Casey Hampton doesn't want to be tagged

Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton is a rare commodity — a 3-4 line-and-toilet-clogger who is poised to hit the open market.

And he wants to have the ability to clog lines and/or toilets in another city.

Per Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Hampton says “it will be a problem” if the team uses the franchise tag to hold him in place.

“You say we’re family and you’ll take care of me, and I feel like that’s
a slap in my face if you franchise me,” Hampton said after a Pro Bowl practice in Miami. 
“That’s not right.  You don’t do business like that.  I want to be
treated fair, and I think franchising me is not fair.”

Take it easy, big fella.  There’s nothing unfair about a team using the franchise tag.  It happens all the time.  Sure, the Steelers have opted at times not to use it, which likely has caused guys like Hampton to think they should get the same treatment.  But that doesn’t make the team’s approach in any way unfair.

Besides, there’s no disconnect between regarding a guy as “family” and using a device contained in the CBA to permit a team to keep a family member from leaving the family.  And the Steelers really do believe that Hampton is family.  Why else would they have continued to stand by him through multiple attempts during his career to eat his way out of the league? 

The reality is that Hampton, like Pats defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, wants to hit the market in the uncapped year.  But what he wants and what he gets might be two different things.

30 responses to “Casey Hampton doesn't want to be tagged

  1. Someone remind these clowns what happened when Ray Lewis thought he was going to get big bucks from someone else last year.

  2. Another greedbag who things 7 mil isn’t enough for one year’s work playing a game. FU Hampton.

  3. Hey over weight and usually out of shape toilet clogger. Being franchised is unfair? Really? You show up at camp so out of shape you can’t run or practice for that matter and bitch. Like Florio said try to eat your way out of the leauge and the team stands by you no matter what. You say being paid the average of the top 5 DL GUARANTEED is unfair? What are you smokin or should I say eating? What is it with these guys and the tag? I am so tired of listening to these guys bitch about being disrespected by all the millions that teams are willing to hand these guys and all they do is complain. Go pound sand fat ass.

  4. What kind of delusional, flip-flopping world do these idiots reside in????
    First he throws around the term “family” ….. but as Florio points out, the “family” thing only applies to the Steelers because Hampton wants his right to leave the “family”. Family my a$$ Hampton, this is a BUSINESS, not a godamn “family”.
    And what’s with this BS about the franchise tag being “a slap in the face”???? Somebody is willing to pay you the average of the five highest paid players in your position….
    THAT’S an insult?????
    Douchebag, it’s as much money as you should be getting because A) that’s the highest that your peers are making, B) YOU’RE STILL UNDER F-ING CONTRACT, MORON!!!!!
    I’m out of work, Hampton, do you think I wouldn’t be THRILLED to be offered the average of the five highest people in my profession??????
    You, and Wilfork, and Assante Samuels and all you spoiled a$$ players need to shut the hell up and think about what the hell you’re saying, and reflect on how that sounds to the average fan who is facing a whole different view of the economy than YOU are. It’s enough to make us start rooting for the skinflint owners again!

  5. yes yes, unfair indeed. Unfair to the hundreds of millions of americans who work hard and average 50 grand a year at best and have to listen to this tool complain about being gauranteed 7 million for one year of work. Dope.

  6. The Steelers have already expressed that Casey is their top priority in the this offseason…that alone should tell him n everyone else they are working on trying to retain him.The fact you claim he wants to hit the market is contradicting what was posted here awhile back ,that Casey wants to stay in the Burgh.

  7. A 3 year deal is best for the Steelers. Hampton is an asset but he is in such bad shape that he can’t last more than that.
    If he doesn’t take a 3 year deal transition tag him this year and franchise next year.
    Then let the 375 (all fat) guy go on the market at 34 years old.
    The only negative is that he could be a disruptive factor on the team.
    Maybe sign him with a clause that if he is unfit he is fined 100k per day and give him a 3yr deal.
    Any way you look at it he is a risk.

