The Pro Bowl live chat

We’re in Miami, at Joe Robbie Stadium Pro Player Park Pro Player Stadium Dolphins Stadium Dolphin Stadium Land Shark Stadium Dan Marino Can’t Win The Big One Stadium Sun Life Stadium for the 2010 Pro Bowl.

And we’ll cover it just like we did if we were at home last Sunday.  With a CoverItLive chat.

So, basically, we should have just stayed home.

But, hey, there’s free food here.

Tonight, it’s a PFT-only affair, with Rosenthal (seated right next to me) and MDS (seated somewhere else in the stadium) the only other contributors. 

And there’s you, the reader, who make the experience far more tolerable with your witty comments.

Especially when you crack jokes about how young Rosenthal looks.

UPDATED:  We’ve gone ahead and invited a few of the other guys in the press box.  Primarily since I fully expect to be asleep by halftime.

30 responses to “The Pro Bowl live chat

  1. am i the only one who posts a witty remark and prays it gets posted and then when it gets posted i feel amazing about myself?
    just me? cuz i got like 4 last time and i was feelin it

  2. ESPN said the coaches for tonights game are Wade Phillips (NFC) and Norv Turner (AFC). It was my understanding that the coaches were always from the two losing teams in the respective championship (Childress and Ryan). Why the change…anyone know?

  3. Why doesn’t the NFL do like MLB and make the Pro Bowl meaingful. I don’t know how, but something along the lines of say…the winning confrence automatically wins the coin toss or something like that so that the players want to play in the Pro Bowl. Or, like every other league, move the Pro Bowl to the middle of the season with some kind of Super Bowl implications. Im not sayin, Im just sayin!!

  4. Why not play the Pro Bowl in June/July? It would be a nice break! I know injuries would be a concern, but this is no different than practice or a scrimmage.

  5. Why kill a guy in an all star game? No need to kill the QB. Not a single guy out there wants to get injured. So take it for what it is, battle of the NFL stars. Oh and Florio, Dan Marino never won the big one due to shit defenses, never being able to replae clayton and duper, and Jimmie Johnson. Dan Marino’s crap is used for currency in Argentina, he sweats gatorade and it was the site of Dan Marino’s naked body that drove Brian Wilson insane. and Florio, you are just a homunculus.

  6. jon gruden sure fingers himself to this game. he can probably fit a whole watermelon down his gullet after all the cocksucking he did for this game.

  7. I couldn’t have watched a more boring 68 point game in my life. Do the defenses even have any pride?

  8. It’s crazy how the afc and nfc have to put in schaub and romo again to get production… Kinda says a lot about the league huh???

  9. Its a joke that hey gave the MVP to an alternative player.
    Aaron Rodgers, Desean Jackson, or Andre Johnson should have won it.

  10. Ageed Route36West
    D-Jax or Andre Johnson really deserved it. Schaub got it after Peyton made the Super Bowl and Brady and Philip Rivers pulled out.

  11. Schaub Deserved to be there he led the league in passing, just cause he didn’t win the popularity contest.

  12. what I’m trying to say is that white qb’s are superior to black qb’s. It’s obvious… I dare you to compare a black qb to a white qb….. Seriously…. Ok…. FAIL…. Call me a racist, whatever…. You can’t do it… I’m waiting… Call me a racist…
    I’m waiting…………You have Vince Young, David Garard…and Donovan McNaab… NO PRODUCTION…Call me out… I dare you……..

  13. SUN LIFE INSURANCE is a Canadian insurance company. its head office building in montreal quebec called the sun life building was where the national hockey league had their head offices in for many, many years before moving it to new york city.

  14. stairway27 says:
    January 31, 2010 10:35 PM
    It’s crazy how the afc and nfc have to put in schaub and romo again to get production… Kinda says a lot about the league huh???
    What are you talking about they never took Romo out once he got into the game. They did with Shaub not with Romo.

  15. Lame cheap shot at Dan Marino. Football is a team sport. Saying “Dan Marino couldn’t win the big one” is like saying “i don’t understand football”. Florio, you should be smarter than that, or funnier.

  16. Just think of the Pro Bowl as a backyard BBQ and somebody just so happened to bring a football. Instead of gatorade containers, they should’ve had kegs of beer. These guys have been trained to kill each other all year, it was good to see these guys just go out there and have fun.

  17. @Stairway27
    I don’t think you are a racist. A moron and a douchebag, yes. But not a racist.

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