Pro Bowl hotel arrangements trigger player complaints

Though the league is declaring the mainland Pro Bowl experiment a success, we’ve heard multiple complaints regarding the arrangements at the hotel where the players stayed.

Per two league sources, the NFL failed to reserve the hotel for the exclusive use of the players.  As a result, the facility had non-NFL guests, who quickly figured out that NFL players were staying there.

This resulted, predictably, in a swarm of autograph requests during otherwise private time.  More importantly, it prevented the players from unwinding like they have done in the past, when the game was played in Hawaii and the players had their own hotel.

When only players are around, it’s easier for individual players to let their hair down.  When non-players with cell phone cameras are in the vicinity, the same vibe can’t be achieved.

Also, we’re told that the hotel was overbooked, which prevented some of the players’ family members from staying at the same facility.

So regardless of whether the game drew more than 70,000 fans or increased television ratings, the hotel arrangements made the experience far less enjoyable for the players, which will make them far less inclined to accept an invitation to the Pro Bowl in the future, if it’s played at the site of the Super Bowl.

47 responses to “Pro Bowl hotel arrangements trigger player complaints

  1. What a bunch of Nancys.
    Can’t take time to slum a little with the lowly normal people who provide their outlandish lifestyles.

  2. Boo Hoo Hoo.
    The multi millionaire football players had to share a hotel with the peasants rather than having it all to themselves.
    I feel so bad for them. Who cares that millions of Americans are suffering in this bad economy – the NFL players had complaints with their 5 star hotels!
    Hopefully room service didn’t screw up their Filet Mignon too!

  3. If not for those fans you would not have a pro bowl or an NFL
    So suck it up spanky and do not dis the fans
    Now that your season is over you can take your money and go stay at some high end resort that the average fan could not afford
    Oh the fans cut into our private time
    If you want private time take the other job you had the ability to do empty trash cans

  4. Does anyone else get annoyed with athletes complaining about having to sign autographs? With all the money that the fans give to organizations with ticket and merchandise sales, and the time we give to basically viewing them as heros at a young age, you would think that a little appreciation would be involved.

  5. Just like in college…..give the jocks their own private luxury suite (dorm) far away from the lowly peons.

  6. i predict 5000 cases of infedlity in this hotel alone.
    wife: “honey, i’m going to go get some ice.”
    husband: “again?”
    wife: “oh yeah”

  7. I hope the players were nice & respectful to the “common folk”
    Sme of them will most likely end up bell hops there one day down the road………..

  8. Are the players refering to those same fans who pay their supersized (even bigger then Rex) salaries?

  9. Did anyone really care about this “Pro Bowl?” Take it back to Hawaii and play it after the “Super Bowl” so that the voted in players can play.

  10. Those very fans put them in the probowl, they should be grateful for the opportunity and sign a few autographs. Don’t like being a famous football star? Quit the league and go f yourself.

  11. You people are idiots. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be bothered night and day by people? The constant demand for autographs and conversation, knowing every little slip up will be reported in newspapers, that every slightly inappropriate thing will be recorded and put on the internet? It’s exhausting. Yeah the fans pay the bills, but they are relentless. They want you to do a song and dance for them no matter what time of day it is, no matter if you are eating dinner with your kids, etc. Everyone needs a little time to themselves to relax, and the fans never understand. This is why so many celebrities become bitter. It’s my daughter’s birthday, leave us alone!

  12. @Bigbluefan
    That was a very insensitive remark. NFL players can do many more things than empty trash cans. They can be UPS drivers, Skycaps…uh…trash collectors…uhm…never mind.

  13. it’s much harder to get your assortment of call girls past a bunch of fans without drawing out some odd looks. “look mommy, those girls have milk mustaches.” /cocaine and/or semen joke

  14. I think the first five comments neatly sum up why the players need their own hotel.
    Nothing lamer than an adult taking cell phone pictures of an athlete or celebrity.
    Get a life.

  15. Mike, the link you posted last week to use in order to get tickets offered 2 packages where you can pick to stay in NFC or AFC hotel. Am I the only one who actually clicks on those here !

  16. So basically everything except for TV ratings and ticket sales was botched compared to Hawaii, and Goodell calls it a success. Sounds about right.

  17. One of my life long friends is an executive at the hotel that Bud Light secured for the two weeks surrounding the Pro Bowl and Superbowl. Even this beer manufacturer had the foresight to acquire exclusive rights to that property As financially flourishing as the NFL is, it seems this time, at least, they are throwing around the nickels like manhole covers!

  18. I think the point of the article was that the NFL screwed up in booking the hotel, not that the players are bitching about the fans.
    Seriously, how much are some of these people supposed to give before fans will be happy? They donate huge % of their salaries (which granted, are huge but so what) to causes, they always go out of their way to sign autographs and be helpful to the fans, and most probably go well above and beyond that, and yet people still want more because “we pay their salaries”
    Guess what moron, your boss at McDonalds pays your salary, so should he have the right to hound you on vacation or follow you everywhere you and your family go? if you have such a problem with them making money but not stooping to eat the continental breakfast, perhaps you should stop shelling out $190+ for a jeresey, and $140+ for each ticket to see them play, just a thought….
    IF the fans go away, football players will still play football, it will be backyards instead of stadiums, but the game would get along just fine, and people like you that lack direction would still stare slack jawed.

  19. I bet their room service Chateau D’Chassily wasn’t room temperature, either.
    What a terrible hardship for these poor, poor people.

