Peppers has "no preference" about his next team

J.Peppers.jpgA year ago, Julius Peppers wanted out of Carolina and wanted to go to a 3-4 defense.  Now he doesn’t care where he goes, as long as he gets a new contract.

“I’m not going to say I want to play for any team or I prefer to play anywhere, because I really haven’t thought about it,” Peppers said to the Charlotte Observer at the Pro Bowl.  “I’m just trying to get on a team right now,” Peppers said. “I just want to get a contract.”

At least he’s honest.  Seriously.  Most players give lip service to the team they play for about “winning championships” but it comes down to dollars. 

Asked if he wanted to stay in Carolina, Peppers said, “I don’t have a preference.”

We’re not sure whether the Panthers can afford Peppers, but at least they will have the opportunity. The restricted rules that will be in place barring a collective bargaining agreement will make it nearly impossible for one of the final eight teams to consider Peppers.

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  1. “The restricted rules that will be in place barring a collective bargaining agreement will make it nearly impossible for one of the final eight teams to consider Peppers.”
    You hear that Banner/Reid? Because you choked (again), you can sign Peppers to go on the other side of Cole. Maybe then could you generate a pass rush?

  2. He really needs to think about it, before he goes around telling everyone he really hasn’t thought about it. I call BS.
    And if he really thinks about it, he’ll sign the big fatass deal the Panthers have been trying to get him to sign for about three years now. He could very easily do much worse for himself in another town.
    Then again, if money is what he wants, he won’t sign jack squat, no matter what. It’s a good way to pick up $20+ million in one year. Because I think the Panthers are going to tag him again if they have to.
    Prove me wrong, Hurney, and send this guy packing.

  3. Yea, Peppers would be PERFECT in Green Bay… Well… for the team at least. Like Tompson would actually pay him though. Thats why it won’t happen.

  4. As you mentioned that he does not care where he goes will not matter if he winning team or not because the final eight teams cannot sign him. He is honest, it is always money.

  5. GBP……you must’ve forgot, TT doesn’t partake of free agency. Until he does, it will be what keeps the Packers one step away

  6. Come on, Andy/Joe/Howie. Make the call. Get this guy. Peppers + Cole = monster pass rush, and would help out your entire secondary.

  7. Why can’t the Panthers afford to keep him? That makes no sense Gregggggg. Its not like they have a bunch of tarps covering seats or anything. Jerry has never been shy about opening his check book for players. Sure, they may be hesitant, as all the teams might, with the possibility of a lockout looming to throw around huge signing bonuses, but you have no basis for your statement.

  8. To myasylum –
    You’re 100% correct. Bring in a guy that potentially could fill a hole to become a legitimate contender, unfortunatley, is not Teddy’s style.

  9. The Packers already have 1 DE that can’t play OLB – his name is Kampman… why would they want another?

  10. I’m a Packer fan and I don’t want Peppers. The guy is too inconsistent. A perfect example is what happened THIS season- He played poorly and like crap until he got his ass chewed by some of his teammates. Only then did he decide to step up and play.
    Sorry, but I don’t want a guy who packs it in.
    Charles Woodson
    Ryan Pickett
    Brandon Chillar
    No, he doesn’t make HUGE splashes in free agency, but it’s not needed either. See Redskins, Washington and Cowboys, Dallas.

  11. Didn’t we just extend Juqua Parker? So you’re married to him for the duration.
    Depends on McNabb. If they bring him back they go bananas on FA signings and make trades. If they go with Kolb, they’ll just focus on a few positions of need like FS, lower tier rush end, and OL.

  12. The Packers are taking part in free agency. They are offering contracts to free agents (to be) Aaron Kampman and Chad Clifton.
    And then,Ted will draft the LT of the future in round 5 and to ensure he is able to resign him in 2015 Ted will sit out the 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 off-seasons so he has 90 mil in cap room just to be safe.
    Meanwhile..Julius Peppers will go to Chicago for the same amount of money GB has tied up in Kapman (who will be on the bench after proving again he can’t play LB) and Clifton who will be on IR with a bad ankle and Daryn Colledge who be beaten like a drum by..Julius Peppers…when Colledge is forced to play LT because Clifton is hurt and Ted thought a rookie 5th rounder was more than enough depth at the games 2nd most important position.
    Packer fans can watch Peppers record 3 sacks in the Super Bowl for Chicago while GB sits at home after losing in round one to Tampa Bay.
    But its ok. Mike is gonna get this all cleaned up in practice and Ted really,really likes our guys gosh jolly gee willickers.

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  14. Why would anyone want Peppers on their team? Sure, he’s talented but he’s just admitted that he’s only playing for the money. Once he signs his fat deal, that’s it. Haynesworth, Jamarcus Russell, Javon Walker…some guys are just in it for the money, which is fine, but I sure as hell don’t want them on my team.

  15. Does anybody here RedskinOne taking off for Carolina? How obvious is Peppers to Washington? Smart move for Peppers. Skins? Peppers, Haynesworth, Orakpo? Scarey! Welcome to Toy Skins ‘R Us Ratahan.

  16. GBP-
    Yes, Kampman will be gone in part because, among other things, he can’t play the position the Packers need him to play. What sense would it make to bring in another DE with no OLB experience who may-or-may-not be able to produce at the OLB position? Just for fun, throw in the fact that Peppers won’t come cheap and is known to take plays – if not entire quarters – off. Why again is this a good idea?
    I agree wholeheartedly that TT needs to at least acknowledge free agency, if not actually look at it a little… but this one doesn’t make sense to me.

  17. I dunno why Brandon Chillar showed up 3 times, but anyway..
    The fact remains you don’t need to make big splashes in free agency to win football games. When was the last time the Colts or Ravens or Steelers, 3 consistently good teams, made huge free agency moves? Look at the Jets last season and the Redskins this season- How’d free agency work out for them?

  18. “At least he’s honest. Seriously. Most players give lip service to the team they play for about “winning championships” but it comes down to dollars. ”
    It could be that. Or, it could be he has a few teams in mind, but doesn’t want to kill his leverage by narrowing the field from 32 (or 31) to 4.

  19. He would rather go to the Lions (like any other player)then go to the Packers,aka the joke of the NFL.

  20. Do your homework, fellas. You will see that Peppers pads his stats against the weak sisters. Does better at the end of the year because he faces teams out of contention, second teamers filling in for injured starters, etc. Put Jared Allen’s motor in Peppers and he is a 20 sack a year guy.
    –A Panther fan who wants him gone

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