  8. In terms of the importance to the team the 3/4 nose is quickly becoming the defensive version of the left tackle. And we all know how the salaries of left tackles progressed. When there’s scarcity in the market the price goes up. Hampton’s just doing what the economics let him do. I imagine most of you would do the same.

  9. Cracks me up to hear Hampton and Wilfork whining about the possibility of being tagged and ONLY making $7 mn next season. If all these players don’t like it, why did they vote for the last CBA with it in it? Deal with it, big boys…

  10. 1.)Players do not like the franchise tag b/c its only a one year deal.
    2.) Players do not like to be franchise tagged b/c there is no long term stability, especially in a league with such a high rate of season ending/career ending injuries.
    3.) Players worry that if during their “tagged” year they get injured or under perform they will not be able to demand/acquire the same contract money as say coming off of a pro bowl season (which is Hampton’s current situation).
    4.) Players use complaining in the media to get leverage in situations like this.

  11. Unless there’s information not yet made available, Hampton appears to be engaging in negotiations in a counter-productive way.
    Hampton has launched a hardball salvo when he’s not really in any position to. An aging Hampton basically threatens the Steelers – while insisting on a contract so lucrative that it’s not a slap in the face that those “saps” who make top 5 at their position make – all while the Steelers hold the meat of the leverage ……… and Hampton elects to do this publicly.
    Brilliant move, Casey.
    Even Gilbert Arenas thinks this approach is foolish as hell.

  12. even if he were to get a career ending injury while playing under the franchise tag he would still make 7 MILLION GUARANTEED!! You have to be a fraking moron to not be able to never work again with that much money. Even if he invested say have of it he could still live comfortably off the rest. The problem is these players of the hip hop generation equate dollars with respect. Look how many jackasses got the big contract then did nothing. They end up hurting the team that signed them more than helping them.

  13. Is it the year of fat complainers. Worried Rex Ryan is going to beat them to the salad bar or something. Don’t worry guys. $7 million is still enough for the up by 7AM out by 9AM Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s. You can even afford two if you wish.

  14. I’m sick of these fat bastards complaining about it being a “slap in my face” to make millions. Get a clue you low life.

  15. Would someone please donate more than one pacifier for these clowns. “Not fair!” Lord knows they can barely afford one. They sound like babies, so should be treated like one.
    I’ll tell you what’s not fair, moron. Putting your life on the line in service to your country or community and NEVER coming close to making the kind of money this asshole makes in one year. Or how about when they die and their families are left destitute?
    Go stuff your head up your ass, idiot. Maybe think about donating half of it to the families of the fallen, so you can make that kind of money. Ass-wipe.

  16. As a Steelers fan i say let him go into free agency . I think we can find another one to replace him . Draft Cody from Bama . Yes he is overweight but we can whip him into shape . John Mitchell is a great line coach .

  17. Unless there’s information not yet made available, Hampton appears to be engaging in negotiations in a counter-productive way.
    Hampton has launched a hardball salvo when he’s not really in any position to.
    An aging Hampton basically threatens the Steelers – while insisting on a contract so lucrative that it’s not a slap in the face that those “saps” who make top 5 at their position are forced to accept – all while the Steelers hold the meat of the leverage ……… and Hampton elects to do this publicly.
    Brilliant move, Casey.
    Even Gilbert Arenas thinks you’re handling this issue poorly.

  18. “The problem is these players of the hip hop generation equate dollars with respect.”
    Oh those players and their rap music…good ole country boys don’t care about money, right? Lol, in 2010 do you old white boys still think all hip hop is some gangster fad? Truth is, rock and roll died a long time ago, and there is more quality in hip hop today than the new rock groups…and don’t get me started on the garbage that is country music.
    Anyways, I can’t fault any of these guys for wanting as much money as they can get. The only leverage they have is talking through the media to get the fans riled up. I understand what you mean, that dollars shouldn’t necessarily equal repect, but it does to some degree. Trusting a guy with guaranteed money long term shows respect for his game and skills…franchising him is basically telling him you don’t respect him enough to commit to him as part of your team’s long term plans. Of course the player understands the team wants to protect itself from injury and that’s why the franchise tag is applied, but it doesn’t hurt them to express their HONEST OPINIONS.

