Cowher talks about his Buffalo talks

Before hiring the man former Steelers coach Bill Cowher recommended for the job, the Buffalo Bills wanted Cowher.

On Tuesday, Cowher spoke for the first time about the courtship.

“I have tremendous respect for Buffalo,” Cowher told Tim Graham of  “We had some talks.  It didn’t
really go that far.  I couldn’t make the commitment.  I have tremendous
respect for [Bills owner] Ralph Wilson.  I think it’s a tremendous fan
base.  I think it’s a golden opportunity for Chan Gailey.

“It just wasn’t the right time and place.  I pretty much go with a
gut feel when I make decisions like that.  I think it through, but there
was nothing specific.  It’s a class organization.”

Cowher was expected to return to coaching in 2010, but fewer jobs than expected were available.  Former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis has said that he believes Cowher will be the next coach of the Giants.

16 responses to “Cowher talks about his Buffalo talks

  1. It is indeed a “golden opportunity”, because the weather out here in L.A. is nice, year round. : )

  2. I think it’s a golden opportunity for Chan Gailey.
    But not for me is what he is saying he is waiting to see if TC can turn it around this year if not then the Chin comes to the New Swamp should be fun with Rex and the Chin in the same building
    My moneys on the chin

  3. Cowher probably doesn’t want to go somewhere where there is a constant rumor that the team will be moving to Los Angeles. That can be nothing but a HUGE distraction from trying to win.
    I bet if Cowher had been guaranteed that the Bills would be in Buffalo for at least the next 15 or 20 years or so he would have considered it A LOT more seriously.

  4. Cowher knows he could never really do shit till he had a great QB in Pittsbergh – Cowher knows his limitations – He needs great players and lots of money to be successful.
    And if Manning comes back and stay healthy they Giants job will not be available any time soon.

  5. Cowher is a great fit for the Giants. Restore the grand tradition of heat seeking missile type LBs and steamrolling RBs.
    But knowing the owners, they’ll probably re-sign TC to another 4 year contract and have him coach until he has to be carried on and off the field.
    That’s when I switch to the J E T S.

  6. Big Blue would be a good fit for Cowher–an even better fit than Carolina. Meanwhile, Chan’s a good guy and a good coach. Buffalo could have done far worse. Buffalo has done far worse. Cowher was never a serious candidate for that job, but they may do well with Gailey. Hope so. I’d like to see the Bills come back.

  7. i dont see coughlin going away if the giants have 9 wins or more. same with fox, and the panthers finished well in 09 and will probly start well in 10.
    buffalo isnt run too well and cowher wasnt likely getting the control he wanted. nuff said. bills arent going anywhere.
    dallas. tampa. chicago. rams if they move, titans if fisher moves. jax if they move.

  8. Cowher has stated before how much he would love the Broncos job. That reality seems to be getting closer by the second, as in McDaniels has been making Beavis moves at least once every two weeks since he got the job!!!

  9. It’s likely that Cowher recommended Chan Gailey for the Buffalo job. When Cowher left the Steelers, he didn’t give Whisenhunt or Grimm an endoresement for the head coaching job. Instead, he suggested to the Rooneys that they hire Chan Gailey.

  10. I’ll tell you what he wants – he wants to step into a situation with an already “good” team so that he can claim that he is a great coach.
    Obviously, the guy has never impressed me. His record against “good” teams is horrible, especially in the playoffs. If he played a very familiar in division team in the playoffs he did OK. Outside of that, he got trounced more often than not.

  11. I honestly don’t see why Cowher is such a coveted coaching candidate.
    He had some good teams, but he also had some very, very bad ones. He only lasted as long as he did because of the Rooneys’ aversion to firing coaches, he choked in the playoffs year after year, and the one ring he DOES have was outright given to him by one Bill Leavy, so by all rights Tomlin did in two years what Cowher couldn’t do in 15.
    I won’t say Chan Gailey is better than Cowher, but he is at least comparable, and without a doubt a lot cheaper. Buffalo got the better end of this deal.

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