Ravens tab Zorn to coach up quarterbacks

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens have hired ex-Redskins head coach Jim Zorn as quarterbacks coach.  Zorn beat out Al Saunders for the job.  A consultant for the 2009 Ravens, Saunders’ status with the organization is uncertain.
Zorn emerged as the front-runner for the job as recently as early Saturday.  While becoming a position coach after serving as a head coach last year is easily perceived as a massive step back for Zorn’s career, coaching QBs is probably what he should’ve been doing all along.

In Baltimore, Zorn will be charged with overseeing the development of promising starter Joe Flacco, 2006 Heisman winner Troy Smith, and former second-round pick John Beck.

Unless, of course, Smith is traded to the Browns.

44 responses to “Ravens tab Zorn to coach up quarterbacks

  1. Good for Zorn! He ended up with the better team/organization & didn’t have to move!

  2. Zorn should be a good fit. He should NEVER have been given the HC job in Washington. It was another typical lil danny snyder move! Doomed to fail.

  3. glad he landed on his feet…the way the Redskins treated him was despicible & he handled himself with class…

  4. Despicable? LOL They gave him a ton of money and the keys to the team for 1.5 yrs when his own longtime HC in Seattle wouldn’t give him diddly.
    I think he made out OK considering he wasn’t HC material in the end. Good man, poor coach.
    Glad to see he didn’t have to pack the family up and move across country again.
    But to rag on the skins for the way they treated him? Come on, he’s got a lovable personality until you realize that he’s so inexperienced that he’s OK with just being ok.

  5. dead money :
    obviously he he wasnt ready to be a HC but as far as I could tell from the moment Shanahan & Gruden became availible he was a dead man walking…
    from January 2009 I think they wanted him to fail..if you’re going to take away playcalling just fire him…dont leave him twisting in the wind
    maybe I’m wrong but even his longtime HC in Seattle who wouldnt give him diddly seemed to agree with me

  6. How can you blame a guy for being inexperienced? Isn’t it the employer’s responsibility to hire someone with enough experience to do the job? Snyder hired the guy; it’s Snyder’s fault he hired a coach not ready for the job.
    That said, I think he’s still got a future ahead of him in this league. He’s too smart and classy to not succeed.
    As for Troy Smith, if he goes to the Browns, look for them to go .500 or better next year. I believe he was ready to take the next step when he got injured and allowed Flacco to step in. I think he’s ready for his shot now. I’d certainly take him over a clown like Vick if I was a Browns fan.

  7. Regardless of how much B.S. the Redskins’ brass and media put him through, Jim Zorn was all class.
    Now the Ravens just need some receivers….

  8. …I also am glad to see this classy guy land on his feet, and that he didn’t have to pack and move. He’s always been one of my favorite people even when he was an active player.
    He never had any business working for Danny boy anyway, and certainly wasn’t ready to be an HC. He was tapped only because D.S. wanted somebody he felt he could manipulate. My only criticism of him is that he didn’t show enough gumption to not allow himself to be left twisitng in the wind.
    That said, I sincerely doubt if the now deader then ever deadskins will even break .500 next year……….Go Ravens!

  9. hmmmmm, interesting ….. the Ravens seem to have a unique wrinkle to the hiring process ….
    those familiar with “the Peter Principle” can see that Cameron and Zorn are two excellent examples of individuals continually promoted until they reach the level where they are “incompetent” ….
    and after these coaches have established their ceilings, if you will, the Ravens hire them to coach at the level where they are most competent …
    interesting philosophy, and may explain why the birds are such a formidable opponent every year …

  10. @footballfan……as usual, people who try and diss Baltimore end up making themselves look like idiots……please learn to spell before you call someone else a moron. Thanks dude!

  11. Good move by the Ravens, Zorn was challenged as a HC, not his fault, he should not have been a HC canidate when he was hired, he was not ready to be a HC @ that time. But look@ what the guy did in Seattle as QB coach. The Ravens will get some taller, better receivers next year & look out, Flacco will be flying high!! GO RAVENS!!

  12. Charlie…Nice post!! You are also correct that we need receivers!! Hopefully we can get an established one by a trade and get a good one in the draft.
    This is a great hire for the Ravens and great news for Flacco!! Welcome Coach Zorn.

  13. Very good move Ozzie, we will teach Jim Zorn what a class organization is all about. Also teach him how to be a winner.

  14. Who is this guy impersonating, THE REAL RAVEN MANIAC. HEY BUD, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR NAME.

  15. He’s still gonna have to move. Anyone who would contend otherwise has never driven from DC to Baltimore.

  16. Raven Maniac….that would be you impersonating me…..I think everyone on here will tell you that I AM THE ORIGINAL….you are the wannabe!!!
    I have been here for years!!! Nice try…I think you need to change your name because I aint changin!!!!!

