Troy Smith wants to play for the Browns

Quarterback Troy Smith currently plays for the franchise that used to be the Cleveland Browns.  (Cue the Browns fans either who insist that the Ravens were never the Browns or who get pissed at us for mentioning it.)  Now, Smith wants to play for the franchise that currently is the Cleveland Browns.

Smith made his preferences known in a recent interview with Mark “Munch” Bishop of ESPN Radio’s Cleveland affiliate.

“There is no doubt about it,” Smith said regarding his desire to play for the Browns.  “It has always been a childhood dream of mine.  It’s funny how we always talk about Cleveland.  That’s the first thing that comes to mind with anything I do whether I get a chance to come home and be a part of that organization or not.  You know, I would love to get that chance if that opportunity comes up, but the political and right thing to say in this situation is that I would love to be anywhere that would give me a chance.  But, without a doubt, there would be no second guessing in my mind if I could come back home and be a part of something that I love.”

Earlier this week, Bills safety Donte Whitner lobbied, Twitter style, for Buffalo to make a play for Smith, who currently is stuck behind Joe Flacco in Baltimore.

Smith, the 2006 Heisman winner, would have opened the 2008 season as the starter in Baltimore, but for a case of tonsilitis that gave Flacco a chance to take snaps as a rookie.

52 responses to “Troy Smith wants to play for the Browns

  1. As a Browns fan, I don’t see the downside in signing him for cheap and having him compete for the job. I’d take him over Quinn/Anderson right now.

  2. Are there really legions of Browns fans who “…insist that the Ravens were never the Browns or who get pissed at us for mentioning it….”
    From a big-time Browns fan, it seems like you’re trying to manufacture some drama where none exists.

  3. Troy Smith has a ridiculous skill set…accurate, mobile, and can throw 80 yards. Sounds like a QB to me.
    I’d like to see this guy starting somewhere at some point.
    I Hope he gets his shot soon.

  4. If Troy Smith was good he would have beat out Flacco. Don’t give me the BS that he got sick so that is how Flacco got the job. Flacco is a better QB than Smith. PERIOD!!

  5. If the Browns or Bills think Troy Smith is the long-term answer at QB for them they will continue to be the doormat of their divisions for years to come.

  6. No doubt Troy Smith would be welcomed with open arms in Cleveland…is he the kind of QB that Holmgren likes? Does he fit the mold for the West Coast “O”?

  7. Troy Smith wants to play anywhere but Baltimore. I don’t blame him, but jeez. I hope we can get decent compensation for him if we trade him.

  8. The Ravens were never the Browns. They were an expansion team.
    I’m pissed at you for mentioning it. Typical Steelers honk.

  9. Just to put this out there, I’d like to play for the Browns too.
    And if we’re going to bring in a new quarterback, let’s get one with some NFL experience.

  10. How about we cue Browns fans who think you’re a retard with nothing better to talk about in Super Bowl week besides the Browns and something that happened 16 years ago…
    Smith was amazing in collage. if not in cleveland, hope he does land somewhere that he can start.

  11. Why is it tampering if a team says they want another team’s player but Troy Smith can say he wants to play for the Browns when he’s under contract with the Ravens?

  12. The thing about Troy is he is a WINNER. He’s too competitive to not win. And like the article mentions, he would have been the starter in Baltimore had he not been freakishly sick where he lost a ton of weight in a 2 week time frame. I pray that someone gives him a chance. He won’t disappoint. He has a cannon for an arm, he can move, but he is SMART when it comes to the game of football. And that is his best attribute. Whether it is the Browns, Bills, Redskins, whoever…he would really help a losing franchise. And he will be just another example of how the size of a QB does not matter that much as long as you have the other attributes to go with it. And Troy certainly does.

  13. Quote: rea725
    “Are there really legions of Browns fans who “…insist that the Ravens were never the Browns or who get pissed at us for mentioning it….”
    From a big-time Browns fan, it seems like you’re trying to manufacture some drama where none exists.”
    Couldn’t of said it better myself. For better or worse Cleveland has a team, Clevelanders get to the stadium or huddle infront of a TV and cheer on the Browns. Florio is just a lost child of the 70’s that thinks its still cool to tell bad Cleveland jokes. I think its time to pack in the bad hair and act your age or at least join up to the 21st century.

