Jets' Mangold wants a new deal

Jets center Nick Mangold played in his second straight Pro Bowl on Sunday.  He made first-team All Pro in 2009.  And now he wants to get paid.

I know — and I hope — they’ll do the right thing,” he told the New York Daily News. 
Mangold, 26, is widely considered the best young center in the game.  He hit an escalator for the final year of his rookie contract that will push his 2010 salary to $3.3 million.  The Rams made Jason Brown the NFL’s highest paid center last offseason with a five-year, $37.5 million deal that includes $20 million guaranteed.
Mangold will likely pursue a deal similar to Brown’s, if not larger.  

7 responses to “Jets' Mangold wants a new deal

  1. Pay the man. Dude is the anchor of the line and the Jets should hang onto him like they hung onto Mawae all those years. So sense in short changing him and watching him take off for big money elsewhere.

  2. but Goodell says uncapped year is “virtually certain”, dont you understand! he said it at least 3 times!

  3. Guy should be the best center in the league….. no other centers have to deal with his sister on a constant basis.

  4. obviously pay the guy…the only problem is (and maybe you can address it because I’m not familiar enough with NFL salary rules) but can the Jets afford their core players? Revis and Harris are going to be done with their rookie contracts soon and are going to need monster contracts. I mean they’re both under 25 and have already been all-pros. Thats not forgetting what the Jets are paying free agent acquisitions Pace, Scott, Jenkins as well as high draft picks Sanchez, Ferguson, and Gholston. Just seems like a lot of money that needs to get around.

  5. Here we go, a team gets on a roll and has a great future and the players want to get paid. One will influence the other and everyone wants a raise. Let the madness begin.

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