Smith, Angelo may be at odds over coordinator pick

L.Smith.jpgMike Martz made his best sales pitch to Jay Cutler in Nashville Saturday.

If he can convince the Bears front office, he just might be back in the NFL.  Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times has sources that say Martz is Lovie Smith’s top pick.

The coach usually chooses his staff, but the process is reportedly “complicated,” which may indicate some disagreement between Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo.  Cutler’s opinion will also be a factor.

The Chicago Tribune, meanwhile, seems to think Martz is in the driver’s seat.  If the team let him travel to Nashville to meet with Cutler, logic says, he probably has calmed fears about his pass-happy ways.

One thing that the two papers agree on is that this process shouldn’t take that much longer.  It looks like Martz or Vikings quarterbacks’ coach Kevin Rogers will get the job.  Hayes says Rogers remains a “strong candidate” after an impressive interview.

A decision could come as soon as today.  And it may tell us who has the most juice in among the Bears hierarchy.

15 responses to “Smith, Angelo may be at odds over coordinator pick

  1. I hope Martz gets the job. Martz really is a good offensive coach but he’s also self centered and everywhere he goes he’s looking at his next job. Since I’m not a Chicago fan I would think that having Martz and Marinelli on the same staff would offer the maximum entertainment value for me.

  2. Of course….Since the Bears are an offensive juggernaught, they don’t need no stinkin’offensive cordinator….

  3. I like that…”may be at odds.”
    Peyton Manning MAY be thinking of retirement if the Colts win the Superbowl (honestly we have no idea…)!!!

  4. i think mike martz will get the job because he has done a lot of great stuff with otther teams that had a possible hall of fame quarterback

  5. What a hoot, Martz has to fly to Tenn. and get his blessing from the great Cutler, Martz has lost his pride. They all go nuts over Cutler and he has never won a thing .

  6. Martz belongs in the new Detroit-West, so he can get the GM & Head(Butt) Coach both fired after an 0-16 season w/o scoring an offensive TD all season.

  7. I think this might not work out too badly.. MM knows this is his last shot in tHE NFL.. essentially everyone had to turn down the gig for him to get this close.. i also think the J cutler has been humbled by last season..
    Everyone needs to drop the attitude and step up their game.. Angelo included.. he needs to work the FA market since no 1 or 2 pick is coming in. Urlacher needs to revitalize his career… the o line needs to prove that last yr was an exception.. the bottom line is is that everyone dropped the ball..

  8. Seems as though Cutler has a lot to do with whom to hire – what the hell is that? He’s a mediocre QB that will always be a mediocre QB. He hasen’t done anything in his career (23-29) to warrant such power and influence. Hey Jay, try worrying about throwing the pill to your own team, then you can talk about other things.

  9. i think mike martz will get the job because he has done a lot of great stuff with otther teams that had a possible hall of fame quarterback
    You mean that possible HOF QB that he kicked to the curb and ran out of town at the first sign of adversity? He jumped on Glass Bulger’s bandwagon so fast it was disgusting. Kyle Turley confirmed that Martz got rid of Warner because he was paranoid that Warner would undermine Martz’s authority with the team.

  10. Wow. the coverage you guys give on this coordinator search is overblown to the point of being ridiculous.
    It’s really too bad you can’t give this kind of coverage to the Bears’ DEFENSIVE coordinator search.
    What, you forgot about that ?? Douchebag. . . . .
    BTW, does anyone besides me think that Lovie got to stay around another year not because he’s a good coach but, because the McKaskey’s forced Ron Turner on him after the Terry Shea debacle ???

  11. Bears, Bills, Rams, Jags, Raiders, Browns, Lions. They are all loser organizations. Example the Lions have picked in the top 3 in the last 10 drafts & the still are the worst team in the NFL.
    Anything these teams do sucks!

  12. That’s why Organizations Win Championships. If you don’t have a top front office and quality ownership then it doesn’t even matter what you have on the field or who you have on the sideline calling the shots. Some teams might get lucky once in a while like the Rams did for a few years but they still found a way (kinda like the Lions of the early 90’s) to screw it all up and dismantle a potential dynasty at the fist sign of trouble. Dysfunctional front office full of in-fighting and enabling and empowering a paranoid nutjob like Mike Martz to have too much influence in the organization to the point of running a guy like Kurt Warner out of town. The Rams deserve what they are now.

  13. Hey Ross! I’m a Lions fan and I can’t let you talk about my team like that. I have to defend them by pointing out that…ummm…I think….welll…crap you’re right. (hangs his head and walks away defeated)

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