  14. As a Steelers fan . I say go for it . Give you more of a chance to keep beating the Steelers lol .

  15. I want Oakland to try to get him. But I typically root for the Browns if they’re playing anyone else, so I’d like to see him in Cleveland.

  16. I’d love the Raiders to make a deal to bring Smith in to compete with Gradkowski for the starting job in Oakland. Inevitably, JaMarcus will be on the roster as well.

  17. if i were the Ravens i would let Smith go away for little, they can replace him, but would it be smart for the browns to sign him?? he is unknown.
    (Whether it is the Browns, Bills, Redskins, whoever…he would really help a losing franchise)
    i don’t want Troy Smith in Washington, as a redskins fan i really want Sam Bradford or even Jimmy Clausen, Troy Smith to me would be better in Cleveland seeing that they have another qb that can play if Smith doesn’t work.

  18. rea725 says:
    January 30, 2010 10:14 AM
    From a big-time Browns fan, it seems like you’re trying to manufacture some drama where none exists
    I think this falls under the “get pissed at us for mentioning it….” category.

  19. nagurskiTform says:
    January 30, 2010 10:15 AM
    “Troy Smith has a ridiculous skill set…accurate, mobile, and can throw 80 yards. Sounds like a QB to me.”
    Are you his agent or something? I like Troy Smith but he is not very accurate and he can’t throw it 80 yards unless he has a gale force wind behind him. If he had a ridiculous skill set he would have been drafted a lot higher than the 5th round after winning the Heisman.
    I wish Troy well and he does have talent but I’d be surprised if he is ever able to succeed as a starter in the NFL. 32 GMs would be surprised too.

  20. Well, actually, steeltownpride, we beat up the Steelers without a QB…
    As I recall, neither team had a QB that night.

  21. Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    Hey Florio – did the Squealers make the playoffs?
    God, I love hearing the answer to that.

  22. Only thing I don’t like about him is he is a little on the small side to see over top of towering lineman for the short to intermediate game in the middle of the field. Probably really good outside the hashes, screens, and downfield plays. I would only be nervous about his game accross the middle. But, at a cheap price, I would take a flyer on him. Like another poster stated, it is a better option than Quinn or Anderson at this time

  23. The Ravens WERE the Browns but no longer are. Matt Stover was the last old Brownie. Hell, I don’t think the present team called the”Browns” are the Browns, and I am a life-long (50years) Browns fan. These guys don’t give a shit about tradition, or the history of this team. When we got an expansion team in “99 we should have got new colors, name, helmets, and a domed freakin stadium! Bet that pisses someone off!

  24. I would love to have him as a reciever for the Browns… He is too small under 6 ft as a QB

  25. Smith is a RFA and I’m doubting the Ravens would trade him to the Browns, but if they would, it would probably cost the Browns atleast a 3rd rd. pick.

  26. @ nagurskiTform
    You say Troy has a cannon for an arm and is accurate… ummm No, and No. He can throw 80 yards? Nobody in the NFL can throw 80 yards.
    And Troy’s arm is his weakness… he has NO accuracy whatsoever!!! And he has a noodle for an arm. If I had a nickel for every time I saw him bounce a pass 5 yards in front of a receiver, I wouldn’t be sitting here wasting my time talking sports with idiots like you.

  27. BrownsTown, you and the other deniers can pretend all you want but those WERE Browns players that moved to Baltimore and then won the Super Bowl. The BROWNS were the expansion team and they’ve been acting like a bad one since they came into the league.
    To get back on topic: I see no downside to getting Smith and maybe they can get rid of one of their QBs to seal the deal. 🙂

  28. Bmore Styles…you don’t have a clue! Smith’s weakness is his accuracy. You are correct on that. But he has a VERY strong arm and absolutely has a cannon. No he can’t throw 80 yds, but can he throw 60 or 65 in the air? Absolutely. And he could throw it on a bullet. Smith could be a very good QB in this league but the Ravens wont give him a damn chance.
    You do remember that Ray Lewis was almost campaigning for him to get a shot right? Now Ray isn’t a QB coach by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s also gone up against some of the best so I’m willing to bet he has a decent idea what it takes to succeed. And he wouldn’t be campaigning for a guy that he didn’t truly believe gave them a good shot to win.

