Peppers and Panthers aren't talking

Julius Peppers may not have a preference of where he’ll play next season, but it’s starting to sound like the Panthers would prefer he play elsewhere.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Panthers have not spoken to Julius Peppers about a contract extension and do not plan to place the franchise tag on him.

One source told Schefter: “Their owner [Jerry Richardson] has told people they’re not planning to keep him.”

While a Panthers official told Schefter no decision has been made, cutting ties with Peppers makes sense.  It would cost the team  $21.8 million to use the franchise tag again. 

Peppers’ agent is convinced the team has moved on. “I initiated communication with the organization shortly after the season ended,”  agent Carl Carey told the Charlotte Observer. They are definitely giving Julius the silent treatment, but sometimes silence actually tells you more than words do.”

And Carolina’s silence says that Peppers is likely headed for an insanely big payday in five weeks.

31 responses to “Peppers and Panthers aren't talking

  1. The Panties might still have to see Pep twice a year, lined up opposite John Abraham in red and black.

  2. He will be an Eagle. The Birds aren’t shy about making a splash in free agency and pass rush from the D-Line was a weakness

  3. Paulitik says:
    January 31, 2010 8:04 PM
    The Panties might still have to see Pep twice a year, lined up opposite John Abraham in red and black.
    Don’t see that happening for Atlanta. J.P. doesn’t fit the mold of what Thomas Dimitroff wants: youth and bargain pricing. Peppers is on the wrong side of 30 and way effin’ expensive. There are young promising prospects already on the roster like Kroy Biermann and Laurence Sidbury along with young vet Chaucey Davis & 2007 Top Ten bust DE Jamaal Anderson. Some think Abraham may be expendable also, another wrong side of 30 case, only time will tell.

  4. Yeah, Peppers as a Falcon. One end hurt, the other taking a game or two off, at the cost of $1 million per to the ticket holders. Want to make a highlight reel, give your camera the game off when they play contenders.
    I am a Panther fan and this is good news to me. Does that tell you anything? Not saying he is bad, but he isn’t worth $8 million a season. He will want twice that.

  5. Why do Packer fans assume he would want to play with them? There will be other teams that will pay more for his services than TT will.

  6. You don’t have to even worry about this fellow Packer fans, Teddy doesn’t dabble in free agency. Oh wait(Ahman Green)!

  7. Pep will not play for any other nfc south team other than the panthers.. My guess is in Bradyland.

  8. Where would Peppers play for the Pack ? Clay Matthews has the outside LB job locked up. If you put him on the other side then he most likely competes with Aaron Kampmen who struggled a bit learning outside LB before he was hurt. Yes Kampmen is a free agaent but because of that Knee injury I think he will be back with the Pack I dont think Peppers has the size to play on the line in the 3-4. Plus I doubt TT is going to want to pay huge $$ to place a guy in a unfamiliar defense at a unfamiliar position.

  9. No body is assuming anything Green Bay gramera. You really have a problem with the Packers. What, now that Brett is gone, there aren’t any more drunk Packers running around Green Bay anymore telling you your’re beautiful? Trying wearing Prada instead of wranglers ,then maybe Aaron and the guys might find you girls more attractive without having to vicodize themselves up before they go out at night.

  10. mnvikefan0922 says:
    January 31, 2010 10:07 PM
    Peppers on one end, the Mullet on the other – SCARY!
    Too bad Ziggy won’t have any money when revenue sharing goes away, plus if the CBA goes away Vikes won’t have a chance because they were in the final 8. He wants a 3-4,like the Patriots run. Patriots=money Vikings=Metrodump, nuff said..sorry the window closed Vikes.

  11. If he’s expecting as much money as he’s been getting by being tagged every year, he’s SOL. Even teams that could really use him will shy away from paying a huge amount of money for him because of his work ethic and tendency to disappear in games. If the Eagles got him at a decent price, it would be a great pickup for a D-Line that only gets pressure with Trent Cole and blitzes

  12. No player is worth $20 million, especially Peppers and his disappearing act. I’d love to see some compensation for him, but that doesn’t look very likely.
    Panthers in 2010! With our 3rd place schedule, I guarantee that Carolina will be back in the playoffs next season.

  13. You won’t see him in ATlanta. don’t u figure that Thomas D and Smitty see what he does in Carolina.?? Pep shows up to play when he feels ready too.. He’l go someplace that will overpay him and disappoint them..
    Not anywhere near the tune that the falcons are playing now..

  14. Hey, QotSA (Awesome band), how do you see Panthers back in playoffs? You need a QB. I don’t see where you are going to get one. With a QB, yeah, you all are very competitive, but without, you are hard pressed to hit .500.
    I say he is gonna be a Redskin, solely based on the abundance of $$$. However, I can’t see anyone, even Snyder, having that much money tied up in a D-Line.

  15. If the Eagles went after and paid Jevon Kearse, they’ll definitely go for Peppers. Start making the jerseys.

  16. American.. Matt Moore went 4-1 as a starter.. destroying the vikings and giants on the way.. If Pep leaves, Charles Johnson and Everet Brown will fill in nicely.
    I see the Panthers paying Pep’s money to Thomas Davis and developing the best linebacking core in the nfl.

  17. mnmaverick says:
    January 31, 2010 11:40 PM
    The Patriots are a team that’s rebuilding. The Vikes are a Super Bowl contender.
    If Brett retires the Vikes will go back
    to sucking ass!!
    They sold there souls for one good
    season if he doesn’t come back
    they go back to an average team.
    It’s a QB league , without a good one
    they are toast!!

  18. The Patriots are a team that’s rebuilding. The Vikes are a Super Bowl contender.
    The Pats dont’ rebuild, they RELOAD. and they have $$$$$$$ which Pep is all about, not to mention, the final eight rule. I highly doubt the “Queens have any unrestricted free agents that will demand as much compensation as Peppers, which according to that rule (without a CBA) means the only way the ‘Queens can even TALK to Pep, is if they lose someone in Free agency who would make as much as Pep would(hIGHLY UNLIKELY). Without the supplemental revenue sharing, the Vikes and all the other 15 bottom revenue teams will be hurting. Enjoy your 1 year of glory, especially if Favre truly does hang em up this time.

  19. I read all the prognostications and have to throw in my 2 cents worth.
    With an uncapped season and a looming lockout on the horizon I predict NOBODY pays Pep what he THINKS he’s worth and the Panthers end up signing him to a short term deal in the 10-12 mil a season range. Which is what he is worth. With an easier schedule they could be a contender this year and Pep knows that. It all hinges on what happens at QB………Or Jerruh Jones takes a second mortgage out on his football palace and throws the Brinks truck at Pep or any other free agent that he thinks will prop up an overated team hoping to play at “home” for the SB next year. I’m probably as wrong as everyone else that post on this site so that keeps me in good company.

  20. the panthers haven’t spoke to anyone it seems players and coaches richardson needs to handle buisness if its his health he needs to set the power structure so that he can rely on the fo and he can focus on his health

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