  19. Wow Florio really is a huge Steeler homer! If this were a story about ant of the other AFC North teams they would all be classless and wrong in your eyes Florio. Try writing with some un-biased integrity for a change. Your hatred is begining to make your columns suck.

  20. As soon as the Redskins or Raiders sign this guy, then he’ll eat his way out of the league, guaranteed. The bad part is that he’ll have 20 million dollars to live a life of luxury forever. I wish I was fat. I’m hoping to get a job paying me $40,000 so I can survive!

  21. If I were the Steelers, I’d tag Casey and then go after Wilford who is 3 years younger. See how quick Casey signed that $7M tender then. Players who complain about franchise tags should complain to their union. Management got the tags in exchange for concessions they made to the union on other issues. That’s how collective bargining works.

  22. Prez Charlie is exactly correct when he gives you the player’s side of the “tag”. One year guaranteed is a crap shoot when the average NFL career is less than 4 years, and could end on any whistle. The players want those multiple year contracts. The greed kicks in when they can’t seem to make $7M last more than one year. Must be those “trophy wives” running up the credit card bills. Couldn’t be those nights out ‘clubbin that are the problem.
    On the owner’s side, they roll the dice on a “tag” year contract on what is usually an older player who has made the franchise what it is. They know that his productive days in the “family” are numbered, so they don’t have to invest in multiple years to keep him around for another year. The player has to perform during the “tag” year, or he can’t get anyone to give him the multiple year deal that he wants.

  23. Piggybacking off what BobsCountryBunker is saying, the Steelers organization has the leverage in this situation. Hampton can cry, pout, and shout all he wants, but if the Steelers franchise tag him he HAS to perform if he wants to be paid ANYWHERE in the upcoming seasons. Players do not like being in this situation, hence Casey’s complaining.
    I love Casey Hampton, but there is no upside in signing a 30-plus year old nose guard to who has weight issues and has been taking on double teams for his entire career to a long term contract. The problem right now is the Steelers only have Chris “Hokey Pokey” Hoke to replace him. Hoke is even older than Hampton! Franchising Hampton puts a band-aid on a defensive need that the Steelers will have to satisfy in the upcoming years.

  24. I dont think casey will get a bigger contract anyway, I think after the Redskins signed Haynesworth for all that money last year and he showed that he was not worth it. I think teams will be leary of this , I hate to say this becasue Casey is one of my favorite Steelers but I think if they or anyone else gives him a big contract he will get lazy he has shown this in the past, was he not on the PUP list year before last . I say let him walk then when he does not get the money he so desperately seeks, then if he comes back you can get him at a cheaper price..
    But I also agree with another poster on here. Go get Cody from Bama he is younger would be cheaper, and can be whipped into shape,

  25. If the franchise tag isnt done away with in the new CBA I think it will be a complete failure by the NFLPA.
    9/10 players who get franchised complains about it. So I dont see why the NFLPA would allow that in the new CBA. They would probably have to give somethings up to get rid of the franshise tag but I think its worth seeing how many players hate it.
    I can see why players think its unfair. Everyone gets on them when they dont want to honor their contracts. For more money or just to leave a team. So why should the NFL ownership be able to hold on to a player after that contract is up? Seeing that players are forced to honor their contracts owners should have to do the same. Once a player has played out his contract he should be able leave if he wants.
    Its partially the players fault. They should write into their contracts that the team can not franshise them after it is up. If they had the foresight to do that then no one would be complaining that its unfair.

  26. 7 Million is a slap in the face???
    I’ll tell you whats a slap in the face….It’s your fat greasy ass showing up for camp every year so pitifully over weight that you can’t even practice! IMO your overpaid right now. The Steelers are paying you damn good money and have already put up with more shit than most teams would from your 12 sandwich eatin ass! They should cut your lard ass loose and then see what kind of offer you get. Sure another team probably will make you a good offer but you can bet that bag of cheese popcorn you got hid under your pillow that it will have stipulations regarding just how many potholes your ass will be allowed to have when camp starts. These guys are unbelieveable!

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