  29. The Ravens should either start a bidding war for him or make him stay & finish his contract here.

  30. @ OSUFAN15
    Half the QBs in the league can’t throw 65 yards in the air!!!!! What are you thinking??? The best QBs in the league can throw 70 yards. That’s a fact. Google it, I just did.
    As far as Ray and most of the defense campaigning for him to start, that had ALLLL to do with personal reasons. They liked Troy more than Flacco. Even after Flacco started 2-1 and looked great, Suggs still came out and said Troy should start. All the coaches that I heard agreed that Flacco was better in training camp, but they were simply wary of starting a rookie, but Troy got sick and the rest is history.
    You’re an OSU guy, I’m a Ravens’ fan… I think I’ve had a better vantage point of his professional career. And he’s proven to everyone in Baltimore he’s nothing more than a legit backup.

  31. @ Bmore Styles
    LOL you’ve had a better vantage point of his professional career? How so? The 5 or so games he has actually got meaningful time in? haha if you are relying on that, you have even less of a clue than I had previously thought.
    And no…it absolutely didn’t have to do w/ personal reasons for RAY. He came right out and said he wanted to win. Ray Lewis is not a guy to campaign for someone just b/c of personal reasons, winning means everything to him. You know that and I know that. He campaigned b/c he knew and still knows Troy is something special that hasn’t been given a shot. I hope he goes to Cleveland just so he can come back to beat Baltimore. BTW I used to live in Baltimore so I rooted for them all the time but their handling of Troy has been down right idiotic.

  32. @ OSUFAN15
    OK I can use factual evidence to prove you wrong. Ray wanted to win, right??? Why after Flacco went 2-1, with his only loss coming at Pitt by 3 points in a primetime game did Ray and the defense still want Troy to start??? Oh, I know… Because it was about more than winning. It’s no secret that Troy is good friends with the defensive leaders. It’s hard debating when the facts support my side… And sure you may have seen a few of Troy’s starts, but you don’t see him in training camp like I do. You don’t read about every report from training camp, as well. And you don’t get to watch him in preseason.
    Furthermore, all the coaches agreed that Flacco was the better option, but like I said, they were simply wary of starting a rookie. Rex Ryan came out and said before Troy got sick that Flacco should be the starter. You’re wrong, it’s not that big of a deal. You obviously have a stronger bias than I… Don’t let your pride get in the way of reasoning.

  33. As a monster sized Browns fan, I actually can’t wait for the Ravens to wear their “throw back” uniforms……because they’ll be the Browns once again. When horrible Kansas City put on their throw backs this year, they were once again the “Dallas Texans”… what’s Baltimore waiting for?
    As for Smith – we’ve had enough “wish they were mediocre quarterbacks” in Cleveland (….thinking of you Jeff Garcia….) – I think its very cool that Smith is a big fan, but he can buy a ticket for the game just like the rest of us.

  34. @ Bmore Styles
    First off, I’ve seen almost every training camp story that has come out throughout his career. I have followed him and it is easy to find those stories.
    Second, I’ve seen the majority of the snaps he has taken in preseason. It’s called NFL Network. They replay EVERY preseason game that is played! And please pull up the article where Rex Ryan said that. Everyone knows about Lewis and Suggs, but I don’t recall Ryan saying that. And even if he did, I don’t see why he would since he was the defensive coach. But if he did — so be it.
    We just differ on opinion, but I still stand by my original point. Troy is a winner. If he gets a chance to play, he will win. Guaranteed. If he goes to Cleveland, he will go on to beat the Ravens. And a lot of other teams in his way. I HATE the Browns, I’m actually a Bengals fan. But the one game I would pay to watch the Browns win is if Troy is on their team and goes up against the Ravens. He will get revenge if that ever happens. Not a doubt in my mind.

  35. @ OSUFAN15
    I can’t find the original article, but I know it was written in the Baltimore Sun. I don’t know what to search for though. Here’s another article where Ryan admits that he told Ravens’ owner, Steve Biscotti, that Flacco should start even before Boller’s injury and Troy’s illness. I have nothing personal against Troy, it’s just that I don’t think he’s a legit starting QB in the NFL… As does 95% of Ravens’ fans. I’d love for him to go to Cleveland though, I think that’d keep them in the AFC North’s basement a little longer.

