuries to his throwing hand and a long recovery from the effects of a series of concussions, at least a few of the voters are going to have a problem with that. It is pretty unusual. I can’t think of another H-o-F calibre quarterback who had such a prolonged dip in performance.
    Still, the guy nearly won a Super Bowl with the Cardinals. That alone should get him a spot in the Hall.
    The strength of his candidacy will probably be determined by what happens in Arizona in the next few years. If Leinart starts playing at a high level people may start to assume Warner’s Indian summer was a product of the receiving core. If the Cards struggle for the next few years, Warner might make it in on the first ballot.

  28. Pure class. The NFL is losing a great man and a great player.
    Those of us in Seattle will not miss him for two Sundays out of the year though.

  29. Juggernuts, what if Kurt was using football to spread the word of God? Then maybe he sees more to his mission after retirement. Just because you claim to be religious don’t think that for one minute that gives you the right to denounce an athlete’s relationship with his maker. You have some nerve. What Warner does takes courage–you are evidence of that.

  30. Any QB who takes the Rams and Cardinals to the Super Bowl, much less actually winning one, belongs on the hall.

  31. I hope the Media can focus on a guy full of class like Warner and stop kissing on the crybabies who crave attention. Warner got shafted by the Rams NAD the Giants, but he did he come off as a petulant vindictive child? No. Does the media (Eisen, Mortenson,King, Clayton) ever point THAT out? NO. Thank you Kurt Warner, for showing us there is still CLASS left in some people.

  32. Anyone who does not believe Warner is HOF, needs to learn a little something about football.
    Warner’s stats, especially playoffs, are great.

  33. Please I have been at church with Kurt and his family. He is a fantastic person and his family is great. They believe in Jesus.
    You are missing my point. Jesus does not live and breath NFL football. He lives and breathes everyones life and cares for everyone- Kurt and family included.
    I am not a fan of the “God has blessed me the last X tears in the NFL”. The NFL players and pro sports are the upper upper class. Jesus had no place to lay his head. All I am saying is Jesus does not think of the NFL like people think of the NFL.
    Jesus created the universe and everyone in it. He shows NO preference. We send to much time worshiping pro sports.

  34. 100 + Td passes for two different teams. Two-time NFL MVP. Took those same two teams to the Super Bowl. (won one) Holds the 3 best passing performances in SB history. Proven winner and carves defenses up. AND was undrafted. A no-brainer that he’s a HOF.

  35. Kurt Warner beat my team twice in the NFC Championship game and I still like him. He must be pretty good 🙂
    I think he’s a HOFer. Everyone thought his career was dead during his last year with the Rams and his time with the Giants. He rebounded from that to lead the CARDINALS to the Super Bowl. Even if his stats weren’t up to snuff (and they are…especially his ridiculous playoff stats), that would seal the deal. As the member We Need Lineman eloquently pointed out, it’s his “Indian summer” that is going to get him in.

  36. He absolutely belongs in the hall of fame. 3 Super Bowls, 3 of the top passing performances in all 3 of them, and he won one of them. Let’s not forget the two his team lost waasn’t because of him. The Pats and Steelers both won in the last minute.
    If Warner is not a hall of famer, then really, who is? Isn’t the Super Bowl what it is all about? The Cards and Rams were dead franchises until he changed the culture and got both of them there.

  37. The only reason he didn’t win more SB’s is because he really only played on one team that was that good. He pulled Arizona out of the mud and made them a SB competitor. AZ will fade away unless they get their hands on a really capable QB
    HOF all the way

  38. Greatest SB Quarterback ever. Montana or Brady or any old time geezer someone else can bring up would all strive to be like Warner in the big game.
    He’d be 3-0 if Martz/Wisenhunt had any idea of how to run a 2 minute defense.
    Then again, nice pick 6 to Harrison in the last one : P

  39. “Jesus created the Universe”…..?
    really? what DO you learn at church these days?
    Just another example of how most religious people are complete morons. Please tell me you don’t believe in Dinosaurs either, garyl.

  40. Amazing career. Great player and a great person, i hope he enjoys the rest of his life, he will in my opinion be a first ballot of hall of famer

  41. Hall of Famers don’t get benched for Marc Bulger, cut by 3 different teams and benched on what 4 or 5 occasions?
    Now he most certainly deserves to be in the Hall of throwing to wide open elite receivers, but Pro Football Hall of Fame? No freaking way!
    But hey, Joe Namath is in it, so the ignorant media will probably fawn over his grocery bags to riches story and put him in eventually.

  42. He should be in the Hall of Fame. You can talk about the bad years he had, but two MVP awards as the field general for two of the best offenses in the history of the league, three Super Bowl appearances, and one win…he deserves it. His contributions to the game of professional football are undoubtedly worthy of Canton.

  43. “Greatest SB Quarterback ever. ”
    How long did it take you to create the fantasy world you live in ? Or maybe put the crack pipe down for awhile before you start typing.

  44. Great guy, good career, class act all the way.
    the thing with the HOF is that if the voters look at the talent around him during the good years, and the complete lack of talent around him during the bad years, they might conclude that he was simply an average NFL QB who could make the most of what was around him, not someone like manning who made other players play better (or favre for that matter).
    decent numbers, and the awards will certainly help, but compared to the all times, its a big gray area. Best of luck to him anyway. He will find success and happiness in whatever he wants to do.

  45. Class act. We need more guys like Kurt Warner in the NFL. Comes to work, does his job, gives much of his insane income way, and realizes he is living the dream. Takes nothing for granted.
    Hall of Fame? I say yes. It is close because of his relatively brief (as far as QB’s go) career, but I think he accomplished as much as some guys who are already in Canton.

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