Lions have big decision at Number Two

It’s all but a foregone conclusion that the Rams will draft Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh with the No. 1 overall pick.  Suh is the best and most qualified player in the draft, so he is the obvious top selection.

Who goes No. 2 is less certain.
Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew appears to be debating over Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung and Oklahoma University defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.  McCoy is the popular pick in mock drafts, but was significantly less productive than Suh.  And Okung surrendered just one sack all season.  He allowed a mere two quarterback hurries as a senior.
McCoy’s loss of Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2009 (McCoy won in 2008) to Suh shouldn’t severely affect his draft stock.  It’s clear that Suh is the best player coming from the national ranks.  The real issue for Mayhew is whether McCoy is No. 2.  

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  1. “Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew appears to be debating over Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung and Oklahoma University defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.”
    Who says so? No link, no citation. Is it inside info? Someone needs to learn how to write.

  2. Didn’t the Raider’s Robert Gallery go through an entire season at Iowa without giving up a sack? He can’t make it as a tackle in the NFL. Production in college often doesn’t translate to success in the NFL.

  3. You guys really need to start writing more derogitory stories about the Minnesota Vikings(like the Brett Favre moving his furniture out of his Minneapolis condo.)

  4. I’m not convinced Suh should nor will go #1. Glenn Dorsey vs. Matt Ryan comes to mind. If the Rams think Clausen or Bradford is their guy, they should go for it. If you put the best defensive tackle in the league on the Rams d, maybe it makes a couple games difference, but without a QB, they’re going nowhere.

  5. Does it matter who they draft? They’ll just turn into losers who don’t care if they win. It’s a culture there, and it won’t be changed any time soon.

  6. this very site posted a link about Mayock saying mccoy and suh being the top 2 players in the draft, so this article seems worthless.

  7. It’d be tough to NOT take McCoy as his (percieved) draft stock is currently higher. But this team needs to protect Stafford and all that money they threw at him last year.

  8. I wouldn’t take it for granted that the Rams take Suh. They desperately need a QB, so if they like Claussen or Bradshaw, they might take either of them as their new Franchise QB. So the Lions could be lucky and pick Suh.

  9. The Rams need a QB, what’s the point of getting the best DT who might stop the offense for a few plays a game but without a QB they can’t win.

  10. What do you mean Martin Mayhew appears to be debating over these two guys?
    Where did that come from?
    Were you watching Mayhew while he was watching tape of both players.
    Rumoring is okay, but don’t flat make stuff up. Geesh

  11. Okung is the clear choice for their needs. They made a mistake drafting Pettigrew last season instead of an O-line man, and it showed in Stafford being in and out of the lineup all season with injuries. All their weapons are in the passing game. If they can protect Stafford they’ll be a legitimate threat against almost any team.
    All the their draft mistakes in previous years can be made into good picks instantly if they just focus on the O-line.
    So my guess is they’ll draft O-lineman in round 5. I hope I’m wrong.

  12. Looks like #2,,, Smells like #2,,,, The Lions are a big pile of #2….. I would take Okung, you build a team with the OL and DL. Considering Stafford is making as much $ as he is I would give him some time to show he’s worth it. Okung would help with that. Lets just hope they dont turn him from King oKung into Lion oDung.

  13. if Suh falls to them, take him, if not get Okung, McCoy is good, BUT the fact is Stafford is their future, you can’t get him killed, plus i want the lions taking a tackle so the redskins don’t take him and give Campbell another chance, i want to move on like the Lions wisely did.

  14. The Packers are the biggest joke in all of pro sports.Has Erin Rodgers come out of the closet yet?Their fans need to do the same.

  15. You know, Suh might not even go #1. Having #1 talent doesn’t mean you will be picked there like with Aaron Curry last year. A lot of times, theres a better prospect but he doesn’t fit the biggest need, which is the case for Suh. The Rams could very well be thinking QB to move on from Bulger. The team needs a fresh start. having said all this, I think Suh is still a very strong possibility for the Lions. And if not, they should improve their o-line unless they want Stafford to end up like David Carr. He already had to be shut down because of the shoulder injury only halfway through his rookie year. Defense is important but right now the Lions have to protect their huge investment and QB of the future.

