Marshall "would love" to finish his career in Denver

Sunday could be Brandon Marshall’s last game with a Broncos helmet on, but he says he wouldn’t mind staying.

“I think we’re past that,” Marshall said on ESPN during the telecast.  “I love the city of Denver. I started there
and would
love to finish there. I’m down here enjoying the
Pro Bowl.”

Whether Marshall totally means what he says or not is irrelevant.  His fate is up to the Broncos.

It seems like Marshall has learned that popping off to the press will do him no good, so he’s either going to stay mum or kill them with kindness.   Heck, maybe he is maturing.  (Probably not, but he could create a little sympathy among the Denver faithful.)

36 responses to “Marshall "would love" to finish his career in Denver

  1. Takin the high road. Well played, Mr. Marshall. He won’t be in Denver next year. Mark it down…

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the Broncos are nuts to get rid of Marshall? Wide outs are probably the second hardest position to find a pro bowler at, and they just want to dump him? If Bronco fans think Kyle Orton was bad with Marshall, wait till you see what he does without a dominant receiver.
    All these draft picks they’re trying to stow away are great, but the odds of turning one pro bowler into 2 more through the draft aren’t exactly in their favor.

  3. Coach McDipsh*t doesn’t need good players. He’s smart enough to know it’s his scheme that wins games, not the people executing it.
    Besides, who needs great wideouts when you have no one to get them the ball? Beyond five yards, I mean.

  4. As a Bronco fan, I’d love him to finish his career in Denver…if he can stop being a two-bit gangster punk and be a man instead. He’s not fit to carry Rod Smith’s jock, and sadly he probably never will be.

  5. as a huge Bronco fan i would love to see Marshall stay but we all know mcdipsh*t is on to much of a power trip to let that happen
    if he must go i dream of purple and gold

  6. How bout the espn crew laughing at Vernon Davis and his new crew cut during the introductions?

  7. your not the only one osackpo98 and the reality is that he probably will be wearing a skins uni next year, shannahan will look to strengthen up a weak receiving core and marshall could help for moss to be more of a deep threat because really moss is not a number one

  8. Agreed. Maybe JC could actually hit a bigger target like Marshall. I like the dude, I’m just sick of near-completions. He is not accurate, especially deep.

  9. Have I ever mentioned how embarrassing this generation of Broncos ‘fans’ are?
    Its like watching American Pie with your mother.

  10. DC ?
    cant see McDaniels trading with Shanahan
    would love to see him back here if…
    it really did seem he had gotten his head on straight this year until the last week…McDaniels didnt help his trade value by going public…hopefully they can work things out behind closed doors but from the track record this year I’m not real hopeful
    if he leaves I wish him well…he is a beast…a GREAT player but the drama soap opera BS reached its limit long ago

  11. He’s just helping to increase the likelihood of him being traded.
    The Bears don’t have enough to make it happen, nor do they want the headache that comes with him.

  12. Couple of websites are reporting Marshall to Cleveland for Quinn and Cribbs or Quinn and picks. As a Browns fan, I would take it. And when the Redskins dump Campbell, I will take him too.
    Any QB that can complete 60% and 80+ Rating with 1 receiver and no protection will be good with an OL and Marshall to throw to! (Browns will add a RG and RT to secure a good OL).

  13. I am a bit disappointed when he said no, that Denver South(aka Houston) wasn’t on his list or that he thought it wasn’t going to happen. Marshall + AJ! Wow! Of course, he probably wouldn’t accept second fiddle to ‘Dre. Hey, Schaub to Marshall sounded good for the one time they did hook up!

  14. pudgalvin says: January 31, 2010 8:31 PM
    Am I the only one who thinks the Broncos are nuts to get rid of Marshall? Wide outs are probably the second hardest position to find a pro bowler at, and they just want to dump him? If Bronco fans think Kyle Orton was bad with Marshall, wait till you see what he does without a dominant receiver.
    All these draft picks they’re trying to stow away are great, but the odds of turning one pro bowler into 2 more through the draft aren’t exactly in their favor.
    “Wide outs are probably the second hardest position to find a pro bowler at.”
    There are so many great amazing wide receivers in the NFL right now. It almost seems like every team has a Pro Bowler at that position.