  36. Bmore Styles, just to play Devil’s Advocate here, let’s look at that “2-1” start: They beat the Bengals (4-11-1) and Cleveland (4-12-0) and lost to Pittsburgh (12-4-0). He had 1 TD pass and 2 INT and then they went on to lose the next two games to start 2-3 and he had 1 TD and 7 INT. Flacco looked like a rookie for those first 3 games and he looked even worse in the next two. To say that it was personal is baloney because Flacco EARNED Ray’s lack of trust with his performance.
    Now, I’m not a fan of either team but it would seem that Ray Lewis had a point about Flacco and while Joe got better, the Ravens won a few games despite Flacco not because of him (Like their game against New England this year).

  37. Thank you edgy1957. You just made my point and that was the research I didn’t have the energy to do. So thank you. Bmore Styles, Baltimore was 2-1 but as you can see from the research edgy did, it was not b/c of Flacco. They were 2-1 despite having Flacco starting for them.

  38. @ Edgy1957
    Allow me to educate you on the stuff that stats don’t show… The Pitt game was Flacco’s first away game, and considering that Pitt is unbeaten in its last 15 home games on MNF, I’d say losing by 3, considering all the circumstances is absolutely remarkable. Next, the Tennessee game. On the final drive, there was a false start on 4th down but the refs didn’t stop the play and Suggs touched Collins’ head which gave them an automatic 1st. Everyone, including Titans’ fans admitted that we were robbed. Flacco should have been 3-1.
    I’m a Ravens fans, I know my team 82375928 times better than you both you and the OSU guy. Stop trying to inform me on stuff that I know more about than both of you.

  39. Troy Smith may have a strong arm but he is wildly inaccurate. You can’t teach accuracy and Smith doesn’t have it. Smith is also a locker room lawyer. His opinion of his skill set is much higher than the rest of the world’s. I belong to an insider website on the Ravens and let me tell you Smith causes problems. He has is own radio show as a 5th round pick which is a joke. He walks around like he’s the man, when his only cred is college. The guy has done NOTHING in the pros. You might say that he has not been given the chance, but bottom line is that his accomplishment list in the pros is a big ZERO. Flacco, meanwhile, has one of the highest winning percentages in the history of the NFL for a two year QB and complete more than 60% of his passes. Even in the preseason Smith couldn’t get to that number. I would be thrilled for Smith to go to Cleveland. Just send us Cribbs and we would be happy to have him leave. As a matter of fact, I’ll offer to drive him to the airport. We really don’t need him or want him. But we will get something out of him to let him go as business is business.

  40. Bmore Styles, 82375928 better — you are arrogant. Look, they were in those games DESPITE him not BECAUSE of him. They won 2 games against two teams that they SHOULD have beaten because they were that bad (and they even overcame 2 picks against — WAIT FOR IT – CLEVELAND!). The DEFENSE kept them in the game against Pittsburgh AND Tennessee NOT Flacco and it broke open the game against Cleveland. Joe Flacco = Mark Sanchez or a rookie who was lucky enough to have a defense that made up for their rookie mistakes and who had to rely more on their running game to give themselves a better chance of winning.

  41. edgy1957 and OSUFAN need to wake up and see that Flacco is better than Smith. Troy has confidence but that doesn’t translate to the field. If I use OSUFAN’s argument of “the guy just WINS”, then Tim Tebow will win his 1st 25 games….yeah, that argument doesn’t hold water.
    I’m willing to bookmark this post and come back to it next year if Troy Smith gets a starting QB position in the NFL, whether its for the Brownies or whoever, and I’d bet dollars to donuts Flacco has better overall numbers (wins, %, TD’s, etc.) than Troy Smith….care to do the same?

  42. Troy could start for quite few teams. Would be a perfect for a wildcat type offense. I don’t blame him for wanting out of Baltimore, he’ll just stand the sidelines if he stays there. The man wants to start – and depending on where he goes, he has the talent to do so.