  16. When McCoy runs a sub 5 forty time and Suh runs a 5.3, scouts everywhere will swallow all of McCoy and laud him as the number 1 pick, because we all no that the forty time is the single determining factor of a players ability. Like Vernon Gholston. And Darren McFadden. And Ted Gin Jr. All those guys are fast, and by the laws of football amazing football players.

  17. Wow… draft to replace Grady Jackson or Jeff Backus
    easy for me to make, Jeff Backus unless Suh is on the board, Backus at left tackle is like Stephon Hoyer of the redskins at right tackle, it is just ugly to watch, Okung could make this line better and the offense would be in my book good with Okung because Stafford has all this potential.

  18. The Offensive Tackle should be a no brainer,Lions need stop ruining players careers by not building a decent Oline…
    You have a Franchise QB in stanford with a big arm…you have Calvin Johnson who has the Physical tools to be the best WR in football now get fix the Oline so your QB can throw down field without being killed and you may go atleast 8-8 next season with following year looking much brighter.

  19. Bears, Bills, Rams, Jags, Raiders, Browns, Lions. They are all loser organizations. Example the Lions have picked in the top 3 in the last 10 drafts & the still are the worst team in the NFL.
    Anything these teams do sucks!

  20. Eric Berry is where they should go. It would fill a need at S and at CB and each week they can play him in the position that gives them the best match up. Their 2ndary is the worst compared to the Dline and Oline.

  21. Mayhew and the Schwartz let it slip earlier this week that they are looking at drafting a running back. Don’t be surprised if, in typical Lions fashion, they take an overrated running back too early in the draft and leave both of these guys on the table.

  22. “It’s all but a foregone conclusion that the Rams will draft Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh with the No. 1 overall pick. Suh is the best and most qualified player in the draft, so he is the obvious top selection.”
    Actually, it’s not a foregone conclusion. The Rams need a QB. The pick is Jimmy Clausen. DTs do not win Championships.

  23. This article is crap. It’s way too early to be “debating” over this issue. And don’t think that Suh is a lock at #1. I agree, he is likely to go #1, but it’s not a lock by any means.
    Now if it does come down to McCoy or Okung…I think they should go Okung. Stafford looked good when he was healthy, but he missed a bunch of games and played hurt in others. They need to protect this guy because he has all the tools to be stud.

  24. You take Gerald McCoy…
    Mayock’s #1 DT…
    He’s a perfect fit in Schwartz’s system (3-Technique Interior Pass Rusher)…
    Lions OG’s are a bigger problem then the OT’s…
    1. DT Gerald McCoy Oklahoma
    2. CB Perrish Cox Oklahoma St
    3. OG Mike Johnson Alabama
    4. S Kurt Coleman Ohio State
    5-7: RB, WR, OT, ETC…

  25. MoonScorch says:
    January 31, 2010 5:16 PM
    I think the Lions will go WR.
    You’re kidding, right? The only way that would happen is if the Lions went out and rehired Matt Millen?
    Yeah, the Lions should waste ANOTHER top ten pick on a wideout.

  26. This is just dumb. LT is one of the least important priorities on this team. Guard is a much bigger need for the Lions than tackle. Find another source.

  27. Mayock’s DT Ranks:
    Defensive Tackles
    1. Gerald McCoy*
    2. Ndamukong Suh
    3. Jared Odrick
    4. Dan Williams
    5. Lamarr Houston
    McCoy is also a year younger then Suh…

  28. (Eric Berry is where they should go)
    that would be perfect, he is a playmaker, personally i believe Suh should be first if on the board than Berry, but they could go McCoy, i am not too high on him, he does have his issues and to me is the 3rd best player on the board.

  29. Hey “greenbaygramera” this post is about the Lions, not Aaron Rodgers. You need to find a real boyfreind and quit being mad at Aaron for being sober and dating SI swimsuit models instead of wishing he was like Brett with his Beer goggle s on poking drunk skanks like you. Perhaps if you wore designer jeans instead of Wranglers and wore Prada instead of Fleet Farms finest, guys like Aaron Rodgers might find girls like you attractive. Can you blame the guy for staying in when he has the green bay girls like you stalking him?

  30. i contemplate when I’m sitting on my throne too, florio.
    by the way, that was a poop reference. nice headline.

  31. They have to protect their investment at QB. Go get a left tackle and draft some interior help too. Get the offense clicking.

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