  17. Zorn is an excellent QB coach who was set up to fail in DC when he went from OC to HC without the luxury of being the OC first. Only in DC with Danny Boy.

  18. @ the imposter Ravenmaniac
    this name is my trademark, just look it up. If you make your letters all caps and add a space between the two words, my lawyers will be calling. Oh well,its alot of Raven Love to go around, I am BIGGER you are smaller with you letters. GO RAVENS

  19. Congrats to Zorn! He deserves it! He is a total class act and how he was handled last season was a disgrace to the Redskins. I am shocked that any coaches would come here of their own volition after what was done to Zorn.
    Zorn wasn’t given any time and he was given a roster that was aging and wasn’t even allowed to choose his assistants for the most part. It was a total joke by Snyder. He was set up to fail.
    I wish Zorn well and hope that he is able to help develop Flacco. Great guy and Baltimore would be extremely lucky to have him.

  20. Regardless of what all you Gayven fans want to say; if Zorn hadn’t interviewed for the job and realized that he was in WAY over his head he wouldn’t have been treated as bad as everyone states. I love how quick you idiots are to trash the 3 time super bowl champion, two time world Champion WASHINGTON REDSKINS. We have never had a team leave town and had a town that was willing to whatever it needed to keep the team in town. Stop blaming others for Ersay leaving because Baltimore didn’t want to build him a new stadium.
    I love the fact gayven fans also want to trash the team when you all have not drafted a worthwhile offensive skilled position since you all came back to baltimore with that god awful purple uniform.
    I am also glad to hear Zorn landed on his feet with a good organization, but please stop trashing the skins based on your own inferiority complex. He is a classy gentleman who was in WAY over his head, but always toed the company line. Best of luck.

  21. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    Big talk from a fan whose team is the laughingstock of the NFL. How many years since the DANSKINS have won a playoff game? …? …..?
    Of course The DANSKINS will win the offseason championship again. That’s 11 years of suckage in a row. Be proud of that will ‘ya?

  22. We won a playoff game in 2005. Beat Tampa Bay, and yes it has been hard. To continually hear crap from a bunch of fans up the street is just tired and old. We don’t play in the same division and we rarely play one another. I am more speaking to the inferiority complex that raven fans have. When it comes to being a realistic fan I am all that and then some. It has been a rough 19 years to be exact, but I am still going to stick with my team come hell or high water.
    I don’t think we will be winning anything for at least three years if we can win it then. With Shanahan in place I don’t think that we will be acquiring all of this high dollar talent like in years past. Thank God cerratto is gone, he was the worst evaluator of talent I think the NFL will ever see. We have also had quite a few set backs, and by this I mean the death of Sean Taylor (possibly one of the best safeties of all time for the time he played.). Maybe with Shanahan and Allen we will be on the pillaging side of aquisitions in the future, but who knows? This is what makes the NFL great. I can say one thing…… I am damn glad I am not a cowgurl fan, at least our owner isn’t down on the sideline undermining our head coach. I hope I answered all of your questions NFLMMAfan.
    Good luck to your team whoever that may be.

  23. lol @ RAVEN MANIAC.. who are you?
    I’ve seen Ravenmaniac post all over this place.. change ur name.

  24. Maybe Zorn can run back to back fake field goals despite the fact that the team he is running it against has seen it before and knows it is coming. The blunders with him as a head coach were so many that I can not name them all. Flacco is not a good QB to begin with so good luck with the “west coast offense” that Zorn likes to try and teach. All I can say is good luck if you are a Raven fan and I don’t think he will last more than a year.

  25. @DiehardskinfluteFan…..Gayven fans???? Seriously??? Gayven fans?????
    Flacco is not a good QB????? Seriously????? Really???
    So you believe that all of your problems are solved now with a new head coach?? How long until your kook of an owner sticks his nose back in the football business (of which he knows nothing about…kinda like you obviously dont) and your team is back on its same loser path! Maybe you will spend $100 Billion this year on another overrated player that will not produce.
    Can you say skins completely rebuilding…….

