Jets coach apologizes for flipping the bird

On Saturday night, Jet coach Rex Ryan was photographed giving someone the middle finger.

On Sunday, he apologized for the gesture.

It was stupid and inappropriate,” Ryan said.  “I wouldn’t accept that
type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s
unacceptable from me.  I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football league, and NFL fans everywhere.”

Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said in a statement that the situation will be handled internally. 

And he let Rex have it publicly.

“Rex showed extremely poor judgment and his conduct was inappropriate. 
He knows he was wrong, has apologized and we have accepted his apology,” Tannenbaum said.

Meanwhile, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has obtained some information from one of the persons supposedly on the receiving end of the message from Ryan.  “As he walked by, my friends said, ‘Dolphins rule, Jets suck! ”
David Hildenbrand told Salguero in an e-mail.  “He turned around and said, ‘Go f–k
‘  There were others screaming things at him, which is why he
flicked everybody off.  That’s when I snapped the pic.”

As we’ve heard it, Ryan directed the finger to one specific person who was relentlessly hassling him.

Who knew Kevin Gilbride was an MMA fan?

34 responses to “Jets coach apologizes for flipping the bird

  1. Cut P90Rex some slack. Flipping the bird is covered by our first ammendment rights – reaffirmed multiple times this year. Obama did it to the GOP a couple days ago. Top – down.

  2. Who cares if one specific person was yelling at him? Of all persons in the NFL, he’s made it clear that it’s ok to be a loud mouth. I bet if he were younger he would have kicked the guys ass…

  3. Oven,
    We didn’t say he brokie the law. He just has no class–never did, never will. Hell, rude people have rights and so do idiots. He will be just fine. Relax.

  4. This is what society has come to; you must apologize for the bad judgement in not having the foresight that some drunken douche would badger you into flipping him a well-deserved bird.

  5. Rex Ryan has absolutely no class. Last week, he started talking about how the Jets are the biggest show in town. That’s kind of funny, since next year they will probably be blacked out because of their inability to sell tickets. On the other hand, the Giants have sold out the entire building except for about 1000 club tickets. Rex Ryan is a fool, who will be fired in two or three years.

  6. Why doesnt anyone in the media call him ‘classless’ whereas some like belichick’s gives a cold handshake andhe is called all kinda names

  7. nothing new for osamabama. he’s been saying f@#$ you to real americans all along.
    welcome to obamunism!

  8. Child Please……let’s all just have a Triple Cheeseburger and a Biggie Fry and forget about it….that’s what Rex is doing.

  9. of course, if he is to apologize… shouldnt it be to the guy he flipped off…
    what is it with apologizing to tannenboob?

  10. dont particularly like the ryan’s but i dont blame him a bit,he probably let’em off easy!

  11. What a surprise! Usually when Florio writes about Rex’s willingness to share how he feels, Florio thinks it’s great. Why didn’t you spin this story like usual – “Rex Ryan punished for his honesty!” And then, you could proceed to tell us how refreshing it is to see a coach who levels with people instead of sugarcoating things. Ryan’s lack of tact used to be a virtue. Why the sudden change of heart, Florio?

  12. Ryan is an asshat. But he is an entertaining asshat. As a dolphins fan, I must say, if you have nothing better to do than taunt a guy who coached in the AFC championship about a team that finished below .500, you are a taint. and you deserved to be “flicked” (WTF?) off.

  13. Shocking! A fan being a dick, mouthing off and the person who reacts has to apologize. The fan deserved much worse.

  14. Man I can’t wait until Ryan and the Jets hit a long losing streak. If he loses control over a few fans heckling him, he’s going to have a meltdown of epic proportions when the Jets hit some adversity. It will put Green’s “They are who we thought they were” and Jim Mora’s “Playoffs!!??” blowups pale in comparison.

  15. Florio,
    I’m on your side. Let’s both piss off as many of these boogars as much as we can. I’ll start:
    Aaron Rogers is the best QB in the NFL.
    …there. that should provide some quality waste of company time for all of ya’z.

  16. Yes I bet he is so, so sorry for flipping the dude the bird. He had to do the I am sorry stick because of his job but in his mind he is still thumping on the dude and is sorry for nothing.
    I have always went by treating people as I would wish to be treated until they treat you different, than you treat them accordingly. If more people lived by that today I, there would be a bunch less punks running around that is for sure.

  17. I don’t much like Rex or the Jets, but it’s a shame the country is so pc that guys like him have to take shit from losers without being able to retaliate.

  18. I’ve no gripes with the Jets as an organization and I like that Ryan gets other teams fired up with the shit he says – it’s entertaining and even funny at times.
    That said, the dude makes shitloads of cash. He has a job that, while I would never question is endlessly challenging and tiring, people around the country dream about. He’s undoubtedly achieved a hundred times more in his life already than the moron who he got back so well by flipping off, so what’s it really get him. Grow some balls and quit acting like an impulsive child. Something like this isn’t worth making an jackass out of yourself over, especially when you’re a highly visible representative for an NFL franchise.
    If it were some second or third year kid who got out of college a couple years ago and still has the mentality of a 16 year old, not surprising. Little different interpretation when it’s the coach. If I were a Jets fan, behavior like that would make me wonder about the guy, at least to some extent. How do you expect him to handle adversity in the locker room when he can’t even deal with some jerkoff in the stands. I’m not offended or appalled by anything he’s done; to me, it’s simply a matter of having discipline, being able to conduct yourself like a somewhat normal human being, and learning how to control yourself.

  19. the reason Ryan gave the bird to that dude was excused…..I mean come on how are you going to take Rex Ryan’s last jelly doughnut the guys is starving to death.

  20. @wwwmattcom
    Thanks Rex, he deserved it.
    Not a Jet fan, just hate fans like that.
    So we have to apologize for flipping off assholes now?
    Agreed. I could care less about any team, but seriously, who goes up to a coach of an opposing teams and tells them “[my team] rule[s], [your team] suck[s].”?
    Some drunk douchebag who deserves the finger, that’s who.
    Should Rex have conducted himself better soley because he is a public figure and you have to be wise about that kind of thing? Yes.
    Do I actually care for the “victim?” No. I probably feel more sorry for Rex for having to apologize to people like that.

  21. oh let me see Brandon Marshall stabbed his girlfriend 11 times, M. Sick killed and tortured oh gosh how many dogs, then there’s the DUI’s , the deaths, the drugs, the fights, the rapes etc, etc Did any of these jerks get fined?? And the oh so classy NFL is going to fine Ryan for giving some creep the finger are you people serious?????

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