  15. i got your back pudgalvin—denver has a pass oriented offense thx to the further dismantlement of the shanahan regime. so instead of being patient & helping marshall grow up theyre ship him out, maybe draft dez bryant (kiper mock draft) instead of using the draft choice for something the broncos need instead of already have. denver fans waited 10 yrs for the rebuild, had the components in place & only had to bolster the defense to be a contender. now they are searching for an identity and will continue to rebuild as we wait for mcdaniels grows up. glad to know that theyre are a few (& only a few) who understand that mcdaniels is a little man on a power trip. hed rather establish his power than try to win a game to make the playoffs. most denver fans are p@#%$&ssies and only side w/mgmt. ck out & join the petition to oust the little butch haircut!

  16. even tho he is a headache, the talent is there where it shouldn’t matter. he can light it up and is unstoppable in one on one matchups provided the quarterback can put the ball in the right spot. if im the broncos, i would franchise him and not give him up for anything less than a 1st and 3rd pick. 2 straight seasons with 100 catches is impressive.

  17. He’d be a wonderful addition to the Ravens and Joe needs a true #1, with Mason a great #2….just don’t think Oz will pull the trigger.

  18. Marshall’s behavior was not an issue after the pre-season. Is everyone forgetting that his current status is due to an over-confident coach’s questioning of the work-ethic of an injured Marshall, a guy who played last season with a partially torn hip?
    If anyone needs to be shipped out of town, it’s Josh McDaniels. See: Weis, Crennel, Mangini…

  19. Whats the hardest position to have a probowler at? That is quiet a debate, I think we would all agree QB is first. Then what? WR? Well each team carries like 4-6 so probably not, same goes for corner. I would say LB is pretty tough I can only think of a few really good ones but its really subjective. Kicker/Punter because each team carries only one so the odds aren’t on your side.

  20. before the season ended a year ago when the Broncos seemed likely to bring in a GM I suggested Florio…its almost like it happened or Al
    Davis slipped Bowlen LSD in a cocktail
    does it make any sense to trade a franchise QB & the next offseason trade the 4th round WR who is a first round talent?
    when youre gonna have to go back to the draft to try & replace them?
    the best franchises in the league hit dont rebuild they reload…by almost any standards Denver has been there for 30yrs
    so they should franchise him & if he wants to be there & his heads straight they should give him his $$$ with plenty of fine print in the contract
    if they trade him trade him for players that fill a need like Champ for Portis…somehow they survived losing him…

  21. As a Raider fan, I hope that they trade him. I love seeing McDaniel dismantle the team. Better hope he knows how to draft.

  22. It takes alot for us in Colorado not to blame McDaniels for anything negative happening to the Broncos. I think McDaniels has pissed everyone off. Who the hell knows what is actually going on with that. We’ll probly trade him for some old and no good Patriots as McDoush continues to turn us into the Patriots B team.

  23. Marshall’s trying to appear mature, because no one is going to trade for him (and pay him) if he behaves like he did last offseason.

  24. I’ll bet Bronco fans “would love” for Marshall to shut the eff up on a consistent basis, play ball, not kick balls in practice, not hit his GF, not cry and whine, and be a efff’n pro! (in my best Marvin Lewis impersonation).

  25. McDaniels should be fired before he is able to trade another Pro Bowl player… in the numerous disputes with players, assistant coaches, and a GM, the constant is McD. No further evidence is needed; this insecure clown has no business being an NFL head coach. Join 4000 Broncos fans at that have made their opinion clear… McDaniels should be fired!

  26. I do think that Marshall will no longer be with the Broncos next season. I think that it time for them to part ways.
    I believe that the sleeper team in the Marshall situation will be Cincinnati. They need a proven threat at receiver. They also have a track record of taking guys that have worn out there welcome as members of other teams. I think that it will take their 1st (21 overall) and 3rd (84 overall) round picks to do so. Perhaps even add Jerome Simpson (2nd Rd. WR 2008).
    Marshall just might be the player that puts the Bengals over the hump.

  27. Honestly u have to accept the good an the bad with people, I dont dought B marshall needs to be a man about his whole situation, But at the end of the day he is a play maker on any team’s roster, an even with his errors he still made Big plays in Denver an help us out royaly So I hope an pray we keep him… Me being a bronco fan didnt aprroved of Mcd’s arriving but he’s our HC now an I have to accept his good an bad tendencies.. “A team divided wont last”!! Still not sold on B quinn, but i hope he improves alot during the offseason, he’s use to our style of offense.. look what happened when C benson left the bears… Broncos Fan 4life.. P.s I hope we get a quality LB…

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