  26. Ravenmaniac, first I would like to congratulate you on such an original name. Just about as unoriginal as your thoughts. Once again, as I stated before I don’t think all of our problems will be solved. I am hoping that maybe in the next three years that we will be able to make a run in the playoffs. Thats what I was saying. Please read before you start making accusations I can tell you are just another baltimoron. Defense won you all ONE championship, maybe it is time that Ozzie starts concentrating on improving your offensive skills positions instead of worrying about the line all the time. Ozzie is great at drafting anything but your skill positions. The reason why I say Flacco is awful is simple; he completed how many passes in the NE game? When he does throw the ball there are intercepted passes. He can’t even complete a simple dump to Rice in the playoffs. He did have a good rookie year due mostly to a good running game that was anchored by a fullback that you all let go for reasons unknown to the rest of the world. Bottom line is, is that I have substance to what I state. Please don’t write back again unless you actually have something intelligent to write, but since you are blinded by that ugly purple and can’t hear because of that stupid caw caw that your dumb a$$ radio station plays I doubt you will write back with anything that is worth reading. Good luck in the future with a defense that won’t be strong much longer, an offense that can’t throw the ball downfield, a secondary that can’t cover grass and a team that can’t compete with pittsburgh. I think the SKINS will have a foundation in the future that will be stronger and better than your GAYVENS. Until next time.

  27. To DieHArdSkinsFan21:
    —“I am more speaking to the inferiority complex that raven fans have.”—
    I know many Ravens fans and not ONE has any inferiority complex to the Foreskins. Up and until the day Oompa Loompa Danny can stay out of football matters, your team will continue to suck.
    From top to bottom, the Ravens have been heads and shoulders above the Foreskins and will continue to be for a long time.
    —“It has been a rough 19 years to be exact, but I am still going to stick with my team come hell or high water.
    I don’t think we will be winning anything for at least three years if we can win it then. With Shanahan in place I don’t think that we will be acquiring all of this high dollar talent like in years past. Thank God cerratto is gone, he was the worst evaluator of talent I think the NFL will ever see.
    I’m sorry you had to justify my argument against our supposed “inferiority complex”. We’ve had a great evaluator of talent in Ozzie Newsome, a fantastic owner in Bisciotti, and have had continuity in our coaches. But thats right….we’re inferior to the Skins.

  28. SkinsFan…first of all you ask me to read your posts before I respond…I tried that but I cannot understand your incoherent ramblings….
    Second…why are you even worried about what the Ravens are doing?? Not quite sure why you even commented on this post.
    Third…I find “fans” like yourself amusing…you my friend are the moron. You go on these sites and come up with derogatory names for other teams and their fans. Please take the word Fan out of your name!
    People like you write about the things they are confused about or may find interesting. Let me give you an example of some of these things for you….
    1) The Ravens: I think you maybe a closet fan and speaking of CLOSET that brings me to…
    2) You keep saying GAYven fans: Maybe there is something you want to explore or perhaps already have.
    In closing…come out of the closet little skinsfan..you know you want put on the purple and black of winning team with a QB like Flacco who has made the playoffs in his first 2 years in the league.

  29. PS diehardskin….Remember last year when that horrible QB Joe Flacco played the skins and I believe that no good QB kicked your teams ass 24-10…..
    Wow! You have a short memory….
    Let me guess…..you are 27 years old and live in your parents basement…right?? C’mon….am I right???

  30. @diehardforeskinfans – lets blow up just one of your stupid comments. Ozzie has drafted Jamal Lewis, Todd Heap, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. So to say that he hasn’t drafted any good skill players on offense is just stupid.
    Second – Spell Irsay’s name right. It makes you look like the miscreant you really are.
    Third – It has been so long since the Foreskins won anything meaningful, it was probably when you were in diapers.
    Fourth – #3 could be wrong, because I really wonder if this isn’t The Danny posting. If not, you are backing up one of the worst 3 owners in football. He has raped you for your money and puts garbage out for a product.
    Finally…… once you start winning again give us a call in Bmore. We have been in the playoffs on average every other year since we won the superbowl. And you are sucking hindtit in the NFC east.

  31. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    ” maybe it is time that Ozzie starts concentrating on improving your offensive skills positions instead of worrying about the line all the time.”
    Maybe the last decade wouldn’t have been such a joke in DC if anyone worried about the line…at all. How many OL were drafted in the last 10 years? Who contributed other than Samuels and Dockery? Never mind the fact that your offensive skills positions haven’t exactly panned out either.

