Pro Bowl could remain week before Super Bowl in Hawaii

The Pro Bowl moves back to Hawaii for the next two years, but it may not move back to the Sunday after the Super Bowl.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the game may remain before the league championship next year.

“We have the option when we go back to Hawaii, we can do it before
or after [the Super Bowl],” Goodell said to Armando Salguero of the
Miami Herald. “Here’s where I like it: I think you should stop or end
your season when you reach the pinnacle. The pinnacle is the Super Bowl.  I think it’s anticlimactic when you come back with the Pro Bowl the week after the Super Bowl.” 

Despite all the griping about this Pro Bowl, we agree with Goodell. 

Players have dropped out of the game more than usual, but that’s always a problem.  And despite all the fans that don’t care about the game, it gets great ratings.  If those ratings go up, it sounds like this format may not change.

The biggest issue with a Hawaii Pro Bowl before the next Super Bowl could be a lack of media coverage.  Even the league’s network would be spread thin and have to divide resources.

It sounds like that’s an issue Goodell believes is worth tackling.

32 responses to “Pro Bowl could remain week before Super Bowl in Hawaii

  1. They should just cancel the damn game, make it an awards ceremony,
    It is a farce as it is now

  2. Go to Hawaii but do it the week after the Super Bowl and do it in prime time… Football fans will still watch the game the week after the Super Bowl…
    This week before (the Super Bowl) making the Super Bowl players make appearances etc… SUCKS!!
    One of the stupidest things the NFL has done!!
    At least the week after (the Super Bowl) with expenses paid to paradise is an incentive the players look forward to… it also gives an extra couple weeks for the (non Super Bowl) players to heal after a grueling season…

  3. So you’re saying, in order for things to change back, the Pro Bowl will have to have lower ratings tonight than it had last year?

  4. Well the league has generated more articles on the Pro Bowl then I ever seem to recall. This has to be considered win for the NFL.
    However, the game is boring and ridiculous. SImliar to the NHL all-start game and the NBA All Star game, the players simply dont play close to they play during a game that counts. For that reason alone, these games should be a part of the past. The only game that is remotely decent is the baseball allstar, simply because there is very little chance of injury.

  5. Scrap it. Nobody watches it anyway. It’s pointless. I even think the network which televises it would rather show something else.
    Some players don’t even want to play (I think most of them still take it as an honor). And worse, Belichick and Co only made a free agent offer to Adalius Thomas after they met at the Pro Bowl and Belichick apparently liked ADs work ethics. Useless.
    I am gonna miss Peyton making fun of Saturday, but who expects Peyton and Saturday to be there if it stays the week before the SB???

  6. No one cares about the game, and a ton of stars always dropped out before, so how is this new format worse? Keep it the week before the game, but play it on site. Having the game in Hawaii, while pretty, is silly – no media, save the locals and ESPN, will bother covering it.

  7. I like the idea of the Pro bowl being played in the same city as the Super Bowl the week before, and for some reason I have more interest in the game this year. I only watched it before as a sad farewell to the NFL for a few months. Now it seems like it’s part of the build up to the big game. It does suck that so many players are dropping out, but at least I have some football to watch this evening, and that’s the main thing.

  8. Perfect solution… alright Roger Goodell I hope your listening. DON’T HAVE THE PRO-BOWL WHEN PLAYERS ARE ALL BEAT UP! The week between is a horrible place for it. Make the pro-bowl before the preseason starts. I will guarantee you your ratings with increase a minimum of 25%. By summer people are so ready for football that every football fan in the country will be watching an All-star completion when they have gone 6 months without their favorite pass time. Think about it.

  9. What does the league not get that having the game the week before the SB and excluding the players from the 2 SB teams is a fail of epic proportions ?
    Are they going to expect those players to totally disrupt their SB preparations by going to Hawaii ?
    League needs to get a clue and revert to the game in Hawaii after the SB.

  10. Goodell is just being stubborn. It’s plain as day that this new Pro Bowl setup has been an unmitigated distaster with like 98 players dropping out of the game, the Colts publicly protesting having to send their players, and that Vikings douche getting kicked off the squad. and yet he calls it a “success”. Douche.
    Goodell has been a horrible Commissioner. Pussifying the game to protect marketable stars under the guise of “player safety”, sweeping scandals under the rug, and introducing the possibilities of European teams and Super Bowls played overseas. Some will say his disciplinarian act has been good for the league but the numbers indicate player crime has increased under his watch, not decreased.

  11. I love it… (wish half of my favorite team wasn’t in it) but I think it brings more attention to the game, and makes that week before the Super Bowl not seem like such a cavernous abyss.
    Before you know it, all the radio types will buy in and start their Super Bowl week(s) down there and have access to all of these elite players that they never did before (and the products that each player is forced to hock) in one location. It’s going to become the biggest and best 2 week celebration of the biggest and best sport in the world.
    Great idea, regardless of who is or isn’t able to actually play in the game. The game has never mattered, the celebration of the great players always has and I for one applaud the NFL for thinking outside the box!
    Kudos Mr. Goodell
    PS: Bryant McKinnie is an idiot and an asshole. Nice job embarrassing the Vikings yet again.

  12. the week before the super bowl is moronic…that just opens up about 10 spots for undeserving players…look at some of the people who are going to the game…definitely not deserving…this is going to have salary cap ramificatios as well since most players have bonus clauses in their contracts for making the pro bowl

  13. Fans like the pro-bowl because it lets them see all their favorite players on one field at the same time and that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy pow-wow cumbiyah like.
    Players like the pro bowl because it lets them hang out with the competition, compare bling and make rain. Problem is some “players” are very loyal patrons of the regional rain collecting establishments and would rather stay home and support their local economies, so they just skip the game anyways.

