Vikings' McKinnie was out clubbing

We mentioned yesterday that Bryant McKinnie was an unexcused absence from Friday’s Pro Bowl practice and is subject to a fine.  No reason was given at the time.

According to McKinnie’s Twitter account (@bigmacvikings), the Vikings’ left tackle was out clubbing at Miami’s Mansion nightclub Thursday night and Friday morning.
On the way 2 Mansion,” McKinnie tweeted at 11:28 p.m. Thursday night.  “Finna shut it down!”  Apparently having arrived at the club, McKinnie tweeted at 12:06 a.m. Friday morning, “If u coming 2 Mansion 2nite u better hurry!  Getting packed!”
The rest of McKinnie’s tweets don’t indicate that he was at all concerned with missing Pro Bowl practice.  And McKinnie skipped practice again on Saturday, according to Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  It’s unknown if Saturday’s absence was excused.
Either way, McKinnie’s social life obviously takes precedence over the NFL’s annual all-star event.  He was undeserving of Pro Bowl distinction in the first place, so it’s probably better for everyone that McKinnie isn’t showing up.

47 responses to “Vikings' McKinnie was out clubbing

  1. Wasn’t this knucklehead McKinnie one of those guys on the Vikings’ Love Boat a few years back. Another UM lowlife who never learns. They ought to send his butt back to Minnesota and make sure he doesn’t get his bonus. Sure this is an All-Star game, but he sure as hell didn’t show any respect for his teammates. You mean he couldn’t wait until after the game to go out and run the streets and “party” as these guys so want to do.

  2. the pro bowl is a very high distinction to some players, and to others, they couldn’t care less. if the dude wants to go to the club, why shouldn’t he be able to? his season is over and he in entitled to have some fun. however, if he’s gonna skip the practices and not show up, it would be nice if he stepped down and let someone else, probably more deserving than him, have a chance to participate in the pro bowl experience. the dude is rich, so I’m pretty sure he can go to miami and experience the night life on his own.

  3. I should criticize McKinnie here but instead I’ll laugh at the Pro Bowl. lol @ the Pro Bowl.

  4. For the record, yes, McKinnie was a Love Boat participant. He was the guy having lunch down at the “Y” The better question is, Who in their right mind would lick a hooker? Goes back to the old adage, you are what you eat.
    But you can hardly blame McMinnie for wanting to party a bit and drown his sorrows over the annual MN choke-a-fest. Look at the bright side, he wasn’t driving 100 mph endangering the public, he isn’t hiding behind the MN court system to avoid the consequences of his actions, and if he has any Superbowl tickets for the game next week, he is sure to be smart enough not to scalp them.

  5. Yeah, the Pro Bowl is so intense with all the hitting and extremely involved game plans. The NFC is screwed now.

  6. Yeah, bad form, but come on, it’s the Pro Bowl. David Garrard is gonna be there. It’s not like he has to prepare for a real game. I don’t think the fools wasting their time watching the Pro Bowl at home are going to be thinking, “Damn, McKinnie is missing his blocks out there!” since, you know, there’s no blitzing in the game.

  7. What a douche! This guy needs to be sent home packing, he does not deserve to be on the field with real All Pro players. Here are all these other guys honoring their commitments to the league and to the fans, and this loser decides it’s more important to go clubbing! How’s that make you feel, McKinnie fans? You voted for this guy because of loyalty and love for your team, and he pisses in your cheerios and says “thanks, but screw you, I’m off the clock.” Not having really earned a spot at the Pro Bowl with his play this season, skipping out is the ultimate disrespect to Viking fans. Next year, don’t waste your vote.

  8. Pro Bowl is a joke…look at all the players not showing up. So what, go party McKinnie.SB was all that mattered.

  9. Hopefully he wasn’t out “clubbing” bouncers with valet poles. You’d like to think these guys would actually learn from their mistakes.

  10. McKinnie being undeserving of a Pro Bowl Spot, is funny when you look at the QBs for the AFC

  11. Was he out running with Simion Rice? Look for him to be sent packing like Sim before the kickoff.

  12. wouldn’t you think it takes a little to unwind after the season the vikes had? no other players are taking the probowl seriously, why in the hell should he?

  13. McKinnie is just a reflection of the entire Viking organization – a bunch of pretenders and a joke. No one should be surprised.