  32. To 4G63, ppdoc13, Flab Treesports, Ravenmaniac.
    First, 4 skill positions, and not a single quality receiver. How is Clayton working out for you? How about Derek Abney, Devard Darling, Demetrius Williams (these are all your WR draftees). Your best receiver is an over the hill titan wash-up who drops touchdowns in the endzone against your rival I might add. Why don’t you go after Braylon Edwards?
    Second, I am commenting on this post because you all were ripping the Skins when this blog started. Because Jim Zorn took a job isn’t the Redskins fault. He made a ton of money, (probably more than he ever will again) he got experience as a HC, and yes while he was disrespected he handled himself with nothing but class. Vinny Cerratto was the cause of this and he is gone now.
    Third, I did not do the name calling first. Go back and read all of the entries.
    Forth, (Ravenmaniac) to living in a basement…… I am a 45 year old business owner who lives on the severn river and could buy your home and bulldoze it if I chose to. I have been a season ticket holder since you were pooping yellow and will be in Miami for the super bowl sitting on the fifty about two rows up from the Indy bench as the COLTS win another Super Bowl.
    Fifth, Stephon Heyer, Samuels, Chad Rinehart, Mark Wilson, Jim Molinaro, Dockery, Kili Lofotu and while many of them don’t pan out we have drafted plenty of offensive linemen. Just like how most of your draft picks have not panned out with the exception of Ray Lewis, Suggs, and a few standout offensive linemen and Reed. Every team has their draft picks that don’t pan out. There isn’t a single team out there that strikes gold on every single draft pick and to think Newsome does is just ridiculous. How did Boller work out? How about Derek Anderson? How are Figurs, Justin Harper, Marcus Smith, David Pittman, BJ Daniels doing? I could go on and on how Ozzie has struck out as well. It is a crap shoot just like anything else that has no guarantees. I don’t understand how you can say our draft picks at skills positions have not worked out? Cooley, Davis, our WR’s have had more production such as Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas. Now I will give you that we should not have picked up players like Randle El, David Patton, Archuletta, Brandon Lloyd, but that ship has sailed. It happened and it is over. The fact of the matter is that we are rebuilding and Danny Boy is keeping his nose out of it. That’s why you don’t see him on the sidelines like Jerry Jones. Because he is willing to go out and spend money everyone assumes that we are winning the off-season. That is fine, and I can understand why people would come to those conclusions, however if it wasn’t a media filled world it would probably go unnoticed. With a real GM in place and a head coach that has a ton of experience I think I will be calling Bmore in a few years. Just leave me your number and I would be more than happy to take you fishing if you would like.
    Lastly, to say Daniel Snyder is a horrible owner is an opinion and you are allowed to have that opinion. I would more say that he was inexperienced and made mistakes. Not that he is a horrible owner. Just like any other team you can be filled with optimism when the off-season arrives, but I hardly think we are going to win the NFC east or the superbowl. Don’t get things confused and worry about beating pittsburgh instead of concentrating on where Zorn came from.

  33. You’re wasting your time DieHard. Anyone who thinks lewis, flacco, heap and that other are any good is dumber than a eagles fan.
    lewis=fat coke dealer
    flacco=2nd coming of choke artist romo
    heap=always hurt and scared to go across the middle
    rice=one hit wonder

  34. skinnsfan……so what you are saying is you do not live in your parents basement but instead they let you stay on the second floor….and that you will be watching the superbowl on your 13 inch color TV with foil on the rabbit ears….well good for you!! Keep living the dream.
    Wow you are a season ticket holder…..man that is awesome I wish I could have season tickets….now are yours in the club level but you choose to spend most of your time in your companies luxary box…..oh wait that might be me…
    The great thing about this site is that you can be anything you want to be while typing on the keyboard. I am a rocket scientist myself and on the weekends I am an astronaut!
    Your last post pretty much verified what I was trying to prove little did I know you would fill in things that I missed about you.
    Keep being a mean spirited troll….your team will make the playoffs one of these days…Shanahan is an excellent coach…he will just need to gut your entire team to get there.
    As for the Ravens, say what you want but we have been in the playoffs the last 2 years WITH JOE FLACCO leading way….
    Thanks for your support.

  35. That is some Eric Bickel level homerism right there, skinsfan.
    “[W]e have drafted plenty of offensive linemen.” Laughable, especially considering that list is a decade old. The FACT that your once proud franchise has won a single playoff game in that same period can be attributed to paying through the nose in March and crapping the bed in April. Meanwhile, the Ravens have had 6 appearances, 8 wins, including a championship. Yeah, they don’t draft WR well. Fascinating observation.
    “Third, I did not do the name calling first. Go back and read all of the entries.”
    From your first comment: Gayven fans, you idiots, etc. And you’re 45? Fairly pathetic.

  36. Ravenmaniac, the offer is still on the table if you would like to go fishing one day.

  37. Ravenmaniac, I am not going to keep explaining things to you.
    “With a real GM in place and a head coach that has a ton of experience I think I will be calling Bmore in a few years. Just leave me your number and I would be more than happy to take you fishing if you would like.”

  38. @Ravenmaniac – Of course you don’t…
    Keep blindly cheering on wannabe drug kingpins and murderers to choke in the first round of the playoffs every other year.

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