  20. God forbid you have to sign autographs for the fans that essentially pay you millions of dollars….SCUMBAGS!!!!!!

  21. The missus and I happened to be sitting next to David Akers on the flight from Ft. Lauderdale – Philly today. Really nice guy – gorgeous family.
    Anyway, he said the main issue with the hotel arrangements was the noise/partying going on all hours in the hotel from the non-pro bowl people there. He said he was awoken hourly all week long (he arrived Tuesday).
    As a frequent business traveler (regardless of your bank balance), nothing is worse than lack of sleep in a hotel due to drunkard partying…
    Just sayin’….

  22. If I were a player, I wouldn’t want to deal with that if I didn’t have to.
    I doubt this is that big of a deal.

  23. You guys got the wrong information. Everyone knows the Pro Bowl is played the week AFTER the Super Bowl. Duhhhh.
    Who the hell would schedule it before the Super Bowl anyway??

  24. I agree players should be willing to give autographs etc but I don’t blame them for wanting to have some time to unwind without having to worry about people taking their pictures, interrupting family time etc. If the fans would be more respectful when they are trying to spend time with family then maybe they wouldn’t feel like they needed to be secluded.

  25. HEY players! Did you forget, IF NOT FOR THE FANS YOU WOULDN’T BE PLAYING AND GETING PAID!!! Some of you just don’t get it! And one other thing the unwinding thing. You dont want the fans see you do some thing stupid! I get it.

  26. Hey, I pay the salary of plumbers and teachers and hotel clerks, too, but that doesn’t give me the right to pester the living crap out of them on their own time.
    Who do you all work for? Can they annoy your children and curse at you in front of them if you don’t drop everything to pay attention to their mindless idiocy every second of the night and day? Seriously. Can they? Would you mind? Regardless of the amount of salary you make versus them, that’s what it boils down to. If you’re not willing to let whoever gives you money ruin every free second of your life, then shut up. Don’t be jealous of people who have figured out a way to make a better living than you.
    The worst thing about football is the fans. In almost every aspect. Of course they should have their own hotel. Fans give morons a bad name.

  27. Who says the Players are better than anybody else? Get over yourself people. Your no better than the average joe schmo. Actually Joe Schmo is probably smarter than 90% of these players. Most of these players sound like they can barely read and write.

  28. To everybody whining about the attitude of the players – hey, it was something they had in the past that was now taken away from them (kinda also like the trip to Hawaii). Think of it like this – it would be like Wal-mart no longer accepting your Copenhagen long-cut chewing tobacco coupons. Yeah, it’s a only 50 cent coupon but I’m sure you’d complain just the same as them (if not worse). Plus they have their families with them, not something I’d want my family exposed to either. Last thing I’d want is some long-haired hillbilly taking a picture of my 8 year old daughter in her jammies with his John Deere green blackberry.

  29. Agree with almost every post. These guys are nothing more than spoiled, overpaid little brats. They make ridiculous amounts of money for something that makes no significant contribution to society. They are entertainers that without the fans would have no jobs. We should pay teachers the kind of money these clowns make as they have a direct impact on the future of our children and our country.

  30. I can see their point. Nothing worse than having a nosey fan getting in the way of getting your $500/hr hooker up to the room and God forbid if they get a picture of her…….Oh the humanity!
    And I don’t know about those attendance numbers. I looked in for a few minutes in the 3 rd quarter and the place looked half empty.

  31. no, cause most teachers teach cause they cant do.
    but yes players are overpaid. and generally illiterate.
    ayers complained about non-players partying… oh that is so rich… (well it was actually other players)
    give me a break.

  32. im glad there is some negativity resulting from this yrs pro bowl. who in the hell comes up w/ these stupid ideas? having it before the super bowl makes absolutely no sense! i guess goodell is just intent on creating his own legacy.the pro bowl belongs in hawaii—if it aint broke, dont fix it.

  33. Who are the real babies here? Some of you need to put yourselves in the players position. Every minute of everyday you are being watched. Everything you say is being analyzed. The players are used to having their own hotel for the pro bowl. When you go to Hawaii or Miami for that matter, for a fun weekend would you like people in your face 24/7? I dont think so. Give these guys a break. They earned the right to live the way they do so leave them be.

  34. Pro Bowl pros and cons.. you decide what happens next year.
    Pros: Very high game attendance in the stadium, very high TV ratings and Ochocinco’s awesome set of wheels.
    Cons: Increased absence of players due to injury, absence of players from the two Super Bowl teams, laughable pay scale, joke of a balloting system, defensive players ALLOWING scores and now no “holiday” incentive to encourage players with “injuries” to attend.
    A: Keep the Pro Bowl because the NFL really cleaned-up on ratings.
    B: Drop the Pro Bowl because the game is a joke.
    Final question… who here REALLY watched the game? Not partially, here and there, but I mean sat down and watched every play and had to cut the “toilet-run” short because the game was back on.

  35. Moving the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii and to the week before the Super Bowl were both big mistakes. They took a game hardly anyone cared about and made it a game absolutely no one cares about! Wise up NFL and move the game back next year.

  36. slipkid says:
    February 1, 2010 8:15 PM
    no, cause most teachers teach cause they cant do.
    but yes players are overpaid. and generally illiterate.
    ayers complained about non-players partying… oh that is so rich… (well it was actually other players)
    give me a break.
    Yeah you are right, a math teacher obivously can’t do math, a history teacher obivously knows nothing about history,
    I am not a teacher, but I respect the fact that the job is a hell of a lot more than just teaching material to kids.
    Home school your kids if your school system is so inept, and your teachers are incompetant.

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