  14. Didn’t Gruden or someone a few years back send home players from the Pro Bowl? Send this joker home.

  15. When I first read “clubbing” I thought he had gotten into another scuffle.
    I’m assuming the author intentionally used that specific phrasing for that very purpose.

  16. Peppers was not there either, who gives a crap this pro bowl will go down as one of the many blunders in Roger’s saga.

  17. Yes McKinnie was a passenger on the “Love Boat”. He’s also a product of “The U” so why should any of this cum as a surprise.

  18. husky92 says:
    January 30, 2010 10:51 AM
    Wasn’t this knucklehead McKinnie one of those guys on the Vikings’ Love Boat a few years back. Another UM lowlife who never learns. They ought to send his butt back to Minnesota and make sure he doesn’t get his bonus. Sure this is an All-Star game, but he sure as hell didn’t show any respect for his teammates. You mean he couldn’t wait until after the game to go out and run the streets and “party” as these guys so want to do.
    He was also the same knucklehead who took a pipe to a club bouncers head and resisted arrest a couple years ago, which I believe happened in Miami, coincidentally enough!

  19. Really FloriHole??? I cant use whodaywhodat??? Minnesota can stick up for themselves, afterall they brought it on.

  20. he’s UNDESERVING of his Pro Bowl Selection??? that’s a funny line, when you look at who’s playing QB for the AFC.

  21. brownsfn says: January 30, 2010 10:49 AM
    “finna shut it down”…nice english
    quite. being neither hip, groovy nor with it (see what i mean?) could someone please explain what “finna shut it down” is supposed to mean?

  22. Oh, come on, it couldn’t have been his fault! Put the blame where it should be; on the refs and those “dirty” Saints’ defensive players!

  23. I thought the Vikings had ridded themselves of all these turds? One more weed for Chilly to pluck.

  24. Way to represent a shitty franchise with shitty behavior.
    It’s the same old story for this “first class” team!

  25. Send him home on his own dime and let him close down the moose club in Minn
    Or what ever wild beast clubs they have in Minn

  26. As a die-hard Vikings fan, I just have to say:
    I agree that McKinnie was totally undeserving of a Pro-Bowl spot this year. He had an average year at best.

  27. I think maybe the folks who declared him to be an appropriate honoree in the first place must have been spending some time at “the Mansion” right before the voting.
    BM – representative initials perhaps – wasn’t dependable. He wasn’t that good, far from the cream of the crop that this event is designed to honor. He’s apparently the kind of player who’s more of a “player” and less of a teammate. He doesn’t understand the meaning of “honor”, or he would practice, sleep and eat at the behest of the people who bestowed the honor on him, and ARE HOSTING HIM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
    He’s a jerk and needs to GO AWAY. Send him to the club for good. Then he can get soused and sleep under the table and nobody grownup will ever bother him again. they can sweep him out with the trash.
    This is a true honor for a lot of players, you can HEAR the pride just reading what they’ve said. But I’m SO SICK of all the take-it-for-granted attitude of some of the others in pro sports, esp. football.

  28. hahahaha…Coming from a packer fan, I would come to expect nothing less than what GB3Pack4 had to say.

  29. BM lives near Miami and he couldn’t wait a few
    days to party hardy?
    Let’s see, Pro Bowl in same place I last got
    into trouble (fight/Discon arrest) and my present hometown, whole football world watching
    pre-super bowl…. hmmmm how can I draw attention to myself for being a loser?

  30. @ Jimmy Smith
    Thanks so much for the visual…almost brought up my lunch w/that thought

  31. now the afc dl wont know what the nfc play is, cause the taco-eatin telegraph wont be there. the nfc has hope…
    no show, no play should mean no honor, no check, and no-get-to-go-to-parties there.
    a modern day ernie stautner ought to get turned loose on mcdickhead.

  32. I love how people select a game or two to determine how someone played for the season. McKinnie had a rough game against Arizona & Carolina but played weel the rest of the season, including quite a few with a bad ankle. Saying he doesn’t belong because he struggled in a two games is like saying Aaron Rodgers didn’t deserve to go because he had a putrid game against winless Tampa Bay. That appraoch is nonsense.
    McKinnie wasn’t great but neither was the other tackle Peters. It was a down year for tackles.
    His immature behavior though speaks volumes and shows from that perspective he isn’t worthy.

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