Melvin Bullitt fined for hit on Sanchez

On Wednesday, NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira admitted that the officials in the AFC Championship Game blew it by not calling a late hit on Colts safety Melvin Bullitt when he tackled Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez after a handoff.

On Friday, the league fined Bullitt $5,000 for the hit. The hit sent Jets coach Rex Ryan into a rage on the sideline and he later called the hit a “cheap shot.” Bullitt denied that there was malicious intent on the play, but told the Indianapolis Star that he understood why Ryan was upset.

“Five thousand dollars, that hurts,” Bullitt said. “I understand [Ryan]
being mad because that’s his quarterback, but I didn’t try to hurt him.
I was just playing football. I didn’t know if he had the ball or not. I
was coming from behind.”

Bullitt plans to appeal the fine. Pereira’s admission will probably work against him in that process, which won’t hurt much if Bullitt picks up a winner’s share next Sunday.

14 responses to “Melvin Bullitt fined for hit on Sanchez

  1. Bullitt gets fined $5,000 for late hit on Mark Sanchez, MaCray gets fined $10,000 each for his late hits on Favre. Why the disparity?

  2. screw the fine, how about roll the game back to that play give the jets the first down and send the Colts home…….
    I mean it is really hard to see a Penalty like that when the refs are busy staring at manass…

  3. Sanchez also got hit twice in the head/facemask in the first half. What does the master of officiating have to say about no flags being thrown on either of those? I mean, if it was the Ravens Sanchez was playing… they would have called it even if he wasn’t hit in the helmet!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Where are the whiners now? You know, you Queenies bitching about the saints?
    “I was just playing football”.
    Ed Zachary. I guess the NFL should step in here and retroactively give the games to the Queens and Jets, respectively.

  5. Seems like it doesn’t pay to be a tenacious, agressive defensive player anymore. Why don’t QBs just wear the red jersey during the season. That’s how they are being treated. Pathetic.

  6. “I didn’t know if he had the ball or not. I was coming from behind.”
    Is Bullitt blind ? They’re called eyes, you see with them. You were looking in the direction you were running in and the ball was out long before you hit Sanchez.
    I’m a Pats fan and of course hate the Jets, but that was a very very late dirty hit and trying to lie and make a lame excuse that it was anything but that is pathetic. League should have fined him a lot more than 5k.

  7. Anyone seen that “hit”? It was nothing. With nearly zero speed he slightly bumped into Sanchez, who could have easily stepped backwards.
    Josh Alper should have written the quotes about the play action into the post.

  8. Tyler, yes. Both were continuations of hand-offs. The difference was Sanchez was hit by Bullitt. Favre ran full speed into Mcray.

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