  43. 4G63, you need to either go back to school or enroll in one in the first place because you obviously CAN’T read. Show me where I EVER said that Smith was better than Flacco. I said and I guess I’ll have to repeat this to you: “To say that it was personal is baloney because Flacco EARNED Ray’s lack of trust with his performance.” If that says “I think that Smith is better than Flacco to you then you need to take a class on reading comprehension. I didn’t say or even imply that I thought that Smith was better just that I could see why Ray Lewis would want him as the QB for OTHER THAN PERSONAL REASONS as Bmore Styles keeps saying. Is that clear enough or do I have to spell it out o-n-e l-e-t-t-e-r a-t a t-i-m-e.

  44. Sorry I lumped you with OSU…does that get the sand out of your vag?
    How about this: Troy Smith won’t amount to shit in the NFL. I’ve seen him enough to know he’s a serviceable backup, but not an NFL starter. My offer still stands….come back in a year and we’ll see how he does? I’m man enough to admit if he does well.

  45. Great job poking fun at Cleveland for losing their Browns, Florio! Hilarious! Got any crippled children jokes as a follow up?
    Of course mentioning the move to Baltimore still pisses us off. It still hurts!
    Imagine your beloved Steelers being ripped from Pittsburgh. Don’t laugh, either. If it happened to the Browns, it could happen ANYWHERE*. So, just shut up about it, and be thankful it wasn’t your team that was stolen.
    *The Browns were 4th overall in attendance, and were a playoff team (beat NE, lost to PIT) the year before the move. Nobody saw it coming.

  46. Listen 4est G (4G63): “How about this: Troy Smith won’t amount to shit in the NFL. I’ve seen him enough to know he’s a serviceable backup, but not an NFL starter.” The fact is that he could be an NFL starter in Cleveland AND Oakland AND Tampa AND the New York Jets AND Detroit AND…Now, it’s a matter of whether those teams would give him a chance but he can’t do any worse than their starters and I’m sure that I could name a couple of other franchises. Now, I realize that 3 of them have rookie QBs but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t go in and do better than their rookies and frankly, Baltimore wouldn’t be hurt if Flacco was injured because all they want him to do is NOT turn it over. Honestly, do you think that Flacco does as well in Detroit, where he’d be forced into making throws that he doesn’t have to make in Baltimore? It shows total ignorance on your part to even consider that Smith couldn’t be an NFL starter if he was given a chance.
    Let’s not forget that the FANS in San Diego thought Drew Brees was worthless after only three seasons and management drafted Rivers in response to that. Rivers is the paper champion while Drew is in the Super Bowl – win or not, he’s gotten further than Rivers. As I stated in another thread, Cowboys fans wanted Steve Walsh instead of Troy Aikman and unlike San Diego’s management, Jimmy Johnson gave the fans the finger by trading away Walsh and keeping Aikman. Also, let’s not forget that Matt Cassel did NOTHING to gain the trust of the Patriots fans and they had to be talked off the ledges after Brady was hurt and Cassel almost took them to the playoffs and he wasn’t being asked to run as conservative an offense as Flacco. The Packers fans were skeptical about what Rodgers would do because he hadn’t shown much when he was put in for limited duty and now, don’t you think that they’re singing a different tune? In an opposite example, the fans were tired of Danny White, despite the fact that he was a winner and they clamored for Gary Hogeboom (Hogebum) and unlike Jimmy Johnson, Tom Landry complied and that spelled the beginning of the end for the franchise’s run in the playoffs. Remember, that one man’s cast off is another man’s treasure (Hall Of Famer, Len Dawson, for example).

  47. # tobago says:
    January 30, 2010 9:49 PM
    Why not , he cant be any worse than what we have now.
    God, do I hate that “can’t be any worse” line when it comes to the Browns. How do you think the Browns wound up where they’ve been for years? From people saying “this player/coach/front office person we’re looking into can’t be any worse than the ones we have now”.
    The cycle of ineptitude will end when the Browns start saying “we are going after such-and-such person because he is CLEARLY BETTER than who we have now!”

  48. The Browns need to dump Quinn and Anderson and move up and get Sam Bradford. He is the only legitimate QB in this draft. Pike might be worth gambling on in the third round.

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