DeBord aboard as Bears TEs coach

The Bears announced via press release Tuesday night that Mike DeBord has been hired to coach the team’s tight ends.

DeBord served as assistant line coach in Seattle two seasons ago before being promoted to full-time tight ends coach last year.  He was released along with nearly all of Jim Mora’s staff when Pete Carroll took over.
In Chicago, DeBord will spend most of his time teaching Bears tight ends to block.  New offensive coordinator Mike Martz has next to no history of using tight ends in the passing game.
DeBord’s biggest project will be Greg Olsen, who has been a catch-first, block-later tight end since entering the league in 2007.

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  1. yea make him a blocker cause it would I don’t know make to much sense to use him in a role like the colts use know where they put thier tight end in a position where he is covered by linebacker which means he is always open making all those catches.but maybe martz will use him for more than 2 plays a game like turner did.

  2. Cygnus X- Turner used Olsen all over the place, and in every formation possible. The problem is the Bears don’t have the best QB in history, nor do they have a potential HOF WR in Wayne.

  3. JSS84… TE’s would be incorrect. We don’t add apostrophes to words to make them plural. We add them to indicate possession. As the tight ends do not possess anything in this case, you’re wrong and the writer is correct..

  4. Feel sorry for TE’s….Olson is good and now will probably hardly be used. TE’s are essential in today’s leagues. Look at the teams who are on top and see how much they utilize there TE’s.

  5. I getting fed up with this site and rotoworld constantly saying Olsen isn’t going to be used. Says Who? You friggin nerds. Olsen is a one dimensional te and the bears most polished reciever. My guess is he will be used closer to the way Clark is used rather than a blocking TE. Get a friggin clue!

  6. It would be incredibly stupid to use your best reciever, even though he is a TE, to block. Martz may be an egomaniac, but he isn’t stupid.

  7. Seriously, even though I’m sure they’re going to work on olsen’s blocking there is no way he’s not considered the Bears #1 target. He was the TD leader and Cutler’s go to guy for tough yardage last year. Maybe, and this is a big jump for some of you, but just maybe Martz uses an offense slightly different than the ones you have seen in the past. You know, like different schemes and plays built around the talent at his disposal.
    One thing Martz isn’t is married to a plan of attack. I think he’ll spend training camp and before studying what talent he has, and take what the defense gives him on Sundays.

  8. Hey, if things stay with 3 “Mikes” on their offensive staff we can call them the 3M offense.
    Very sticky…

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