Freeney arrived in Florida on Friday, hosted party Saturday

Instead of skipping the Pro Bowl in Miami, Dwight Freeney arrived in town Friday, according to ESPN’s John Clayton.

Freeney arrived early for a “battery of treatments,” including the use of a hyperbaric chamber.  Clayton says Freeney has an “uphill battle” to play because of swelling. Clayton’s report supports what Florio wrote a few days back: Freeney’s ankle is worse than advertised.

Meanwhile, Freeney isn’t just killing time in South Beach.  He’s making some extra money.

The Colts defensive end was slated to host a party at the nightclub Karma in Miami Saturday night, according to the Miami Herald, multiple tweets, and the club’s website.  Darrelle Revis, Frank Gore, and Darnell Dockett were also scheduled to attend.

We tried to confirm Freeney did show up, but the club isn’t open yet this afternoon.

Look, Freeney can do whatever he chooses eight days before the big game.  We’re sure he’s doing everything possible to get ready for the Super Bowl.

But hosting the party could present a different image than the Colts want, especially when their G.M. complained so vociferously about the “distraction” of separating Freeney and other Colts Pro Bowlers from their teammates a week before the big game.

UPDATE:  Freeney’s agent has denied that Freeney attended the party. 

15 responses to “Freeney arrived in Florida on Friday, hosted party Saturday

  1. So, in your opinion, Freeney can host a party because he has a bye week before a Super Bowl… Meanwhile you find it mindbogglingly stupid that Romo and Witten went to the beach in a bye week before a divisional game…’
    Just trying to see the logic!

  2. Florio’s just mad that he wasn’t invited. He showed up, waited in line for five hours, got to the bouncers and was informed that his five-dollar suit did not meet the dress requirements.

  3. Between this one and the Rex Ryan story I thought I was on the TMZ site. You can start to break down the draft instead of this garbage.

  4. Ok so its too swollen and sore to play, but he can stand on it for an evening because the many millions he’s already been paid aren’t enough for him so he just has to make that extra few grand for an appearance fee.
    Sounds like conduct detrimental to the team to me.
    Uh, he’s injured and gets paid millions every year so his team can hopefully win the Super Bowl. Since that injury is to his ankle, unless they put him in a wheelchair the whole night he’s putting unneeded strain on that injury. Not to mention the chance of a drunk or somebody in the crowd stomping on it by mistake.

  5. So he might have hosted a party. Really newsworthy. And Rex Ryan might be slimmer if he’d drink Diet Coke.
    Not exactly Eugene Robinson/ Barrett Robins worthy…

  6. Maybe this is exactly why Polian wanted the players to remain together with the team. Let one go by himself and all hell breaks loose.

  7. And I bet it’s impossible this would have been planned far in advance of learning that the Colts would be in the Super Bowl. That’s why players from the three other Super Bowl teams such as the Jets, 49ers and Cardinals were also supposed to be “hosts,” assuming they even knew that their names were attached to the event.

  8. It’s gonna break Florio’s heart when Freeney plays in the SB and has 3 sacks (including a strip sack.)

  9. Thats the same night club Brian Mckinnie went to instead of going to practice.
    Rosenthal your letting your leader down Florio deffently would have noticed that.

  10. My girlfriend and I are Hosting a party next week, should I notify Payton and the Colts.
    Go Saints

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