Pardon our dust

We’re in South Florida, but the hamsters apparently opted not to make the trek.

Due to a minor server issue, we weren’t able to post stories for several hours this morning.

The good news is that we’re up and running, with yours truly and Rosenthal on site in South Florida and Evan Silva otherwise holding down the fort.

During the outage, I’ve picked up some good stuff that I’ll be posting this afternoon.

For now, I’m heading over to Radio Row to do a spot with Sid Rosenberg, the greatest host in the history of organized radio.

If you don’t think so, just ask him.

7 responses to “Pardon our dust

  1. Sid is the worst. But since Miami radio is garbage he is able to pass as acceptable. Enjoy your time in Miami Florio. Maybe you can find Pat White and give him a big sloppy kiss.

  2. That’s what partnering with NBC will get ya!
    Good Stuff – You hanging out with Eugene Robinson?

  3. Sid the Kid??? Sid, who failed miserably at every radio station he worked at and is now at QAM, a station notorious for letting real talent leave and hiring talentless talent. I sound like Jorge!!!
    Here’s a tip Florio, get on with Ed Kaplan on 640 AM in Miami…

  4. Too bad you didn’t flip the switch enabling the comment ratings when you rebooted the server.
    When will that feature be coming back on the new and impoved NBC/PFT hampster cage?

  5. Gents,
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    If not, we certainly wish you luck, and will continue to be a fan of the site regardless.
    Mark Scully

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