  14. Roethislunger is on to something here….
    It would benefit players by getting them some “loose” play before the regular season. They’d only get so many snaps in the game, just like in the pre-season.
    The only negative is it rewards players for the previous season whne all the focus is on the new season.
    They could do away with the game, and the top 5 in statistics at each position could do a skills challenege of some sort
    Or, they could give all teams a bye after week 8, play the game on the “off” Sunday, and then resume play the next week.

  15. Well, you can guarantee not having any members of the Superbowl teams on it then. No way they are going to fly to HI a week before the SB and then (worst case) fly back to their team HQ and then fly to the SB.

  16. Name an all star team from each conference and screw the game. Nobody cares about the pro bowl after the super bowl and nobody sure as hell cares about it before the super bowl. Ive heard one person say that before the super bowl is a good idea. Every rational person and players hates the pro bowl taking place before the super bowl. What moron thought this was a good idea, and how much more of a moron do you have to be to STILL think that the week before the super bowl is a good idea. Plain and simple stupidity. Next year we will have to have 200 man rosters for each conference in hopes that we can get 23 guys to suit up for the game.

  17. I like the pro bowl before the super bowl. I may be the only one but for some reason I do. I also like that it is on the main lands. No need to go to Hawaii. I think the pro bowl should travel to warm weather places or Domes to allow every fan to have a chance to go. I live in Philly and could never go but if it were to come to a dome closer, I might get tickets.

  18. Yes, showing the Pro Bowl after the Superbowl is anticlamactic but, it doesn’t make sense to conduct a game that is meant to display the NFL’s best players when some of those players (in the super bowl) who happen to be the most important part of the Pro Bowl personnel, will never attend.
    Also, It seems to me that by holding the Pro Bowl in Hawaii makes the Pro Bowl feel intangible, leaving the average man unable to attend due to high costs of travel.
    C’mon Goodell…

  19. are they going to make the players from the Super Bowl teams fly out to Hawaii, to be there to rub elbows w/corporate sponsors, like they did for this years Pro Bowl??? that was stupidity beyond belief,… and I’d expect nothing less from Commissioner GREEDell.

  20. If a week before the Super Bowl is a good idea, then why not the week of the Championship games? How about during the first week of the playoffs? How about during the last week of the season? After, if we don’t care that the players actually selected to the Pro Bowl play in the Pro Bowl, why not move it back a week or two and really “up” the excitement.

  21. As everyone has alluded to, the Pro Bowl is probably the biggest joke of the all star games. At least the NBA and NHL all star games can be fun to watch with no defense played. In the NFL, the game is predicated on violence and hitting, so playing soft can only get a guy hurt. But not a lot of guys want to play full speed and pound someone in an all star game.
    Here’s my solution: change the Pro Bowl to the best college football seniors (they played the Sr. Bowl yesterday) against the NFL all rookie team. Obviously, playing the week before Super Bowl would eliminate any rookies on the two teams participating, but you’d still have what could be a competitive game.

  22. Here is the bottom line question that needs to be asked and answered before anything else can be said about the Pro Bowl.
    Is it supposed to be a reward for the players?
    If it is, then it is mind-numbingly STUPID to arrange the schedule in such a way that the players supposedly being rewarded are doing all they can to avoid playing in it. According to most players, the post-Super-Bowl-in-Hawaii format was great for them, because it gave them a chance to decompress from the pressures of the football season, and going to Hawaii meant a nice vacation for themselves and their families.
    Of course, that’s only important if you give a rat’s ass about the players and their opinions & feelings. If you don’t give a crap about them, then go ahead and schedule the Pro Bowl however you can milk the most money from the spending public and advertisers.
    And this epitomizes why Goodell needs to go. Badly. Yesterday.

  23. I like the idea of a Pro Bowl but not the week before the Super Bowl or in the same city the Super Bowl is to be played. The Pro Bowl is a honor to be recognized by the sport and its fans but the worst thing could happen to a team or its fans preparing for the Super Bowl is to lose a player right before the big game in a Dog and Pony show like the Pro Bowl. I like the old format of having the Pro Bowl in Hawaii after the Super Bowl as it gave both the players and fans an opportunity to travel to Hawaii to be entertained while enjoying the beauty of Hawaii. I was always told if you have a problem with something then come up with a solution. So my solution is to have the Pro Bowl during the 8th or 10th week of the regular season and either cut the regular season short or extend it by one week. The regular season may be short to fans but very demanding on the players bodies which makes a league wide bye week a great time for fans to take a break and players to heal. This Pro Bowl bye week would allow those die hard football fans the opportunity to still see football without interfering with the main attraction, The Super Bowl at the end of the season. If the NFL should adopt this format and the game is not held in Hawaii then at least hold it in a different city, maybe even the city that is going to host the Super Bowl the following year. Just my opinion!

  24. And in Goodell’s infinite wisdom, he will have all players from both Super Bowl teams fly all the way to Hawaii to be introduced at the Pro Bowl.

  25. Why not put the Pro Bowl in like the May/June timeframe?
    I know injuries could occur, but it could be like a nice scrimmage.

  26. I keep saying. Make the game worth something more than money. Make the winners get home field in the year afters’ Superbowl. Then, move it back to Hawaii and make sure every team is represented if you want people to watch.

  27. Am I the only who thinks that this is a test to see if the public will accept watching the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl in anticipation of expanding to 17 games in the near future? This would help the NFL avoid going head to head with the Daytona 500 as the Pro Bowl would get destroyed if they fell on the same day & time.
    I must be on to something since my exact quote above was removed from this site an hour ago!

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