Smith looking for new contract with new agent

SteveSmith.jpgWhile our server’s dust was settling, I had a chance to speak with Giants wide receiver Steve Smith Monday at the media center.

He was there to speak about winning the Visio Top Value Performer award, given to the player who produces the most bang for his buck.  I mentioned that it’s an award you don’t want to win twice, kind of like Comeback Player of the Year.

“Ah yeah, I definitely don’t want to win it again.  Hopefully there will be some contract talks after this one,” Smith said.

As first reported by the Newark Star-Ledger Sunday night, Smith is changing agents in an effort to get a new deal.

“I was with DeBartolo Sports, and they were great, I’m switching over to . . . I’m not going to say yet who,” Smith said, before laughing and catching himself from saying too much.  He politely made it clear later he didn’t want to talk about why; it was a tough decision and he appreciated the efforts of his previous agent.

Mike Garafolo reports that Smith will change to CAA’s Tom Condon and Ben Dogra, who represent a lot of Giants, including Eli Manning.  They are known for keeping negotiations quiet, so don’t expect a splashy ordeal in the New York papers.

A deal makes a lot of sense for both sides.

Smith exploded in 2009 to finish second in the NFL in receptions and eighth in yards.  He’s set to make $550,000 in the final year of his rookie contract and is Eli Manning’s most trusted target.  Like everything else in the NFL right now, the lack of a collective bargaining agreement will complicate his quest for more dollars.
We’ll have more non contract-related matters from Smith later on PFT — including video where I look more like a 12-year-old than usual.

17 responses to “Smith looking for new contract with new agent

  1. He is worth a lot more the $550,000
    Pay the man and let easy E continue to grow with this great bunch of WR
    Smith is a great player who just goes out on Sunday and gets the job done no BS just catches balls that need to be caught

  2. the only reason SS who that award was bc of Scott Ferrall on Sirius 101. SS was on the show, and Ferrall pimped the hell out the voting, since it ended that day at midnight. SS said if he won, he would come in and do Ferrall’s show live in studio for the full 4 hours. Scott was so funny trying to get ppl to vote, he went nuts over it. Nice to see it did the trick.

  3. should probably denote a first name in the headline for anyone with last name Smith (of Jones, Williams, Jackson, etc)

  4. DonTerrelli says:
    February 1, 2010 1:48 PM
    Eli Manning still sucks
    Really are you one of those bolt fans that are upset because Eli had the balls to tell your piss hole of a city NO
    You got Muddy Rivers and the roid man
    Eli will one day be a HOFer

  5. I think you’re confused Florio. Nobody has said you look like a 12 year old, they say you look like you LIKE 12 year olds….ZING!

  6. “Eli will one day be a HOFer ”
    Not unless he gets his career passer rating out of the 70’s.

  7. @voxy
    remember, the only stats that count are wins and losses.
    eli has more playoffs wins and a super bowl mvp then romo-CHOKE

  8. “remember, the only stats that count are wins and losses. ”
    Not when it comes to the Hall of Fame. Try to pay better attention, that’s the comment I was replying to.
    There’s not a GM or coach in the NFL that would rather have shEli Manning over Tony Romo. Including the Giants GM and coach. The Giants have won in spite of shEli Manning and his terrible passer rating, not because of him. My gosh, Romo’s numbers blow shEli’s numbers away across the board, you’d have to be an idiot to prefer Manning over Romo. It’s not close. I should be comparing shEli to Trent Dilfer, not Tony Romo.
    Completion percentage
    Manning 57.0
    Romo 63.4
    Yards per attempt
    Manning 6.7
    Romo 8.1
    Manning 22.3
    Romo 17.4
    Manning 1.4
    Romo 1.9
    Passer rating
    Manning – in the 70’s. Think Charlie Batch.
    Romo – 95.6. Top 3 all-time. Better than big bro Peyton’s career passer rating, too.

  9. hahahahahaha Romo better than Eli????? Check out the finger jewelry! Romo chokes come January thats all you need to know.

  10. “Hey Vox, You mean like this years 92.2”
    shEli’s passer rating was actually 93.1 this season. The Giants have had to pull waaaay back since Plastico got busted and it’s reflected in the higher-percentage game that the Giants O played this season. You see how far they got with shEli throwing those dinks and dunks. They’ll never win on the strength of his arm.
    Now contrast that with Romo… the Cowboys lost TO, an undeniable talent just like Burress, but how did the Cowboys and Romo respond? Did they pull back? No, Romo put up the best numbers of his career, the Cowboys had the #2 offense in the NFL and won the division and even broke the playoff losing streak while shEli and company watched on TV.

  11. “hahahahahaha Romo better than Eli????? Check out the finger jewelry!”
    So what you’re saying is that shEli is better than Brees, too. And Rivers. And equal to big bro Payton.
    Good luck with that.
    “Romo chokes come January thats all you need to know.”
    ShEli hasn’t won a game of any kind in January in going on three years.

  12. “There’s not a GM or coach in the NFL that would rather have shEli Manning over Tony Romo”
    There’s not a GM or coach in the NFL that would take stats over a Vince Lombardi trophy, either. When Romo brings one of those back to Dallas, then we’ll talk.

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