Antrel Rolle has his eye on the Dolphins

Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle’s future in the desert is looking hazy thanks to a $12.1 million salary in 2010 and he’s already spent some time thinking about where he might head if he parts ways with the NFC West champs.

Rolle spoke with Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and told him that he enjoys playing for Arizona but wouldn’t mind coming home to play for the Dolphins.

“That would be nice,” Rolle told me. “You know what I mean. I would love
to take some of the burden off of mom and dad seeing as they travel to
every game. Miami is home for me. I haven’t played here in five years,
but hey, we can make it happen.”

Rolle said earlier this week that he won’t take a paycut to remain with the Cardinals, which makes his departure a real possibility. Despite that and the discussion of the Dolphins, Rolle was still talking about Arizona as if he sees himself playing there in 2010. He called Kurt Warner’s retirement “bittersweet” and shared his thoughts on Warner’s presumptive successor Matt Leinart.

“Leinert, I think his time is up right now,” Rolle said. “It’s time for
him to produce and be the player that Matt knows he can be and the
player we all know he can be. We’re going to be behind him 100 percent
of the way and I think he’ll do a good job there.”

Still, Rolle sounds like a man who is thinking about playing for the Dolphins and not just because he has a desire to eat his mother’s cooking more often. He told Salguero that he has kept abreast of the Dolphins’ personnel situation and knows that they may be looking to make a change from Gibril Wilson at free safety.

Rolle, who will play in Sunday’s Pro Bowl, had 72 tackles, four interceptions and 1.5 sacks during the 2009 season. Wilson had 93 tackles and one sack for the Dolphins. 

10 responses to “Antrel Rolle has his eye on the Dolphins

  1. So the miami herald is going around asking every hurricane/ free agent if they would like to play for the dolphins and they say they would like it…you dont say.

  2. And if he believes he’ll make anywhere remotely near $12m playing in Miami (or anywhere else for that matter), he’s completely delusional.
    Odds are that the Cards will make him as good or better of an offer as anyone. He’s needed in AZ, but at market value, not some crazy 8-figure insanity.

  3. What’s he supposed to say? “No, I hate the Dolphins and would never play here”? Ask every player if they would like to play for the pro team near their college team and you’d get the same answer.

  4. Please lord, give the Dolphins Antrel Rolle…Gibril Wilson is like watching a retard continuously try to shove a square peg into a round hole…it hurts to watch after a while

  5. FinFan says:
    Tuna wont pay those prices for wilfork and rolle
    Agreed. If Bill is gonna agree to shell out a lot of Miami money for a player…the guy will be a much bigger impact player than either Wilfork or Rolle.
    Although of the two players, Wilfork has a better chance to end up in Miami than Rolle. Due to the addition by subtraction theory (take away from the Pats) and of course in playing up front on the line. Which is how Parcells generally builds his teams, from the inside out.

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